January 18, 1839
Southern Banner
Submitted by Deb Haines

A young man by the name of Brown was killed on the 29th ult. in a Grocery row, in the town of Sparta.

Married - At Bardstown, Ky., on Thursday evening, the 3d inst., Judge E. C. Wilkinson, of this place, to Miss Eliza Crozier of the former place.

For Sale - A Barouch and match horses.-The barouch is about half worn, and the horses match very finely, both in appearance and gait; they have been well trained and are perfectly gentle. The above will be sold on very moderate terms, and either Brandon or Holly Springs money taken in payment. Enquire at this Office. Jan. 18, 1839.

Notice - All those indebted to us, either by note or account, are earnestly requested to come forward and settle the same immediately, by cash, as longer indulgence will not be given. Apply to John C. Hill for settlement, who will at all times be found at the post office. John C. Hill, & Co. Jan 18, 1839.

The Prettiest Residence in Town - For Sale - My private residence situated about two hundred yards south of the public square in Holly Springs, is offered for sale. The situation is one of the finest in town - immediately on centre street and the main road leading to Pontotoc, Oxford, &c. - in the most beautiful and flourishing portion of the town. I will sell upon terms that cannot fail to please any person wishing to purchase. P. Bradley, January 18, 1839.

Cash! Cash!! Cash!!! - All those indebted to the subscriber must come forward immediately and PAY UP! Else, I say nothing, but you shall see. John Sterling.

Circular - Bank of M'Ewen, King & Co., Holly Springs, Mississippi - The Commissioners, to whom has been entrusted for final settlement, the business of this Institution, take this method of advising the individual holders of the notes of this institution, that they should not suffer sacrifices of them, as they will certainly be redeemed.

In order to satisfy the community on this subject the commissioners submit the following brief statement of facts:

The business of the Institution, was, on the 6th March last, transferred to three Commissioners, in order to its speedy and final adjustment. Since which time no discounts have been made, and consquently no increase has been made of the amount in circulation; on the contrary the amount has been reduced since that time, more than two-thirds, and the amount of assets remaining in their hands, is amply sufficient to take up the remaining issues. Though they cannot render them at once available, and must therefore ask, that the holders of the notes and certificates, will exercise a little forbearance, until they can do so. To accomplish which, as speedily as practicable, no efforts will be spared on their part. In the mean time those who hold certificates and those who may hereafter make deposits, will receive interest on the same until paid.

The entire amount now remaining in circulation is less than $100,000, and in addition to the assets of the Institution; unincumbered property was mortgaged by the stockholders to secure its ultimate solvency, amounting in value, to about two and a half millions of dollars.

To satisfy the community still more fully, as to the solvency of this Institution, a list of names of the stockholders is appended; the number, respectability and known solvency of whom, ought to satisfy the minds of the most incredulous on this subject. These stockholders are all bound individually and collectively for the redemption of the issues of this Bank-as much bound as if each of them had signed every note in circulation.

The Institution has not purchased one dollar of its paper with other Mississippi currency, and will not do so. The debts due the Institution, unless speedily adjusted, will be collected through the courts as soon as it can be done, and the issues of this Bank will be redeemed at PAR with the best currency that can be procured.

Respectfully submitted by,
A. C. M'Ewen
Jno. R. Wilson
R. H. Pattillo,
December 5th, 1838

Names of Subscribers
A.C. M'Ewen
J. S. Curtis
Jno. R. Wilson
Lee Compere
Wm. Craig
Michael Byrd
J. A. M'Kendree
Geo. P. Shepherd
D. P. M'Kie
W. Y. Goodall
W. D. Ellis
Jno. Milam
And'w. Herron
Ed. Warren
Thos. J. Dye
Jno. T. Smith
Turner Echols
W. H. Whitfield
J. W. Green
Robt. Simpson
J. C. Randolph
Thos. D. Mason
Coleman Squires
L. D. Henderson
Peter F. Armstead
Larkin Echols
Jesse Nevil
Green Bouldin
T. J. Malone
Mansel Hall
D. H. Hall
Wm. Armour
Wallis Wilson
Wm. Barrow
Marvil M. Carey
Jas. M. Strong
Felix H. Walker
Wm. Haltom
Collin Forbes
Asa Jernighan
Howell M'Kendree
Jno. Ballard
Thos. Simmons
John Hart
Wash. Stanfill
T. J. Dallahite
Thos. James
S. Campbell
Andrew Woods
Jos. Talkington
Wm. P. Kyle
R. J. Davis
Wm. Grant
B.? Alexander
A. Lomax
Jno. White
J. & A. Robinson
Samuel Nelson
J. A. Cooper
Wm. Anderson
Ed. Shaw
H. W. Davis
J. A. Thomas
Jno. H. Truly
Thos. Rule
David C. Thomas
H. Harrington
Thos. Lee
Wm. Gillespie
J. A. J. Gillespie
Thos. Matthews
J. T. Wadlington
D. Townsend
Wm. Townsend
J. Townsend
M. C. Caperton
Ed. Smith
A. J. Alsworth
Jos. Parmalee
Sterling Powell
E. G. Whitehead
Marcus Pearce
Willis Burton
Wm. Barlow Jr.
Aaron Stell
W. Cotes
B. J. Williams
E. B. M'Ray
Abner Erwin
G. Nance
A. Hayes
W. B. Whitfield
Robt. L. Hubert
J. Taylor
Wm. C. Williams
Wm. W. Smith
Elihu Boaz
Dennis Cochran
Lewis H. Davis
David E. Thompson
L. G. Hubbard
James Piggs
Travis Sage
Hawkins & Rhea
Jno. T. Turner
B. Jones
J. Brown
E. R. M'Lean
J. Hilton

