August 4, 1838
Marshall County Republican & Southern Free Trade Advocate
Submitted by Deb Haines

P. W. Humphreys offers for sale the property he now occupies in Holly Springs, viz: nineteen, and one half acres of land, on the street from Holly Springs to La Grange, Memphis, &c., under good fence, a part in cultivation, comfortable dwelling house, with all necessary out buildings, situated in a fine grove of forest trees. Further description is useless, as the purchaser is expected to examine the premises. This property will be sold either on time, or it will be exchanged for land of approved quality in the county of DeSoto.

Drug Store, New Firm – Doctors Toncray, Douthit & Co., will continue the druggist business at the stand formerly occupied by Toncray & McClung, and have on hand a general assortment of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Perfumery, French chemicals, &c., &c., and expect to receive in a few days an additional stock, making their assortment complete. We invite country merchants and physicians to give us a call, believing they will be satisfied with the prices and qualities of the articles, all of which will be sold low for cash, or on the usual time to punctual customers. Dr. Douthit will keep his office in the Drug Store where he will continue the practice of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics as heretofore, and solicits the patronage of his friends and the public generally. N. B. – We expect in a few days to receive a large supply of window glass 8 by 10, 10 by 12, and 12 by 14; linseed oil; white lead, &c.

Ross and Alderson – Again request all persons indebted to them to make payment. We are in want of money, must and will have it; and if this notice is disregarded, we must try the virtue of the statute in such case made and provided. Call and talk to us about it whether you pay or not.

By virtue of two Fa Fas to me directed from the honorable Circuit Court of Marshall County and State of Mississippi, at September term of 1837, I will expose to public sale for cash, to the highest bidder at the Court house in the town of Holly Springs, on the 3d Monday in August next, all the right, title, claim and interest, that Darrell M. Young has in and to, two lots in the town of Chulahoma, as No. 89 and 92 as represented on the plan of said town. Also, one lot in said town, as the property of Young and Nicholson, as the lot No. 79 to satisfy the above Fa Fas in favor of Joseph Pond and Samuel and Joseph Harvey. Sale within the hours prescribed by law. L. McCrosky, Sh'ff. By D. M. Davis, Dep. Sh'ff.

Estray Horse – Ran away from the subscriber, living at Wyatt, about Christmas last, two colts, one of them was a three year old stud colt, deep bay, with one white hand foot, and a small spot in his forehead. The other was a light bay filly, 2 years old last spring, no particular marks recollected. Any person giving information of the same shall be liberally rewarded. Jno. Tyler.

Married, on the 28th June last, the Hon. Samuel J. Gholson, to Miss Margaret Ragsdale, both of Monroe county.

Mrs. Whittington, of Paris, will commence in a few weeks, giving music lessons on the Piano Forte, in Holly Springs, at $25 per session of five months. She will occupy a room at Dr. T. D. Mason's. The class will be limited to 25 in number.

North Mississippi Female Institute at Holly Springs. This institution will commence its first session on Monday the 23d of July, under the care of Mrs. Tompkins. The course of Instruction will embrace all those branches taught in the best Female Institutions in the South-west. Price per session of five months, For Elementary classes, $15.00; For those further advanced, $20.00; For Drawing and Painting, $15 extra; For French, $15.00; N. B. – A music teacher will be procured as soon as practicable.

Twenty Dollars Reward – Ranaway from the subscriber, on or about the 10th of June last, a Negro man named Abram, about 20 or 23 years of age, about 5 feet 6 inches high; light built and black complexion; has lost several of his teeth, and has a scar on one of his legs, occasioned; he says, by the bite of a dog. He is a shrewd, sensible fellow, and will no doubt try to get back to the neighborhood of Paris, Tennessee, where he was raised, and from whence he was brought and sold to me, in November 1836, by Nathaniel Dolahite. The above reward will be given for his apprehension and delivery to me at Holly Springs, or fifteen dollars if safely lodged in any jail so that I can get him again. R. McRaven.

Notice – The undersigned having, on the 13th day of July, 1838, qualified as executor of Albert Peel, deceased, hereby gives notice to all persons having claims against said deceased's estate, to present them properly authenticated, within the term prescribed by law, or they will forever be barred. Those indebted to said estate will make payment to me, as early as practicable. I can generally be found at the late residence of the deceased, or at Holly Springs. Wm. B. Fant, Ex.

Copartnership Notice – The undersigned have this day entered into copartnership, under the name and style of Alexander and Porterfield, and have taken the store house formerly occupied by Messrs. Dill, Baugh and Co. We are now receiving and opening a large and general stock of staple and fancy goods, hardware, Boots and Shoes; hats; China, Glass and Queensware. They hope by strict attention to business, to share a portion of public patronage. Jno. M. Alexander, Jno. Porterfield.

