Sunflower County Brides
Y - Z

YANCY, Caroline DAVIS, Robert 1891-Sep-10
YATES, Manda JOHNSON, Gilbert 1895-Nov-16
YATES, Serena SIMMONS, Charles 1869-Sep-21
YELVERTON, Glenzieanna TAYLOR, Joe 1897-Dec-25
YERGER, Lucy CONRAD, W H 1900-May-27
YOUNG, Annie SWITZER, R L 1893-Dec-25
YOUNG, Becky HAIR, Primus 1897-Jun-10
YOUNG, Chlorie Ann OUTLAW, George 1890-Dec-25
YOUNG, Elizabeth MAHONEY, George 1871-Jul-14
YOUNG, Elizabeth A D CALHOUN, John A 1861-Jun-20
YOUNG, Ella LEE, Lige 1899-Jul-29
YOUNG, Femelia JACKSON, George 1896-Jan-02
YOUNG, Frances THOMAS, Wade 1896-Jan-16
YOUNG, Greenella SMITH, Fred 1893-May-07
YOUNG, Hettie LEE, Hal 1894-Mar-31
YOUNG, Indiana MCGREGORY, Louis 1891-Apr-08
YOUNG, Leanna STEWART, Will 1896-Nov-06
YOUNG, Letha J HARING, James A 1866-Aug-19
YOUNG, Louisa LOVE, Henry 1884-Oct-30
YOUNG, M A BUTLER, L J 1884-Jun-14
YOUNG, Mag SUDDUTH, John 1896-Sep-13
YOUNG, Margaret CARIGAN, Peter 1874-May-03
YOUNG, Mariah DYSON, Horace 1899-Oct-01
YOUNG, Mariah SPENCER, Henry 1894-Oct-21
YOUNG, Martha BEAN, Jim 1898-Jan-30
YOUNG, Martha BLISS, Earnest 1887-Feb-26
YOUNG, Martha JONES, Jim 1888-Aug-18
YOUNG, Martha VAILES, Thomas 1900-Dec-29
YOUNG, Mary CUMBERLAND, A M 1895-May-24
YOUNG, Mary HOOD, Tom 1897-Jun-06
YOUNG, Mary Ann POLLARD, Cyrus 1882-Jul-16
YOUNG, Neicy WILLIAMS, Aaron 1884-Feb-09
YOUNG, Patsy WILSON, Robert 1895-Dec-10
YOUNG, Pearlee LAWRENCE, John 1896-Dec-24
YOUNG, Rilla FORT, Essick 1897-Aug-17
YOUNGBLOOD, Elizabeth PETERSON, John 1867-Aug-11
ZACHEL, Sarah Mrs NEAL, Andrew 1896-Aug-30


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