Last Call! All those indebted to the subscriber, are requested to come forward and settle their respective dues either by note or otherwise, as longer indulgence cannot be given. H. H. Pipkin, Jan 18, 1839.

Money! Money!! Money!!! All those indebted to the firm of Dill, Baugh & Co., are requested to come forward and settle their accounts either by cash or note, as they are compelled to have the cash; for they owe money, and money they must have. Holly Springs money will be taken at 90? per cent discount until the 15th of March, after which time River money will be required. Dill, Baugh, & Co. Jan 18, 1839.

D. H. Hall, is now receiving a large stock of groceries which he will sell low for cash-consisting of the following articles:
Shampaign, Cogniac, and Peach Brandy,
Port, Maderia, and Malaga Wine,
Holland Gin, Shampaign do
Cherry Brnady, Brandy Cherries,
Brown and Loaf Sugar, Imperial Tea,
Rio, and Havana Coffee, Segars,
Sperm and Tallow Candles, Raisons,
Lemons, Almonds, Molasses, Cordial,
Mackerel, Rice, &c., Nails assorted,
Whiskey, Flour, Hats, Boots and Shoes,
White Lead, Oil, Pepper, Spice, Ginger,
Candies, and various other articles to tedious to mention.

Information Wanted.
Information wanted and asked at the hands of all the editors in the United States, who are friends to their country. I, the widow of William McCain dec'd., who was a soldier of the revolution, and suffered much in the struggle for independence, desirous of proving my marriage and procuring a pension from the United States, wish to gain information respecting the residence of my relations in order to establish the fact. My parents emigrated about the year 1785 from Orange county, N. Y. to the western State of Ky. My fathers name was Tho's. Johnson, and my mother's maiden name S____ Parpino; our family consisted of several children, my brothers names were John, Benjamin and George Johnson. Should any of them see this notice, they will immediately write and state where they are.
Editors in the Union will please give this two or three insertions for the benefit of an indigent widow, who suffered much _____ for freedom.
Charlotte McCain, Warwick, Orange county, N. Y.

In the U. S. House of Representatives, on the 31st ult., Mr. Wise, of Virginia, offered a resolution for the appointment of a Select Committee to inquire whether there were sufficient grounds to prefer articles of impeachment against the Secretary of the Treasury. The grounds upon which Mr. W. considers that the impeachment can be sustained, are, that the secretary of the treasury had a thorough knowledge of Mr. Swarton's defalcation many months before it was made known. Mr. Wise has pledged himself to prove this to the satisfaction of any honest man. [Rep. Banner]

The Mobile slips of the 10th inst. state that the express mail has been discontinued beyond Augusta, Georgia, and arrangements have been made by which the ordinary mail will be transported in its stead, with the same expedition as the express mail has heretofore travelled.

Louisiana Legislature - An act to relieve the banks of the State of Louisiana from the penalty of forfeiture of their charters, in case such forfeiture exists from the act of suspending of their obligations in specie, passed its first reading in the House of Representatives of that State on the 10th inst.

Another Sub-Treasury on his travels. - Gen. Charles Gratiot, chief engineer of the United States Army, has been dismissed as a defaulter to the government. The amount of his embezzlements is not known, but is said to be immense. He has been fobbing the public treasure for the last seven or eight years.

Hon. Patrick Noble has been elected Governor of South Carolina. The vote was 98 to 56.

Some of our border neighbours of Ky., took it into their heads last week, to make a small run on the Clarksville Branch of the Bank of Tennessee. Their demands were promptly met and the silver not missed. [Nashville Union]

Died - On the 29th Dec. last, at Satarfia, Mississippi, Mr. John Dwyer Jr. late of Louisville Ky.

The Editor of the Vicksburg Register, F. A. Taylor, has retired, and Wm. M'Cardle, Esq., has taken his place.

Gen. Besancon has sold his interest in the Free Trader, at Natchez, to Mr. Holliday, who intends to occupy a neutral ground as regards politics.

Col. Memmenger of S. Carolina, has been sent to the Legislature of Kentucky, as Commissioner for the Charleston and Cincinnati Rail Road Comapny, to ask the passage for a Banking charter.

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