Red Fox for Sale – A splendid young stallion six years old, sixteen hands high. Red Fox was sired by the celebrated race horse, Carolinian; he by old Sir Archie; his dam by Alpheus; and he by the imported Jonah; his g. d. by Celar; and he by Janus, a descendant of the Godolphin Arabian. N. B. – Refer to the Turf Register for the performances of his ancestry. John G. Tompkins.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County - Taken up by Isaac Morgan, living about 10 miles South East of Holly Springs, a bay horse colt, supposed to be 3 years old last spring, a small white spot in his forehead, appraised to $20, on the 18th day of July, 1838. G. W. Graham, Ranger.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County - Taken up by Samuel Montgomery, living 3 miles North of Holly Springs, one gray horse, no brands, appraised to $20, on the 20th day of July, 1838. G. W. Graham, Ranger.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County - Taken up by Ira Crump, living on Section 13, T1, R2, two sorrel mules, one mare, the other a horse; the mare mule had on a bell, and branded on the left shoulder with the letter O – and appraised at $70. The horse mule marked with a collar, appraised at $75, on the 10th day of July, 1838. G. W. Graham, Ranger.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County - Taken up by Wily D. Cook & E. M. Shelton, living adjoining the town of North Mt. Pleasant, a bright sorrel horse with a bald face, both hind legs white, supposed to be fifteen years old and appraised to $40, on the 20th day of July, 1838. G. W. Graham, Ranger.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County - Taken up by Hardin Howard, one bay mare 3 years old, about 14 1/2; hands high, appraised at $60, also one sorrel horse 4 years old, with a blaze face, about 14 hands high, appraised at $47.50, on the 7th day of July, 1838. G. W. Graham, Ranger.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County - Taken up by John Shinault, living on Cold Water, near Noflett & Arnolds Mills, one yellow sorrel horse, supposed to be 3 years old last spring, left hind foot short, appraised at $45, on the 17th day of July, 1838. G. W. Graham, Ranger.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County - Taken up by Joel H. Langum, living on Sec. 11, T2, R5, one sorrel mare; star in her forehead, both hind feet white, small scar on her right shoulder, supposed to be 6 years old, appraised at $80, on the 28th day of June, 1838. G. W. Graham, Ranger.

Valuable Property for Sale – The undersigned offers for sale, a Tract of Land, six miles southwest of Chulahoma, of good quality unimproved. Also a valuable quarter section of land, in the neighborhood of Holly Springs. This land is of the best quality; all susceptible of cultivation, and a most desirable situation for a residence, with comfortable houses and kitchen upon it. If desired, I would sell a small family of negroes with it. I will also sell my residence in the town of Holly Springs. The lot contains five acres of excellent land, and is situated within 20 yards of the best spring in the State of Mississippi. It is adjoining the College lot, and is destined to be the most valuable property in the flourishing town of Holly Springs. I will also set a lot of large size, situated near the Public Square on Main Street. This lot is situated on a high eminence, and would make a beautiful residence or business lot. I will give a liberal credit on the greater portion of the purchase money. Persons wishing to purchase, can see the undersigned at Holly Springs at any time. Basil C. Harley.

Private School – The duties of Mr. and Mrs. Baker's school will be resumed on the 23d inst. At their residence east of the public square. Terms as heretofore.

John G. Tompkins, Surgeon and Medical Dentist – Has now permanently located in Holly Springs, and offers his professional services to the Public. Office, back of B. J. Malone's Drug Store.

58 Pieces Lowell cotton, just received and for sale by Alexander & Porterfield.

Notice – All those indebted to the firm of Kyle, Elder & Co., are requested to come forward and close their accounts by note, as they are desirous to settle the business. Their books are now kept at John Foster & Co's new store, east side of the square, two doors north of the Union House. Kyle, Elder & Co.

Notice – Those indebted to the subscriber are particularly requested to call at my establishment and settle up their dues. I need money, and must have it; those, therefore, who are indebted to me will take the hint and act accordingly. H. H. Pipkin.

Lost – On the 15th inst., on the road leading from Holly Springs to La Grange, one joint of a clarionett, with two small brass keys. Any person finding it and leaving it at Williamson's hotel, shall be liberally rewarded.

The First and Last Notice – All persons indebted to the firm of Howell & McKendree, either by note or book account, are very politely requested to call and liquidate their claims. If this call is disregarded longer than the 10th of August, the notes and accounts positively will be placed in the hands of the officers, good money will be required. Howell & McKendree.

