Washington County Brides
Y - Z

YANCY, Fannie WHITLER, Gabe 1894-Dec-24
YARBER, Adaline MOSBY, John W 1888-Nov-05
YATES, Monie CARTER, James 1883-Oct-06
YERGER, Alice HASSLE, Samuel 1895-Sep-23
YERGER, Carrie MUSGROVE, Elgar B 1894-Feb-05
YERGER, Jennie WILSON, Samuel 1899-Apr-12
YERGER, Malvina SCOTT, Charles 1870-Mar-07
YERGER, Mary THOMAS, O D 1869-Dec-16
YERGIN, Amanda V BOWEN, Grant A 1859-Dec-15
YORK, Eliza BANKS, Willie 1894-Feb-07
YORK, Jeaner GRIFFIN, Murk 1897-Apr-28
YOUNG, Abby HUGHS, Sheperd 1876-Feb-10
YOUNG, Agness SHEPARD, Charley 1887-Jan-15
YOUNG, Annie LEE, George 1876-Apr-26
YOUNG, Bettie MYERS, Tom 1896-Oct-22
YOUNG, Catharine CAMP, Henry 1868-Jul-30
YOUNG, Catherine WALTER, Joe 1888-Mar-06
YOUNG, Charlotte THOMAS, Elias 1868-Dec-25
YOUNG, Cheny JOHNSON, Richard 1893-Mar-11
YOUNG, Clara ALLEN, Wilson 1897-May-04
YOUNG, Clarasa MOSBY, Sam 1877-Jul-12
YOUNG, Cordelia BURKE, W T 1887-Jan-20
YOUNG, Corine SPRINKLE, L R 1900-Dec-31
YOUNG, Cornelia POOL, King 1892-Feb-08
YOUNG, Diana BLAND, Jerry 1872-Jun-04
YOUNG, Dina WRIGHT, John Henry 1894-Nov-15
YOUNG, Elvira RUCKER, Caleb 1875-Dec-24
YOUNG, Euginia AVERY, Jesse 1893-May-01
YOUNG, Fannie CLARK, Wiley 1896-Dec-28
YOUNG, Georgia Ann TAYLOR, John D 1878-Jan-03
YOUNG, Hattie NEWMAN, John 1897-Jan-18
YOUNG, Isabella DAVIS, Solomon 1868-Jun-18
YOUNG, Jane GRIFFIN, Charles 1869-Mar-26
YOUNG, Julia Ann SIMMONS, Moses 1897-Feb-12
YOUNG, Leta SNEAD, Thomas 1892-Aug-27
YOUNG, Lily FARTHING, Willis 1876-Apr-01
YOUNG, Lizzie DINKINS, James 1896-Sep-24
YOUNG, Lou HALL, Richard 1893-Dec-22
YOUNG, Lucinda MILES, Elija 1879-Feb-12
YOUNG, Lucy Ann BROOKS, Jessie 1892-Jan-23
YOUNG, Martha BAKER, George 1871-Mar-31
YOUNG, Martha SHIELDS, Robert 1886-Jun-18
YOUNG, Martha SHIELDS, Robert 1887-Jun-18
YOUNG, Martha WOODS, Mack 1897-Sep-11
YOUNG, Mary WALTON, Edward 1872-Apr-22
YOUNG, Mary COLLINS, Laffy 1896-Nov-30
YOUNG, Mary PATRICK, Tenny 1897-Apr-22
YOUNG, Mary Ann WRIGHT, Harry 1871-Oct-14
YOUNG, Mary Ellen MARTIN, Nicholas 1887-Oct-13
YOUNG, Mattie HUNDLEY, Wm 1876-Oct-05
YOUNG, Mattie A ALLEN, Thomas 1879-Apr-28
YOUNG, Milly JONES, Eddy 1883-May-08
YOUNG, Nellie COLLIER, Tom 1893-Oct-28
YOUNG, Patience STEWART, Landy 1869-Dec-28
YOUNG, Patsey STUART, Henry 1892-Dec-24
YOUNG, Pheby VINSOR, James 1884-Dec-18
YOUNG, Rosy BRYANT, Anderson 1873-Apr-03
YOUNG, Sallie CLARK, Wm 1885-Jan-22
YOUNG, Sally MONROE, Robert 1869-May-29
YOUNG, Sarah NEWMAN, Ferdman 1879-Oct-14
YOUNG, Susan WILLIAMS, Henderson 1873-Dec-24
YOUNG, Victoria BROWN, Joseph 1878-Jun-22
YUGER, Ann STEWART, E 1871-May-20
ZADEK, Isadore WOLF, Katie 1898-Nov-23
ZIGLER, Emeline ROBINSON, Eldridge 1887-Oct-08
ZILLEM, Hannah LAKE, Ivory 1868-Jul-06


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