April 6, 1839
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Submitted by Deb Haines

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Holly Springs on the first day of April, 1838(?), which if not taken out before the first of July, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.

Abbs, J. Alexander, C.H. Allen, B. F. Allen, H. 2 Allen, J. M.
Allen, W. S. 3 Allord, J. Alston, J. A. Amas, L. Anderson W.
Andeson, G. Armour, M. W. Ash, C. L. 2 Atchison, E.R. Atkins, B.
Aubry, J. H. Bailey, Jas. 2 Bailey, Jas. 6 Baker, L. D. Baker, Rev.
Baley, Jno. Ballew, S. L. S. Bap, P. Bargess, Thos. Barker, Duncan W.
Barnes, Thos. Barret, G. W. Barrett, D. B. Barrett, Sqire Bass, A. W.
Bayliss, H. D. Bayliss, John Y. 2 Beaty, Algeman 2 Beaty, Jas. Bennett, H___kiah
Benton, William Benton, Wm. 2 Besancon, L. A. Birmingham, Thos. Black, Thos. S. 2
Black, Wm. Blake, N. O. Blake, Wiley Borbwell, Jno. W. 2 Bostonock, Wm. M.
Bradford, A. B. 2 Bradley, P. Brady, Wm. Brandon, Jos. S. Brandy, Andrew
Branom, Capt. Jno. Braswell, Orlano Brattey, Zechariah 2 Brawley, Jas. W. 2 Breanan, Jas.
Bridges, D. S. Brooke, A. M. Esq. Brown, Benson S. Brown, G. M. 2 Brown, John W.
Brown, Jno. B. Bryan, N. A. 3 Bryant, Thomas A. Bullock, Richard Butler, A. L.
Bynn, Ransom H. Byrd, Rectd. Brawley, W. R. Curry, Wm. Cockran, J. B.
Clowe, J. W. 2 Callham, Nathaniel Coleman, Ruggen Chambers, Jos. Craft, Hugh
Cockerm, Augustin Clark, Richard H. Caruthers, Jno. Coleman, Edward Coper, Richard F.
Couler, Jos. F. Cameron, Randall Cockran, Jno. Carter, Jno. 2 Cooley, L. W.
Coleman, R. H. Coleman, David C. Cane, J. J. Craft, B. Cofflee, Benj.
Cockran, S. T. C___ault, S. Conner, Jno. Coleman, H. H. Carter, A. B.
Cannan, Duncan 2 C_ltrell, Miss L. M. _ Cl_non, Daniel Curry, Jackson Cloke, Wm. B.
Crow, J__sn Cothrem, W. H. Coe, Joseph Canon, Robt. Collin, Miss M. E.
Crenshaw, Miss M.S. Craddock, A. R. Collinsworth, A. Caldwell, Warren Cowan, Wm.
Crone, Eli Caldwell, A. M. Col. Dillare, Meriat Durham, Robt. 2 Dresser, Julia A. 3
Davidson, Davis R. Dollacite, Ths. J. Dunlap, Hugh Dodds, Jas. A. Dean, Mr. Esq.
Drake, Josiah Drsyer, Ely M. Dyer, Snowell Dennis, John Davis, J. T. 2
Deberry, Jno. or Wm. Deberry, John Dupuy, Edmund Dromgoole, W. A. Davis, John T.
Dickenson, Robt. Davis, Miles Daniel, Mrs. Susan Darnell, Jessee Davis, Jonathan
Davis, Hugh Duncan, Abram Daniel, Wm. Elliot, Hugh Ellis, W. D.
Elder, Jas. Echols, Thos. Edmonson, A. Epps, Lucy N. Miss Edmunson, T. B.
Evans, Mrs. E. A. Epps, Wm. E. Ferrell, Wilson Fitch, Mrs. A. French, Geo.
Falkner, C. Fowler, R. T. 2 Farr, E. L. Fryer & Anderson French, Jno.