Notice to Undertakers – There will be let out to the lowest bidder, upon contract by the agent of Hernando Rail Road and Banking Company, the cutting out a road from Hernando, the county seat of DeSoto, to Fletcher's Point on the Mississippi river. The distance is 22 miles, about 9 miles of which is a cane bottom, and the balance high ridge land. The road will be required to cut 60 feet wide, clear of all trees, stumps, roots and obstructions, as the basis of preparations for a railway. Contractors will be required to execute bonds to complete the work on a given time, or the contracts be forfeited. Payments will be made upon completion of the work. The work must be done in the shortest possible time. Persons wishing to undertake are invited to attend at Hernando, on Monday, the 23d day of July (inst.). The route has been surveyed by the county surveyor, and a bridle way will, be opened in a day or two. The company are also desirous of contracting for the erection of an extensive warehouse at Fletcher's Point. By order of the board, Felix Labeauve, Cl'k.

Notice – By virtue of a Fi Fa, to me directed, from the honorable Circuit Court of Lafayette county and State of Mississippi, at May term of 1838, I will expose to public sale, for cash, to the highest bidder, at the court house door in the town of Hooly Springs, on the 3d Monday in August next, all the right, title, claim and interest that Geo. F. Penn has in and to five lots in the town of Chulahoma, as lots no. 58, 68, 66, 273 and 274; levied on as the property of said Penn, to satisfy said Fi Fa in favor or James Parker. Sale within the hours prescribed by law. L. McCrosky, Sh'ff., by D. M. Davis, Dep. Sh'ff.

Notice – By virtue of an alias execution, to me directed from the Hon. Circuit court of Lowndes county in favor of Frances Leek, against Henry C. Ives, I will sell to the highest bidder for cash, in the town of Oxford, on Monday the 6th day of August an undivided interest of one eighth in the following sections of land, to wit: sections 13, 14 and 23, also the S E quarter of section 22, all in township 10, range 5, west, in Lafayette county. I am informed by Mr. F. Leek, that these, with some other lands in an adjoining county, are subject to a second interest for one thousand dollars; levied on as the property of said Ives, to satisfy said alias execution. Sale within the lawful hours. C. S. Butler, Sheriff.

Dissolution – The partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, in the tailoring business, was dissolved on the 21st of June last, by mutual consent. All persons indebted to the late firm are notified that Newton W. Scott alone is authorized to receive payments, and all those having claims against the firm, are requested to present them to the said Scott immediately, as he has become chargeable for the same, and is desirous to close the concern with delay. N. W. Scott; B. J. Franks.

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County – Notice is hereby given, that on the 5th day of February 1838, John J. Craig and Thos. Lomax, partners, trading under the firm of Craig & Lomax, obtained an attachment from George M. Ury, Esq., a Justice of the Peace of Marshall county, against the estate of Matthias Travis, for the sum of $3504.57, that the same is now pending before the Circuit Court of Marshall county, Miss., and that unless the defendant shall appear, give special bail, and plead within the time limited for this appearance, judgment will be entered, and the estate attached sold. Given under my hand, this 12th July, 1838. James C. Alderson, Cl'k.

Laws – Passed by the President and select men of the town of Holly Springs – An ordinance to remove obstructions in the spring lots in the town of Holly Springs.

Sec. 1st. Be it ordained by the President and select men of the town of Holly Springs. That all the spring-houses erected over or near the spring-lot, shall be torn down, and that it shall be the duty of the town constable, to put this ordinance in effect forthwith, and to keep the lots well enclosed, and clear off all obstructions.

Sec. 2. Be it further ordained. That a board of health be appointed, whose duties shall be to examine the street and alleys in the town of Holly Springs and report to the President and select men on their situation as to condition.

Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That not less than six, nor more than twelve good hands shall be employed by the month, with an overseer, for the purpose of clearing out the streets and alleys of the town of Holly Springs.

Sec. 4. Resolved, That Robert McCraven be employed to employ hands and oversee them, and that he receive the sum of fifty dollars per month for his services; and that he receive thirty dollars per month for each hand employed and fed by him, while on the work of the corporation, and that he also be furnished by the Treasurer with funds, for the purpose of purchasing the necessary tools for the clearing out of the streets.

Sec. 5. Resolved, That George Thompson, Randolph Mott, Dr. Cummings, A. T. Caruthers, and Robert Simpson be appointed a board of health, to carry into effect the above ordinance, and that they be supplied with a copy of the ordinance of this resolution.

Sec. 6. Be it further ordained, That if the board of health shall make report that the streets or alleys before any person's property are in a filthy or unhealthy condition, it shall be the duty of the town constable to notify such person or persons of the situation of said street or alley, and of the report thereon, and if the said person shall fail to clean out the same, he, she or they shall forfeit and pay twenty dollars for every twenty-four hours thereafter that the said street or alley may remain in that condition: Provided always, that the filth so found in the streets or alleys shall be caused by the persons or their families living on them.

