Lowndes County Grooms

Y - Z

YATES, Jeremiah B HAYES, Sarah 1865-Apr-20
YATES, Jesse A ROBERTSON, Margaret E 1852-Oct-19
YATES, John BROWN, Chlory 1881-Apr-22
YATES, N J LITTLETON, Susan 1864-Apr-12
YATES, Nathaniel R THOMAS, Lavinia 1853-Feb-08
YATES, Ned BEEBY, Rebecca 1875-Feb-06
YATES, Thomas W HENRY, Martha A 1853-Nov-03
YATES, Thomas W MCCLAREY, Julia 1863-Oct-22
YERBY, M H HEAVEN, Annie 1900-Feb-12
YORK, Ben MATTHEWS, Louisa 1898-Feb-24
YORK, David DEAN, Julia 1872-Oct-05
YORK, Gandy EVANS, Jane 1870-Dec-22
YORK, J J WILLIAMS, Minerva 1873-Sep-23
YORK, Jesse PORTWOOD, Maria 1876-Apr-21
YORK, Nesson B WATSON, J 1843-Dec-21
YOUNG, Alex STILES, Emily 1878-Mar-22
YOUNG, Alexander DOWDLE, E J Miss 1885-Apr-06
YOUNG, Andrew TOM, Liza 1870-Aug-18
YOUNG, Anthony SHERROD, Amy 1891-Apr-25
YOUNG, Austin BROWN, Eliza 1878-Jan-31
YOUNG, Benj DAVIS, Harriet 1883-Dec-27
YOUNG, Buck WATSON, Sarah 1869-Apr-12
YOUNG, Dan HAIRSTON, Chris 1896-Sep-23
YOUNG, Daniel FOSTER, Elizabeth 1876-Mar-15
YOUNG, Ed CARSON, Hanie 1893-Dec-27
YOUNG, Ed JOHNSON, Eliza 1899-Mar-25
YOUNG, Ed LESTER, Adeline 1898-Nov-07
YOUNG, Ed MOODY, Elizabeth 1895-Dec-23
YOUNG, Edmund BROWNLEE, Rena 1893-May-11
YOUNG, Eli PERKINS, Queen 1877-Apr-30
YOUNG, Eli RICHARDSON, Amanda 1899-Feb-18
YOUNG, Elias FIFER, Bettie 1878-Jan-17
YOUNG, Elias JONES, Martha 1873-Dec-23
YOUNG, Elias PETTY, Ella 1878-Dec-07
YOUNG, Frank BURT, Rose 1872-Jan-06
YOUNG, Frank SCOTT, Cynthia 1887-Oct-13
YOUNG, Frank C Jr JOHNSTON, Lettie 1894-Dec-19
YOUNG, George F PHILLIPS, Bertie 1883-Oct-13
YOUNG, George W RAGSDALE, Roena 1850-Oct-08
YOUNG, Henry JOHNSON, Clara 1894-Dec-21
YOUNG, Hiram BRADLY, Isabella 1874-Jan-31
YOUNG, Hiram HODGE, Betsy 1870-Dec-25
YOUNG, Hiran LEDGER, Clem 1885-Dec-29
YOUNG, J H ANDERSON, Sarah 1899-Jun-09
YOUNG, Jack HOLMES, Thula 1871-Dec-04
YOUNG, Jack YOUNG, Lilia 1869-Dec-01
YOUNG, Jackson WOOLDRIDGE, Emma 1875-Apr-12
YOUNG, James BAILEY, Virginia 1874-Dec-22
YOUNG, James DAVIS, Eliza 1891-Jan-22
YOUNG, Jeff WILSON, Savannah 1891-May-01
YOUNG, Jo MINOR, Emma 1871-Sep-09
YOUNG, John HUNTER, Lucinda 1891-Aug-27
YOUNG, John WEST, Elizabeth 1855-Jul-22
YOUNG, John D BIGBEE, Eliza 1838-Dec-20
YOUNG, John R WESTBROOK, Mary J 1867-Mar-18
YOUNG, Major RAIN, Hattie 1869-Dec-16
YOUNG, Major SHEPHARD, Annie 1887-Mar-18
YOUNG, Martimer THOMPSON, Mandy 1888-Feb-11
YOUNG, Nathan DIXON, Len 1887-Nov-03
YOUNG, P A ARMSTRONG, John 1842-Jul-14
YOUNG, Phillip A WOOD, J A 1851-Dec-25
YOUNG, Planter IVY, Ann 1871-May-15
YOUNG, Prince MCLARAN, Julia 1879-Jan-01
YOUNG, Sanford F Dr WESTBROOK, Lou 1865-Oct-24
YOUNG, Sanford W BROOKS, Rebecca L 1846-Nov-19
YOUNG, Sidney FLONDER, Jane 1871-Feb-10
YOUNG, Tillman WINSTON, Harriet 1878-Mar-06
YOUNG, Tobe MITCHELL, Ella 1889-May-03
YOUNG, Wesley BILLUPS, Harriette 1878-Dec-16
YOUNG, Will PEARL, Blanie 1891-Dec-31
YOUNG, Willis AYERS, Josie 1898-Jan-26
YOUNG, Wm MITCHELL, Emma 1893-Dec-23
YOUNG, Wm POOL, Mary 1880-Aug-18
YOUNG, Wm WILLIAMS, Manerva 1889-Jan-11
YOUNGBLOOD, James W CLARK, Louisa 1841-Sep-16
YOUNGBLOOD, Wm H ROACH, Esther L 1854-Feb-02
YOUNGHOUSE, E M WEST, Sarah B 1880-Aug-19
YUNT, Billy SMITH, Ida 1876-Dec-28
ZORN, Henry THWEATT, Dora 1866-Jun-19



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