Farrell, J. H. 2 Fraxe, J. A. Fitzgerald, G. Flack, Jas. Franklin, H.
Frazier, H. Fowler, Susan Falkner, Jas. Fowler, L. W. Fitch, Thos.
Faulth, L. H. Famsbery, C.A. & Co. Fraser, Mr. Farrell & Malone Glanton, J. G.
Grey, J. G. Glover, B. Govan, M. P. Gipson, H. Gooden, Miss M. A.
Gooden, W. Gholson, Thos. Grey, D. L. Green, B. H. Green, Mrs. M.
Gollady, S. Govan, A. R. Graves, R. 2 Grey, T. R. Gooden, W.
Gillispie, B. Green, W. R. 2 Garregu, J. 2 Green & Crocket Gresham, Mrs. M. J.
Goforth, M. Goodman, W. Griffin, P. A. Given, J. Gunn, F. B.
Gould, C. C. 2 Gibson, J. Gransee, W. Gorman, L. Gayle, A. C.
George, Miss D. Goodson, Mrs. S. Grant, T. M. Glover, H. B. Gooden, G.
Hunt, B. F. Hale, J. Hurst, G. M. Hermant, J. Hancock, Miss E. J.
Horton, C. Hawkens & Rhea Harris & Brown Hunt, Mrs. M. E. Hill, J.
Harvey, E. W. 2 Hason, J. Hames, W. Hamlen, W. M. Holtom, W.
Hargus, J. H. Higganbotham, W. G. Hargrove, Mrs. N. Harley, J. C. Henry, J. A.
Holcomb, L. S. Hase, J. Hurst, R. Hickman, J. Herron, T.
Hubbard, D. Hearns, T. W. Hilles, J. Hooper, Mrs. S. Henderson, V.
Holland, T. C. Hail, A. B. Henderson, J. C. Holland, J. C. Hill, B.
Hurst, J. Hutcherson, J. A. Henderson, G. B. Hunt, J. Heam, G.
Hooker, R. Hubbard, D. B. Hooper, J. W. Harden, G. D. Hooper, J. A.
Holland, J. Hahn, F. Hunt, Thos. S. Hunt, T. N. Hames, A. B.
Holland, S. 11 Holland, K. S. 10 Irvine, A. T. Ingram, N. Ingram, S. P.
Johnson, A. Johnston, Miss C. Jordan, G. Jewell, W. Jones, S.
Jackson, J. N. Jones, O. Jackson, H. 2 Jeffries, R. R. Jones, W.
Jones, H. Jauth, L. F. Jonson, M. Jones, J. Jorroy, W. W.
Jeffreys, Miss Jones, J. N. Johnson, J. J. Jolly, A. B. Jordan, P. S.
Keleey, C.or O.?? King, Mrs. L. Konal, S. P. Kerr, J. O. Kirkland, Thos.
Karvick, B. F. Kerr, A. Kyle, W. P. King, A. Keeble, H. W. 4
King, W. P. 4 Lyon, L. 2 Lewis, Miss S. Loy, J. C. Lumpkin, A.
Lewis, H. Loving, J. Lewellen, J. Lomax, T. Lee, J. C.
Leningham, T. R. Lewis, W. Lyttle, Mr. Lowero, O. Lee, A. M.
Loung, D. Lewis, Dick Low, J. 2 Long, Mrs. S. Lomax, Mr.
Mathews, R. F. 5 Morris, S. J. Mathews, A. Mehan, Thos. Marshall, R.
Mathews, J. Moore, E. M'Cawley, J. Moore, S. Mocknear, D.
Mackentush, J. M. M'Guire, E. 5 Markes, N. B. M'Pherson, J. Martin, A. L.
Murdock, T. Moore, J. D. M'Ree, C. P. Miner, D. 2 Mathews, W.
Morris, W. Mathews, ? M'Cauley, E. G. Moron, P. M'K_nnan, J.
Mason, T. D. Miller, J. Mason, J. Moony, W. L. M'Gunn, W. P.
M'Daniel, M. D. M'Cray, J. D. 6 Mitchell, B. G. Morgan, T. J. Morris, S. B.
M'gee, J. Moffeet, C. D. Mason, J. Mathews, J. R. T. Morgan, J. 2
M'Clelly, E. F. Moore, D. Marshall, Mrs. E. M'Reen, N. Martin, C. L.
