Yalobusha County Brides


NASH, Lucy A SHAW, Marion F 1872-Oct-24
NASH, Sadona I MARTIN, Walter R 1875-May-20
NATIONS, Elizabeth BARTON, Wyatt 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Ellen SIMPSON, R T 1898-May-18
NATIONS, Francis BROWN, Benjamin 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Henrah JOHNSON, Andrew J 1848-Feb-10
NATIONS, Hulda COCK, John 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Mary DAVENPORT, William 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Nancy CROZIER, James 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Phebe WYATT, James 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Polly TANKERSLEY, William 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Rebecca Ann BURGESS, Harvey D 1854-Jan-11
NATIONS, Sarah CAVIT, William 1847-   - -
NATIONS, Syla CHANDLER, Billie 1892-Aug-07
NEAL, Frances A MURPHREE, Thomas J 1874-Dec-24
NEAL, Jane FRESHOUR, R 1847-   - -
NEAL, Safroney FRESHOUR, J 1847-   - -
NEEL, Julie C KEEL, Arnol L 1879-Jan-07
NEELY, Annie M WALKER, Chas B 1897-Sep-29
NEELY, Maggie DEES, Richard 1890-Nov-03
NEELY, Mary E SOSSAMAN, Bryan 1873-Jan-16
NEELY, S BROWN, James 1847-   - -
NELSON, E Christina OLSON, M 1876-Feb-17
NELSON, Lula W COLLINS, Jefferson D 1878-Jul-24
NEVILLE, Eleanor GRANBERRY, George W Dr 1871-Apr-30
NEWBERRY, Addie G BOYLE, Silvester D 1873-Feb-06
NEWBERRY, Eliza NEELY, William 1847-   - -
NEWBERRY, Mary Susan MCDOWELL, Wm 1867-Dec-03
NEWELL, Fannie MAYFIELD, R L 1890-May-28
NEWMAN, Mary Mrs SMITH, Jas O 1882-Sep-30
NEWMAN, Mollie MILLER, Braxton 1897-Dec-29
NEWMAN, Rebecca NATIONS, Wyatt 1875-May-02
NEWMAN, Sidney E BREWER, James M 1874-Jun-21
NEWTON, Georgian TARPLEY, Joseph 1847-   - -
NEWTON, Margaret BURR, John 1847-   - -
NOLEN, Alice BELL, J S 1883-Dec-25
NORDSTROM, Christina Caroli HOLM, Fredrick 1883-Sep-01
NORDSTROM, Christina Mrs BERGLUND, N W 1870-Oct-04
NORWOOD, Indiana GREEN, William 1849-Apr-27
NORWOOD, Lizzie CHAPMAN, R M 1868-Oct-08
NORWOOD, Mary E JONTE, George 1863-Jul-23
NORWOOD, Olivia ACOCK, William 1849-Jan-17
NULL, Eliza KING, John 1847-   - -
NYLANDER, Annie L STROLIN, Joseph 1877-Dec-22
NYLANDER, Oallfreda SWENSON, Swen 1872-Mar-23
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