Sunflower County Grooms
Y - Z

YARBROUGH, A M STAYTON, Etta 1898-May-19
YARNS, Johnnie HARRIS, Rebecca Mrs 1900-Dec-09
YATE, B H BELL, Elizabeth 1871-Jul-11
YATES, Henry WATSON, M R Mrs 1884-Feb-22
YATES, Will SMITH, Annie 1895-Apr-11
YEAGER, W J HAMPTON, Hulda 1893-Jan-14
YONG, John BENNETT, Julia 1869-Jun-30
YONGUE, James R MCRAE, Ellen 1855-Mar-27
YOUNG, Abe MILLER, Katie 1900-Nov-15
YOUNG, Anderson BOYKIN, Alice 1898-Sep-17
YOUNG, B F COLE, Margarette O Mrs 1858-Feb-02
YOUNG, Ben COLEMAN, Mary 1900-Feb-27
YOUNG, George BURNS, Cora 1893-Oct-28
YOUNG, George LOCKE, Henrietta Mrs 1897-Dec-28
YOUNG, George THOMPSON, Vickie Mrs 1894-May-10
YOUNG, George WILLIS, Georgia Ann 1889-Aug-04
YOUNG, Harry STEVENS, Susie 1887-Jan-29
YOUNG, Henderson FORD, Anna 1900-Feb-16
YOUNG, Henry BARNARD, Lula 1900-Apr-12
YOUNG, J B DECAPP, Caroline 1866-Jan-15
YOUNG, J E BEASLEY, Georgia 1896-Jun-10
YOUNG, J J DAVIS, Nancy 1846-Aug-13
YOUNG, Lem BROWN, Mattie 1887-May-14
YOUNG, Lewis POLLY, Mary 1866-Aug-18
YOUNG, Louis MCLEAN, Melvina 1867-Jan-19
YOUNG, M A BUTLER, L J 1884-Jun-14
YOUNG, Mitchell HOLMES, Harriet 1893-Feb-01
YOUNG, N D BILLS, Mattie 1891-Dec-30
YOUNG, Steven BLUE, Corrie 1896-Jun-01
YOUNG, Valey CHANDLER, Predencia 1896-Dec-24
YOUNG, William FRIERSON, Zilfie 1899-Oct-23
YOUNG, William LOFTEN, Sallie 1900-Mar-23
YOUNGBLOOD, Harvey HIBARD, Louise 1865-Jun-15
YUNG, Isaac CARPENTER, Annie 1893-Dec-18
ZEDD, Harrison SIMMS, Rowena 1894-Dec-24
ZINEMAN, Joe HOGAN, Levia 1900-May-19
ZISLOFF, Joseph BARRETT, Harriett Maxey 1847-Apr-07
ZISLOTT, Joseph BARNETT, Harriet Mary 1847-Apr-17


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