Montgomery, Mary M. Mitchell, Miss T. Mathews, J. A. M'Daniel, J. A. Moore & Armsted
M'Carty, J. C. Martin, M. J. Mull, T. 2 Moor, Miss M. Mitchell, J.
Marks, N. H. Matsook, G. S. Means, W. B. Morris, W. G. L. M'Cracken, W.
Moley, J. B. Myers, M. 3 Nale, J. 2 Norwood, J. Neal, J.
Neusam, Mrs. S. 2 Nelson, J. R. Nolan A. Norwood, D. M. Neuman, B.
Napier, W. Napier, E. W. Oliver, T. J. Oths, S. Oldam, L. & C.
Pattrick, H. T. Pugh, Mrs. M. A. Pervis, J. M. 2 Peterson, M. B. Parks, W.
Pattrick, J. H. Parks, J. W. Peebles, J. Parker, R. Powel, J. J.
Parkman, Mr. Perkins, W. H. Poots, F. F. Pl_nket, H. Phillips, Thos.
Pittman, T. Paine, W. H. Perry, R. Palmer, J. E. 9 Qilling, J.
Read, Jho. Rag, M. J. Roods, John Rickets, T. Rag, T.
Rednour, S. Richardson, J. Redder, S. Rogers, John B. Rogers, Jas.
Rogers, Jun. Ross, James M. Russel, C. Roark, J. P. Rogers, E.
Randolph, W. S. 2 Stevens, W. H. Stephenson, J. M. Simmons, Jan. 6 Steel, John W.
Smallwood, E. W. Shin, H. A. Swit, J. M. Strickland, C. 2 Simmons, Y. 3
Scott, John Sugg, W. Stanford, Mary Scuntock, W. 3 Senoe, Samuel
Smith, Nath'l. Stewart, A. Scott, Hugh Sneed, J. K. Strickland, A.
Stag, Jack Segman, John Seed, James Spence, Jos. Sampson, Jn.
Steel, C. D. Stewart, Morend Sanner, W. Sanders, D. B. J. Sylvester, S. J.
Stone, John H. Stew, John V. Smith, G. H. Simpson, Robert Shaw, _. J.
Scott, N. W. Saffrens, Daniel Scott, L. L. Saml. Scott, R. Stith, G. W.
Springs, E. A. Sullivant, H. Sutton, S. Shoemaker, J. Thornton, N.
Totten, J. L. Thomas, Smith Thweat, Miss J. P. Tuggle, John Taliafano, Mr.
Thornton, C. D. Talley, Martin 2 Tanner, David Tarney, John Teal, J. C.
Thompson, L. Thomas, E. W. Taylor, G. A. Toncray & M'Clung Thompson, Jane
Thompson, J. P. Travis, J. C. Vaughn, R. B. Vaughn, S. Walker, Miss E. A.
Warrington, J. S. Wilks, C. B. Williams, Miss R. T. Wilson, J. R. Winburn, Thos.
Wilson, Eliza Williams, J. West, L. B. Warren, E. Wilkins, R.
Watinton, J. S. Wikham, G. Whitfield, F. Wilker, Miss A. C. Watkins, T. N.
Wilson, John G. Wilson, C. W. Wrather, G. W. Williams, R. W. Woods, J. 3
Whete, W. B. Walker, E. Williams, G. Wall, R. H. Wells, J. J.
Wynn, J. E. Wison, J. Warren, Miss A. B. White, L. Ward, J. S.
Walker, W. B. Wilson, S. Wall, D. Williams, J. J. Watt, R.
Wesson, W. Whiteson, W. West, J. Wilks, C. H. Wells, A. J. 2
Wall, W. Wilson, C. W. Withens, S. Wallall, W. W. Wilson, J.
Wright, Wn or D. Wilkinson, E. C. 2 Weldon, S. 3 Winston, Thos. Walker, E. A. 2
Whitfield & Bledsoe White, Miss P. P. Wiggs, J. Watkins, A. H. Watkins, W. H.
White, E. T. Winboam, H. K. Yarborough, J. O. 2 Younk, Mrs. E. 2 Yarborough, C.
Young, T. K. . . . .