Sec. 7. Be it further ordained, That these ordinances be in force from and after the time of their adoption.

John R. Wilson, Pres. Pro tem.; R. D. Baugh, Recorder.

Bank of M'Ewen, King & Co., Holly Springs, 12th June, 1838. The undersigned, commissioners to whom has been entrusted for settlement, the business of this institution, take this means of notifying those who may be indebted to it, that they need not expect a renewal of their notes, as they are determined to redeem the issues of this institution, and close its business as speedily as possible. They themselves hope that no longer indulgence, nor further renewals will be expected or asked for, but that payments will be punctually made in every instance, by those indebted to the institution, in order that it may meet its engagements promptly. A. C. M'Ewen, Jno. R. Wilson, R. H. Pattillo, Com'rs.

Hats – 40 doz. Fur Hats, for sale, at eastern prices by H. S. Morgan & Co., Memphis, Tenn.

Law Notice – Parry W. Humphreys & Alfred H. Powell, will jointly attend to the practice of their profession in Marshall; and the adjoining Counties, in the Superior Court of Chancery, and in the Federal and Supreme Courts, at Jackson. Office in Holly Springs, Miss.

_ymes Greer, A. J. Dargan, Greer & Dargan, Attornies at Law – Having associated themselves in the practice of law, will attend all the courts of the eighth judicial district, the Circuit Court of Yalobusha county, and the chancery court, court of errors and appeals, and Federal court at Jackson. Office in Center street, a few doors not of the public square, Holly Springs, Miss. Business entrusted to their care will receive prompt attention.

Carriage Making – W. Allen and W. J. Clark have formed a co-partnership to carry on the above business, under the firm of Allen & Clark, and will give their prompt and undivided attention to the Carriage and Wagon making business, in all its variety, and hope, by their prompt attention to the various departments of their business, to merit and receive a share of public patronage. Their shop is on Centre street, south of the Public Square, where they will be, and at all times, ready to give attention in their line of business. Holly Springs, Miss.

Blacksmithing – H & J. Delap will carry on the business of Blacksmithing, in its various branches; and will give particular attention to ironing Carriages and Wagons complete, including the making of Steel Springs, &c. Horse shoeing will be done in a superior style. Their shop is on the south side of the Public square, and on the same lot with that of Messrs. Allen & Clark.

Western Bank Note Company, at Cincinnati, Ohio – The undersigned having established themselves in Cincinnati, for the purpose of executing Bank Note Engraving and Printing, respectfully solicit from the Banking Institutions in the West, a share of their patronage. Having been engaged for the last year in making new Dies, Vignettes, &c., they are now enabled to furnish Notes in a very superior style, and on short notice. Bank Note paper of the best quality will always be kept on hand. Woodruff & Mason, Office 3d st., adjoining the New Banks.

General Orders No. 6., Head Quarters, Jackson, Miss., June 19th, 1838.

The election for Brigadier General of the 2d Brigade of the 4th Division, held by order of major general E. L. Acee, on the 23d and 24th of April last, was illegal. Brigadier general James Carter will, therefore, continue in the office until the expiration of four years from the date of his commission.

The elections held on the same days for col. commandant of the 19th, 28th and 38d Regiments, by order of brigadier general James Carter, being also illegal, the colonels commandant of said regiments previously elected will continue in command for the period of four years from the day and date of their several commissions.

The election of lieutenant colonel and major of the 19th regiment, held at the same time, was illegal, and officers previously elected will continue in office for the term of four years from the date of their several commissions.

It is the decision of the Commander-in-chief that all officers, elected to fill vacancies, continue in office for the term of four years.

The 43d section of the 3d Title of the “Act to regulate the Militia of the State” provides, that “It shall be the duty of every officer on receiving a resignation to forward the same, with the reasons assigned therefore, to the Adjutant General, who shall immediately lay the same before the Commander-in-Chief; but no officer shall be deemed out of service until he has received notice of the acceptance of his resignation by the Commander-in-Chief.” No resignation will be accepted unless it is shown that the officer offering to resign has performed distinguished services, or is incompetent.

The several Colonels Commandant, assisted by the Lieutenant Colonels and majors, are ordered to lay off their respective Regiments into Battalions and Beats. The Beats will be numbered alphabetically, and laid off so that no beat shall contain less than forty-eight nor more than one hundred privates; and the colonels commandant, are required to order elections and have their several regiments fully officered within three months from the date of this order.

