Yalobusha County Brides

Y - Z

YANAKEY, Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH, James B 1879-Aug-04
YARBERRY, Maxian HOLLY, Jacob O 1848-Nov-02
YARBERRY, Nancy THOMAS, John 1847-   - -
YATES, Kate B CORMELLY, J K 1853-Oct-22
YATES, Sarah G MITCHELL, John P 1854-Feb-28
YEARGER, Ruth S Mrs HAMMOND, Charles H 1890-Nov-03
YELVINGTON, Lena MARTIN, R A 1899-Mar-01
YELVINGTON, Sallie F LITTLETON, James B 1873-Dec-17
YELVINGTON, Sallie Mrs WALTON, E H 1887-Oct-09
YELVINGTON, Willie N WALTON, Robert 1894-Mar-26
YERBY, Cath. Alice RIELY, Chas. W 1863-Jul-08
YERGER, Annie E JENKINS, Hugh 1898-Apr-11
YERGER, Mollie J TAYLOR, John M 1885-Feb-18
YORK, Elizabeth BROWN, David 1847-   - -
YORK, Lucy BUFORD, Authur R 1888-Jan-09
YORK, Malina MONTGOMERY, R 1847-   - -
YORK, S A Mrs VANN, J O 1888-Jan-03
YOUNG, Adelaid Mrs DICKINSON, James 1876-Jan-20
YOUNG, Elizabeth SIGLER, G W 1869-Jan-15
YOUNG, Ella J MELEY, John 1867-Nov-19
YOUNG, July Z SMITH, Wm L 1882-Jan-17
YOUNG, Margaret PICKET, John 1872-Jul-10
YOUNG, Maria MCCURLEY, William 1848-Dec-05
YOUNG, Maria G WAGNER, D R 1867-Nov-01
YOUNG, Martha BAYLES, George W 1848-Jul-16
YOUNG, Mollie WEBER, G W 1882-Dec-05
YOUNG, Sarah J DOGAN, Joseph H 1848-Sep-07
YOUNG, Stella Corrine SIMS, George A 1872-Oct-03
YOUNGBLOOD, Frances BUSHWRIGHT, William 1874-Sep-01
YOUNGBLOOD, Hester A BULLOCK, Jesse H 1889-Dec-01
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