Tallahatchie County Grooms

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UNDERWOOD, Edmond BROWN, Sue 1874-Oct-20
UPSHAW, Manuel BROWN, Amanda 1876-Feb-17
UPSHAW, Marlan MURRY, Heneretter 1874-Feb-05
UPSHUR, Marlin HARRIS, Adaline 1871-Dec-23
VENABLE, Charles MITCHELL, Nancy 1869-Feb-05
VENABLE, Robert WALTER, Susan 1873-Jan-01
VERL, Elzy SETER, Amanda 1875-Aug-19
VICK, Silas AUSTIN, Siler 1874-Nov-21
VICKERS, John S TURNER, Lucy S 1871-Jan-08
VICKERY, J O BLYTHE, O L Mrs 1889-Oct-03
VICKORY, William GRAMMER, E C Miss 1887-Dec-21
VINSON, Clayton MILLER, Ellan 1878-Feb-01
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