Persons inquiring for the above letters will say they are advertised. William Polk, P. M.

Below will be found an account of the dinner given on last Monday, by our citizens to the Hon. E. C. Wilkinson, as a testimony of the pleasure they feel in welcoming him again among them. The meeting of the citizens at which the resolutions were adopted was held on Thursday 28th. When the 5th toast was drank Judge Wilkinson arose and addressed the Company for about an hour in a very neat and appropriate style. His allusions to the late unfortunate circumstances by which he was surrounded, and the proud satisfaction he experienced, that those circumstances had been correctly appreciated, were very feelingly expressed. It was a balm to his lacerated feelings to find that the unfortunate necessity which had led to such calamitous results; had no tendency to diminish the confidence and esteem of those who knew him.


Resolved, That the citizens of this place the residence of Honorable E. C. Wilkinson, feel pleasure in welcoming him on his safe return home.

Resolved, That as a testimonial of our undiminished esteem and regard for our fellow-citizen Judge Wilkinson. We desire to accept of a public dinner to be given him in this place, at such time as may suit his convenience.

Resolved, That O. D. Watson, S. Holland, G. A. Wilson, Joseph Caruthers, A. C. Clayton, and Wm. R. Miles, be appointed a committee to correspond with Judge Wilkinson, to communicate these resolutions to him, and to ascertain at what time it may suit him to attend a dinner.

Holly Springs, March 28, 1839

Hon. E. C. Wilkinson, Dear Sir: The foregoing is a copy of resolutions unanimously adopted at a large and respectable meeting of your fellow-citizens. On their behalf the undersigned appointed a committee for that purpose, solicit your acceptance of a public dinner, at such time as may suit your convenience. We beg leave to offer you individually assurance of esteem and regard. With high respect, We remain your Ob't. Servants: O. D. Watson, S. Holland, G. A. Wilson, Joseph Caruthers, A. C. McEwen, H. H. Whitaker, Wm. R. Miles, A. M. Clayton; Committee.

Notice On Monday the 6th day May next, I will sell for cash, one hundred and twenty acres of Land a part of Section 6, Township 1, R 3, West Levied on as the property of Robert Johnson, to satisfy an execution in favor of Charles Graham; also at the same time and place Lots No. 61 and 62 in the town of North Mt. Pleasant. Levied on as the property of Thomas Bell, to satisfy an execution in favor of C. T. Benton. Assigned &c, April 1st, 1839. Alfred Simpson, Dept. for Levi M'Crosky, Sheriff.

Administrators' Notice, Suggestion of Insolvency All persons holding claims against the estate of David W. Cook, deceased, must file them duly proven, with the Clerk of the Probate Court for Panola County within 18 months, or the same will be forever barred by law, to receive their distributive share of money, and all persons indebted to said estate must make immediate payment. March 18, 1839. Caroline M. Cook, Administratix.

Notice Will be offered at public sale on the premises (if not previously disposed of) on the first Saturday in May next that valuable stand for business on which the subscriber resides, together with two tenements adjoining and extending to the corner. Terms of sale, one half cash in Holly Springs money, the remainder on a credit of four months for good notes with approved security or good cash notes on responsible individuals. The advantage of a never failing well of the purest and best water in Holly Springs, is a circumstance that tends to enhance the value of the above named property. Thomas Cox

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