”Whenever any company beat shall neglect or refuse to elect officers to its command, the colonel or commandant of the regiment to which said company may belong, will nominate a fit proper person to take command of said company until such election shall be held; and such person so nominated shall, by a warrant from under the hand of the colonel or commandant of the regiment, be appointed captain by brevet, and shall, during such brevet appointment, have and exercise all powers and duties of captain of the company, to the command of which he may be appointed, and shall be liable to all the penalties imposed by law upon captains for refusal or neglect to discharge the duties of their office.”*

The commander-in-chief is now prepared to furnish volunteer Infantry companies with muskets and accoutrements complete, and expects to be prepared to furnish volunteer Rifle and Cavalry companies with rifles, swords, and pistols in a few months. There are now no restrictions as to the number of volunteer companies in the several regiments – commissions will, therefore be furnished to all the officers of such companies, and arms delivered on the production of the certificate of the Colonel Commandant as required by law.

The safety of the country required an efficient organization of the militia, and the commander-in- chief relies confidently on the zealous co-operation of every Officer in effecting this desirable result. Alexander G. McNutt, Commander-in-Chief, Charles M. Price, Adjutant General, M. M., Jackson. * see sect. 24th of the act approved Dec. 25, 1833.

Holly Springs Money, John C. Hill & Co., having disposed of their stock of goods, to Messrs. Dill, Baugh & Co., whom we take pleasure in recommending to our old friends, and anxious to close the concern immediately, they therefore request all persons indebted to them for the years 1836 and ‘7; to call and close their accounts. We will receive Real Estate Holly Springs money in payment. John C. Hill may be found at the old stand, on the corner, ready for making settlements, either by cash or by note. We wish to close the business done since the first of January, 1838, by note. P. S. We return our sincere thanks to our customers for their liberal patronage, and hope they will not be backward in coming forward and making settlement. John C. Hill & Co., Holly Springs.

Drs. Marshall & Reid, have associate themselves in the practice of medicine, and offer their services to the citizens of Holly Springs and vicinity. They have permanently located themselves at this place, and will bestow strict attention on all cases entrusted to them. Office, the one formerly occupied by Dr. Reid.

Clayton & Wilson, Attorneys at Law, Holly Springs, Miss. – Will attend the Courts of Marshall, Lafayette, DeSoto, Panola, Tippah, and Yalobusha counties, and the Federal court at Jackson. Business confided to them will meet their prompt attention.

Notice – I understand there is a report in circulation about town that I am in the habit of giving out my tickets in exchange for Brandon, Tennessee and River funds, and that when they are presented, I want to shave them at 25 percent discount, all this, I pronounce to be utterly false, I have given out my tickets in exchange for Holly Springs money, & have never offered them in exchange for Brandon, Tennessee or river funds, as I can prove to the satisfaction of any gentleman who will take the trouble to call at the counter to Mr. Cain who has attended to my business ever since I opened, I have put my tickets on a par with our local currency, and am ready at any time to redeem them with such funds as I have given them out for. R. J. Holbrook.

The Good Samaritan – Life Pills and Phoenix Bitters – We have the pleasure of informing our friends, that we have just received a further supply of Moffat's celebrated Life Pills and Phoenix Bitters. For sale, wholesale and retail, at our Wholesale Drug and Chemical Warehouse, Memphis. Booth & Christian.

Gold and Silver Smithing, Flesheart & Dubutts – Having recently removed to their new establishment (built expressly for their business) on La Grange street, second door South of Ross & Alderson's Dry Goods store, respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they are now ready to do any work in their line of business, with dispatch, and in a superior style. Repairing of watches, Jewelry, Clocks, &c., particularly attended to. Also, the manufacture of Gold and Silver ware of every kind, in fashionable style.

Notice – Subscribers to the Mississippi Union Bank, are hereby noticed that they must send in their Titles to Lands, subscribed to the Union Bank, properly authorized; as they will have to be forwarded to Jackson for examination before the commencement of the Mother Bank, prior to their becoming legal stockholders to said Bank.

Dissolution of Partnership – The Partnership heretofore existing between James T. McClung of Holly Springs, Miss., and Dr. S. T. Toncray of Memphis, Tenn., in the Drug business, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due by said firm will be settled and paid by said Toncray, and all notes and accounts due the aforesaid firm, must be paid to said Toncray, who is also authorized to close said business. All those indebted are earnestly requested to call and pay, and those whose accounts are not yet due, will please call and settle by note, payable at the maturity of their contracts. James M'Clung; S. T. Toncray, Holly Springs.

500 Boxes assorted sizes Window Glass, direct from the Factories, and for sale low, at our Chemical Warehouse, opposite Johnson's Hotel. Booth & Christian, Wholesale Druggists, Memphis, Tenn.

Doctor Caruthers – Having located himself in Holly Springs, respectfully tenders his services to the citizen of the place and the adjacent country. From his experience in the practice of the various branches of his profession, he hopes to be able to give satisfaction to all those who may honor him with their confidence – application may be made either at his dwelling or at the drug store of Toncray & M'Clung.

