Tallahatchie County Brides

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UNDERWOOD, Fannie HILL, Russell 1878-Dec-26
UPSHAW, Mariah FLEMING, Darnt 1873-Feb-13
UPSHAW, Vilet RATLIF, Elleck 1877-Aug-25
VANCE, Alice METCALF, Lewis 1871-Apr-22
VANCE, Mary Jane LEE, Aaron 1872-Dec-19
VAUSS, Mary Jane CLARK, Richard R 1874-Nov-21
VEACH, Mollie Mrs SMITH, J W 1887-Dec-18
VERETT, Louisa DOUGHERTY, A 1859-Dec-26
VERIT, Rose Lee CHAPPIUS, Francis 1873-Jan-20
VERTRESS, Manda WILKINS, Samuel 1879-Mar-05
VICK, Gracy PULAM, Napolean 1880-Jan-18
VICK, Millie WILSON, Ralph 1870-Jun-11
VICKERS, Mollie Mrs SMITH, W J 1889-Sep-24
VORTER, Mary J GRAHAM, Charles C 1875-Dec-07
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