The Wells Family Art Gallery

Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells Organization

The Wells Family Art Gallery is located at 170 S. Center Street, Holly Springs, MS 38635. The Ida B. Wells Family Art Gallery was founded in 1996 by a group of educators, artists, and civic leaders. Their main goal is to preserve and disseminate art contributions of Africans and African Americans to America and world culture. The purpose of the Gallery is to inspire and teach all people, young and old, about the contributions of African Americans in the fields of art to the United States and the World. African American artists on display: Elizabeth Catlett, Donnie Ray Carter, Euretha King, Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Jenny Washington. Individual memberships are $15.00, Mailing list memberships are $10.00, Family memberships are $25.00, Student and Senior Citizen memberships are $10.00. The Gallery will sponsor: exhibits, membership lectures, extension lectures, extension exhibits, multi-cultural programs, family programs, special community programs, children programs, grandparent programs, and dramatic theater. Tours can be arranged by calling (601) 252-2687.

Items for Sale

For more information, please contact the Wells Family Art Gallery.

Prints by Dr. Margaret Burroughs

Harriet Tubman; FACES (color); Hop Scotch; Jean DuSable, Founder of Chicago; Mother and Child; Friends; Family; Malcolm X; Dr. DuBois; In School; Jump Rope

Paper Back Books

The Spirit that Dwell in Me; What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are White; African Name Book; What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black; Recipes from Africa; Negro History and Culture; For Malcolm; Poems For Children; Crusade for Justice, the Autobiography of Ida B. Wells

Other Items for Sale

T-shirts (Ida B. Wells picture on front of shirt); Wicker baskets (see wicker description below); Wicker chairs; Wicker magazine racks; Postcard (Ida B. Wells), first day issue; Envelope, Honoring Ida B. Wells, 1862-1931, first day issue.

Description of Wicker

Wicker is a small, flexible branch or twig, usually of Willow, that can be woven to make baskets, furniture, and other objects. Wicker furniture is made by weaving the material around a sturdy frame. Wicker is loosely woven and allows air to circulate making the furniture especially suitable for hot areas. In addition, wicker is lightweight and extremely durable. Some pieces have lasted more than 100 years. Wicker furniture can be used outdoors, and is popular for indoors as well. Wicker chairs were made in ancient Egypt. During the 1800s, wicker chairs and tables became popular in Europe and the United States. Each piece was handmade and took several days to complete. Today, some wicker objects are still made by hand, mostly in Asian countries.

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