R. H. Pattillo, Attorney at Law – Holly Springs, Mississippi, will attend promptly to collections.

Salt, Nails, Bagging &c. – 300 Sacks Salt, 100 Kegs Boston Nails, 123 Pieces Bagging, 23 Bbls. Cranberries, 100 Boxes Sperm Candles. Received per Steamboat W. L. Roboson, and for sale by H. S. Morgan & Co., Memphis, Tenn.

Sperm Oil – 10 Casks Winter Sperm oil just to hand and for sale now by Booth & Christian.

Doctor A. Hester, Physician, Surgeon, &c. – Office, The Counting Room of B. J. Malone's New Drug Store.

Kanaha Salt – 600 Barrels Kanaha Salt, in store, and for sale by H. S. Morgan & Co., Memphis, Tenn.

Dr. J. G. Chisholm – Offers his professional services to Citizens of Holly Springs, in the practice of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics. Office next door to Dr. Reid; where he may be found at all times, unless absent on his professional business.

Notice – The Partnership heretofore existing between the subscribers, as wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants, is this day dissolved by mutual consent; all those having claims against as well as those indebted, will call on A. Walker for settlement, as he is alone authorized to close the business, and will use the name of the firm in liquidation. A. Walker, Q. C. Atkinson, Memphis.

Co-partnership – The subscribers having associated themselves together for the transaction of a general agency and commission business, under the firm of Anderson & Walker, tender their services to their friends and the public generally. They will occupy the house on Mississippi Row, lately occupied by Walker & Atkinson. Nat. Anderson & A. Walker, Memphis.

Mississippi House – Spence Hall begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that he has taken the above establishment, situated at the corner of Main and Jackson streets, Memphis, Ten., which at great expense he has thoroughly repaired and handsomely fitted up, where he is ready to receive and entertain visitors and boarders, with the best the country can afford. His best exertions will be used to promote the comfort and convenience of those who may favor him with their patronage. Memphis.

Gold & Silver, or its Equivalent – Fifty Sections Land for Sale – I have 50 Sections of Chickasaw Reservation Lands, lying in Marshall County and immediately on its borders; these lands are among the first selections made in this Country. They are offered at low prices, payable one third cash, the balance in one and two years. I will receive in payment the notes of the Holly Springs Banks or any other current money. Those wishing information relative to these lands, can have it by calling on me at this place, or Maj. Wm. H. Duke, at Pontotoc. A. C. M'Ewen. Agent for the Pontotoc and Holly Springs Land Company. The Memphis Gazette, Huntsville Democrat and Nashville Union, will insert the above for 2 months, and forward their account to this Office for payment.

Groceries & Produce, Just received and for sale by R. J. Holbrook, Holly Springs, Miss.: 2 Hogshead Sugar; 2 Bbls. Porter; 1 Bbl. Linseed Oil; 20 Bbl. Rect. Whiskey; 1 Bbl. Gin; 1 Doz. Claret Wine; 2 Doz. Lemon Syrup; 1 Doz. Scotch Snuff; 1 Doz. Fric. Matches; 2 Doz. Macuboy Snuff; 3 Doz. Stoughton's Bitters; 5 Sacks Coffee; 4 Boxes S. Candies; 2 Boxes Candy; 1000 Best S. Cigars; 1 Bag Feathers; 1 Groce Porter Bottles; 1000 Porter Corks; 100 Boxes Sappington Pills; 50 Boxes Beckwith's Pills. Together with a general assortment of Groceries & Produce. R. J. Holbrook.

Produce and Groceries at Wholesale and Retail – William Cato, respectfully informs the citizens of Holly Springs and Marshall county, that he is now receiving, in part, his stock of Produce and Groceries, and will in a short time have a large and general assortment, and intends to keep constantly on hand, most of the leading articles usually kept in his line – which he feels assured he can sell for cash, at prices that will be satisfactory to all who may wish to purchase. Persons from the adjoining Counties East and South of Marshall, wishing to purchase small stocks, may find it to their advantage to give him a call. Planters are particularly requested to favor him with a call before they buy elsewhere, at Jos. Mosby's old stand East of the Square, two doors North of Messrs. Hatchel & Norfleet's Cabinet Shop. Holly Springs, Miss.

Coach Shop – The subscriber will rent, on accommodating terms, for from one to five years, his coach shop in the town of Holly Springs. It is situated on Memphis and La Grange streets, near the public square, and in the heart of the business portion of the place. The shop is large and substantial, and was built by the subscriber, expressly for the business. He will also rent for the same space of time, in connexion with the above business, a blacksmith shop, which is adjoining, with one set of tools, which are entirely new, and of the very best kind. Those wishing to engage in this business could not select a more suitable place or a more fit occasion than the one offered above. Applications can be made verbally or through writing. Wanted, also, a first rate wagon maker, to whom liberal wages will be given. A single man, or one with a small family would be preferred. Henry Gibson & Co. The Louisville Advertiser will copy the above 8 times, and send bill to this office for collection. Holly Springs, Miss.

