Tallahatchie County Grooms

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YANCEY, Allen DRAKE, Ellen 1875-Oct-16
YANCY, Nathan MARSHALL, Lucindy Mrs 1877-Jan-25
YARBER, Peter LITTLE, Jennie Mrs 1880-Feb-12
YARBOROUGH, Jim DANCY, Margaret 1874-Feb-07
YARBOURH, Lige , 1877-Aug-05
YARBROUGH, J D HINSON, Elma 1896-Nov-30
YATES, Walter JONES, Fannie 1878-May-11
YERWOOD, A J THOMPSON, Sallie 1891-Dec-03
YODER, John LOFLIN, E A Mrs 1885-Jun-03
YOUNG, Asberry BAILEY, Janie 1874-May-30
YOUNG, D L SHIVE, Alice 1894-Dec-25
YOUNG, D L STEWART, L C Miss 1882-Nov-27
YOUNG, Dan JOHNSON, Winnie 1879-Apr-24
YOUNG, J L HADEN, S E Miss 1859-Aug-01
YOUNG, James N PORTER, Belle C 1878-Jul-05
YOUNG, Jim YOUNG, Emeline 1866-Dec-29
YOUNG, Joe NEWTON, Mary 1897-Oct-31
YOUNG, Joseph WATSON, Emma 1881-Apr-28
YOUNG, Major WHITE, Jamina Anne 1873-Feb-08
YOUNG, W S SPARKMAN, Willie Emma 1896-May-05
YOUNGBLOOD, James C HARRIS, Annie S 1894-Dec-25
YOUNGBLOOD, T J ROSS, Permelia Ann 1874-Dec-11
ZACARIAH, Elbert LEE, Moriah 1880-Jan-15
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