Washington County Grooms
Y - Z

YARBER, Richard GIBSON, Maggy 1884-Sep-25
YARBOUGH, Wm DICKSON, Martha 1893-Mar-24
YARN, Elegat CLEMENTS, Mary 1896-Oct-10
YATES, Ed COLEMAN, Carrie 1892-Dec-08
YATES, Franklin OWENS, America 1879-Jan-24
YATES, John Wesley CAMPBELL, Emma 1893-Feb-24
YERGER, Abe SMITH, Patsey 1876-Aug-26
YERGER, Alex Jr BALL, Lavinia 1879-Sep-13
YERGER, Harry MILLER, Sallie 1866-Oct-18
YERGER, J D RUCKS, Sallie H 1893-May-03
YERGER, Wm G HUNTER, Jennie 1866-Dec-04
YORK, Collins PHILLIPS, Littie Ann 1877-Mar-17
YORK, Collins STUTMAN, Martha 1886-May-05
YORK, Greenberry TILLIS, Phyllis 1886-Dec-24
YOUNG, Alex DEGREAT, Corrinne 1887-Aug-11
YOUNG, Benjamin GREEN, Mary Ann 1884-Feb-27
YOUNG, Benjamin STEPHENS, Winny 1876-May-22
YOUNG, C R SEARCY, Flora 1894-Feb-24
YOUNG, Carter ASH, Mary Ellen 1877-Nov-10
YOUNG, Carter NEAL, Elvira 1885-Aug-11
YOUNG, Charles LAWRENCE, Celia 1894-Jan-08
YOUNG, Dick JONES, Carrie 1892-Dec-01
YOUNG, Edward TURNER, Lizzie 1887-Jun-23
YOUNG, Elijah HUNTER, Leitha 1888-Nov-03
YOUNG, Ellis BROWN, Victoria 1877-Feb-13
YOUNG, Ephraim CLARK, Betsy 1872-Jul-02
YOUNG, Ezekiel BROOKS, Susan 1886-Oct-16
YOUNG, Fen SCOTT, Lucy 1895-Oct-14
YOUNG, Geo GRANT, Emeline 1884-Dec-20
YOUNG, Geo JENKINS, Ida 1900-Dec-19
YOUNG, George JACKSON, Sallie 1868-Oct-05
YOUNG, George ROGERS, Carolina 1876-Sep-26
YOUNG, George SMITH, Maria 1874-Oct-24
YOUNG, Harrison PLATO, Marie 1871-Apr-27
YOUNG, Harry PARKER, Mary 1882-Aug-10
YOUNG, Henry STEVENS, Lou 1896-Nov-14
YOUNG, Howard RICHARDSON, Catherine 1875-Dec-18
YOUNG, Jack BOLDEN, Nancy 1878-Jul-13
YOUNG, Jack CULLEN, Annie 1893-Feb-18
YOUNG, Jack MORTON, Janet 1875-Mar-22
YOUNG, James JONES, Maria 1885-Feb-13
YOUNG, James KNOX, Ella 1896-Dec-08
YOUNG, Jimmy MARTIN, Sintha 1876-Sep-21
YOUNG, Joe WILLIAMS, Aggie 1882-May-19
YOUNG, John D MOORE, Anna 1893-Dec-23
YOUNG, John E WISNER, Polly 1875-Apr-03
YOUNG, John H ROBINSON, Caroline C 1874-Jan-13
YOUNG, Julius HUNTER, Mary 1888-May-21
YOUNG, Louis JACKSON, Delia 1892-Feb-20
YOUNG, Maddison TAYLOR, Mary Eliza 1897-Sep-06
YOUNG, Milton MOORE, Phyllis 1885-Nov-25
YOUNG, Monroe BOONE, Henrietta 1882-Mar-01
YOUNG, Moses WASHINGTON, Alice 1875-Jan-27
YOUNG, Nathan ALLEN, Easter Lindin 1870-Aug-15
YOUNG, Necolon JONES, Virginia 1879-Jul-22
YOUNG, Ned WAITERS, Littie 1874-Feb-16
YOUNG, Robert WATSON, Julia 1896-Nov-11
YOUNG, Simon PURNELL, Polly 1897-Aug-13
YOUNG, Thomas THOMPSON, Elvira 1871-Aug-18
YOUNG, Tom STEWART, Phyllis 1885-Oct-17
YOUNG, Tom WATERS, Precilla 1893-Feb-20
YOUNG, Willie CLARK, Mattie 1900-Nov-19
YOUNG, Wm BROWN, Amanda 1882-Oct-07
YOUNG, Wm NIGHT, Molly 1877-Nov-02
YOUNG, Wm RICE, Rachel 1879-Oct-25
YUEN, Jim JAYNE, Lacy 1896-May-16
ZEGLER, John LEE, Annie 1876-Jul-27
ZEGLER, Tony ELLIS, Vinie 1879-Jan-20
ZEIGLER, John STARKS, Louisa 1883-Apr-26


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