To the Public – The subscriber returns his sincere thanks to the public, for the liberal patronage extended to him while engaged in business with Mr. N. W. Scott. I would also inform my friends and the public, that it is my intention to recommence business in this place on the first of September, at which time I hope to be favored with a call from my old customers. I am now making arrangements to get on some first rate workmen, and intend to introduce a new system of cutting clothing, and if constant and unremitting attention to business, entitles a man to patronage, I shall receive a share. My work shall be done well, or not at all. B. J. Franks.

Estray Horses – $25 Reward – Strayed from the vicinity of Holly Springs on Thursday the 5th, two horses, one a large bay; hind foot white, scar in his forehead, a small knob on each shoulder and about six years old. The other, a sorrel, rather swaybacked, ____ finely, and about nine years old. The above reward will be given for their recovery, or any information thankfully received. F. E. Whitfield, Holly Springs.

Stone Ware – 1600 Gallons Stone Ware well assorted just received and for sale low by Wm. Cato.

To the Patrons of the Mirror – The undersigned, having purchased of Messrs. Pattillo & Curtis the sole proprietorship of the Mississippi Mirror, a newspaper; together with all the news and job printing materials of the establishment; has sold one half thereof to Mr. George Howe, late publisher of the Yalobusha Pioneer, and in conjunction with him this day commences the publication of a new weekly journal – The Marshall County Republican, and Southern Free Trade Advocate. The Mirror is discontinued; in place of which, those subscribers for it who commenced with the commencement of the 2d volume, will receive the Republican. This arrangement is rendered absolutely necessary – in order that the business of the late publishers and that of the present, may be kept clearly and distinctly disconnected. The present proprietors assume no liabilities of the office contracted previous to its purchase by the undersigned. All advertisements and job work, contracted for subsequent to that purchase, must be accounted for to the present proprietors; as also all subscriptions commencing with No. 1. Vol. 2. Mississippi Mirror. Robert L. Pegues.

Southern Meeting – Proceedings of the citizens of Marshall County, Miss., at a meeting held in the town of Holly Springs, on the 28th of July, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of sending delegates to the Convention of Merchants, to be held in Augusta, Georgia, on the 3d Monday in October next.

Col. A. R. Govan being called to the chair, and Col. W. H. Bayliss appointed Secretary, the meeting was called to order.

On motion of Maj. Barton, the following gentlemen were appointed a committee, to draft resolutions for the consideration of the meeting, (viz.): Gen. J. Davis; Maj. Barton; Mr. Armsted; Mr. Isaacs; Mr. Harley; Maj. Coopwood; Judge Huling; Col. Mathews; Col. C. Kyle; Maj. S. Holland.

The Committee having retired, reported the following preamble and Resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Whereas the great and important agricultural and commercial resources of the Southern States, have for many years been diverted, by partial legislation and other pernicious influences into unnatural channels, benefiting and enriching the citizens of a distant portion of the Confederacy to the great detriment and injury, of the prosperity and the best interests of the people of the South, and whereas it has become palpable to every reflecting Southerner that there is no necessity for the continuance of the dependence of the great staple growing States upon Southern capitalists and factors and whereas it is evidently for the pecuniary political advantage of the Southern States that such unnecessary subjection to a remote section of the Union should cease, - that the monied system of the South should be emancipated from Northern domination and that Southern commerce should be made to flow in its natural and proper channels.

Therefore be it Resolved, that we most heartily approve of the object of the Merchants Convention recently held in Augusta, Georgia.

Resolved. That we deem it important that Mississippi be represented in said Convention at their adjourned meeting on the 3d Monday in October next.

Resolved. That this meeting appoint Ten delegates to meet the delegates from other portions of the County of Marshall, in Holly Springs on the 3d Saturday in August, to appoint delegates to said Convention.

Resolved. That the other parties of the State of Mississippi be requested to take the necessary measures to appoint Representatives to said Convention.

On motion the following gentlemen were appointed delegates, to meet the delegates from other parts of the County, for the purpose specified in the 3d resolution under the preamble.

E. Potts, O. D. Watson, T. Grier, S. Mathews, A. P. Armsted, C. L. Thomas, J. Lewellen, T. L. Tredwell, S. Harris, M. Byad.

On motion of Maj. Barton, it was Resolved. That the proceedings of the meeting be signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary, and that they be published in the Mississippi Mirror, and that the meeting be adjourned sine die. A. R. Govan, Prest., W. H. Bayliss, Secretary.

Peter W. Grayson, Esq., late a candidate for the Presidency of the Texian Republic shot himself a few weeks ago.

There is a rumor in the Washington Chronicle of the blowing up of a steamship filled with Cherokees, 500 of the Indians killed.

A Cane-Brake – A Mr. Henry Cane fell from his horse on Tuesday, in Hardin County, and broke both legs. - Prentice

A thunderbolt discharged its lightning to the top of a tree within 10 to 12 yards of the house of Jos. G. Boon in Tipton county, on Thursday last, and most shockingly shattered a ladder, very innocently reposing against the trunk of the tree. It woke up pretty tolerable quick as Pickwick would say, after the moulten fluid lit upon it. We were standing within ten yards of the tree, and never saw a ladder move much faster. We think that streak would have hurried the renowned squirrel that once beat a streak of lightning from the top to the bottom of a tree, by streaking it straight, whilst the lightning followed the winding grain of the tree, he at least would have had his tail feathers singed. There had been a slight shower, but the clap of thunder that unrolled the lightning, was the only one audible. This is the first instance within our memory of the electric fluid descending from the clouds upon a ladder. – Memphis Inquirer

Variety & Fancy Store, Gold and Silver Smithing, &c. – John Sterling respectfully informs his friends and acquaintances, and the public in general, that he has, since the late fire in Holly Springs, rebuilt and finished off, in handsome style, a new and convenient shop, one door east of the northeast corner of the public square, at the sign of the golden watch, where he offers for sale the most extensive assortment of new Fancy and useful articles, of all descriptions to be found in the place.  Many of these articles, as regards quality, pattern, &c., can be found no where else, and the prices at which they are offered, are so unprecedently low they cannot fail to give satisfaction.  Among them will be found, a handsome assortment of Diamond Breast Pins, Earrings, Finger Rings, &c.  Also, Watch-guards, Keys, Chains and Seals; musical instruments, Perfume boxes, Ladies’ Work Boxes, Mantle Ornaments, Gold and Silver Watches, all of kinds; Penknives, Razors, Combs; Silver and common table and teaspoons, together with many other articles not here mentioned.  In addition to the above, he has also on hand, a splendid assortment of articles suitable for self-defense.

Watch and Clock Repairing – He would here state that, having recently employed an experienced workman, the public may rest assured, that all kinds of repairing in his line will be done on the shortest notice, and warranted for the term of twelve months.  He has now on hand, a good assortment of main springs, crystals, and every utensil necessary for the repair of all kinds of silversmithing.  Holly Springs.

I will sell at wholesale a well selected stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, and dye-stuffs, which may be rendered with a small addition very complete, on accommodating terms, if application is soon made either for cash or on time.  S. T. Toncray

Positively the Last Notice – We earnestly request all those indebted to us, to come forward and make payment by the 20th day of July next; or they will most assuredly incur legal cost.  Longer indulgence cannot be given.  We are determined to have money (peaceably if we can), but forcibly if we must.  W. C. M’Clure & Co., Holly Springs.

Notice – The partnership of Booth & Christian was dissolved on the 18th April last.  The business of the old concern will be settled alone by Wyatt Christian, who is only authorized to collect and pay the debts of the concern and will ___ the name of the firm in liquidation.  The business in future will be conducted as heretofore by Joseph Bohannon, for Wyatt Christian, at the old stand.

Notice – The partnership heretofore existing under the firm of Pattillo, Wilson & McCampbell, has this day expired by limitation.  The business that has been entrusted to them will still receive their joint attention.  R. H. Pattillo; Jno. R. Wilson; Isaac N. McCampbell.

D. C. Landreth’s Garden Seed – We have received the Agency of Landreth’s Garden seeds, consisting of a general assortment, for sale wholesale and retail by Booth & Christian, Sole Agents, Memphis, Tenn.

Leather for Sale – I have for sale, at Sorey’s shoe shop, a quantity of first rate eastern tanned sole leathers, which I am disposed to sell very cheap for cash.  T. Pritchett

White Lead – 200 kegs No. 1, White Lead, just to hand and for sale low for cash, at the wholesale Drug Store of Booth & Christian, Memphis, Tenn.

Allan, Asher & Co. – Commission Merchants, New Orleans, tender their services to the Planters and Merchants of North Mississippi refer to H. S. Morgan & Co., Memphis.

Northern Bank of Miss., July 5, 1838.  Resolved, by the board of Directors, That if any subscriber for stock to the Northern Bank, shall fail to secure the same against the first day of September next, that they will not be considered stockholders of said bank.  Wm. R. Harley, Cl’k.

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