Lowndes County Grooms

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ULLINGER, John KUKI, Ishtumi 1830-Apr-20
UMBER, Jeromo KELLINER, Elizabeth 1835-Aug-11
UMBERS, Jerome KILLIUM, Elizabeth 1835-Aug-18
UMPHFLEET, Lewis B ALLEN, Mary S 1850-Jan-22
UPCHURCH, Hilory LANIER, Amanda 1874-Jan-28
UPCHURCH, James HENDERSON, Sarah 1875-Oct-22
UPCHURCH, Pleas FERNANDES, Olivia 1885-May-25
UPCHURCH, Pleas SMITH, Laura 1890-Mar-20
UPCHURCH, Pleas SOMERVILLE, Mary 1881-Oct-29
UPCHURCH, T M BRAZILLE, Joses 1882-Dec-11
URSERY, Albert MIXUM, Della 1881-Dec-30
URSERY, Sam HICKS, Sallie 1871-Dec-13
USSERRY, Alfred HENDERSON, Rosina 1889-Jan-09
USSERY, Alfred THOMAS, Adeline 1898-Dec-15
USSERY, B L FRANCIS, Sarah Ann 1888-Mar-15
USSERY, C V LAWRENCE, Lida 1892-Apr-12
USSERY, Ed BRINKER, Nancy 1869-Sep-08
USSERY, Henry H ODEN, Elizabeth Nancy 1856-Jun-05
USSERY, J C WILLIFORD, Bettie 1876-May-19
USSERY, James WALTON, Eddie 1891-Dec-17
USSERY, Jesse WELLS, Frances M 1854-Mar-14
USSERY, John M MURPHY, Julia E 1865-Aug-22
USSERY, S F NICKLES, Jennie 1879-Oct-28
USSERY, Samuel CLARIDY, Sally 1885-Oct-19
USSERY, Samuel SWANZY, Ida Ann 1882-Dec-11
USSERY, Samuel M DARDEN, Sarah Jane 1867-Jan-29
USSERY, Selaman EDWARDS, Saline 1883-Mar-10
USSERY, Sellman BARRY, Lizzie 1888-Nov-01
USSERY, Steve WIGGINS, Mariah 1891-Mar-14
USSERY, Wm M MCCOWN, Minerva J 1850-Oct-02
UUROBY, John JOHNSON, Emaline 1881-Jul-09
VAIDEN, Mark DUNLAP, Emma 1888-Dec-06
VAIL, J M EDNEY, Anie 1884-Sep-10
VAILS, Anthony ARMSTRONG, Emma 1890-May-30
VAILS, George GRAY, Nancy 1878-Dec-28
VAILS, J C TURNER, Lula 1896-Dec-02
VALENTINE, Harrison WHITE, Eglantine 1848-Mar-14
VALES, Samuel FRIERSON, Lovenia 1871-Jul-29
VANHOOK, George W HALL, Anna 1850-May-22
VARCY, Pompey WILLIAMS, Elmira 1879-Feb-06
VARNER, John A BRYANT, Catherine 1850-Jul-08
VARNER, Wm H WALLACE, Elizabeth 1847-Feb-25
VASSER, Richard BROOKS, Amy 1870-Jul-02
VASSER, Wm H WADE, Mary T 1851-Jan-23
VAUGHAN, Andrew SPRUILL, Ann 1894-Jan-25
VAUGHAN, Bolivar A WADE, Martha A 1853-Aug-09
VAUGHAN, C A PRESSLEY, Lizzie 1885-Nov-10
VAUGHAN, Dick PERKINS, Katie 1887-Dec-14
VAUGHAN, Eli JONES, Ida 1895-Dec-20
VAUGHAN, Eli REESE, Mary J 1886-Nov-27
VAUGHAN, F M Dr HERNDON, Cora 1895-Apr-28
VAUGHAN, Fed GRAY, Lizzie 1876-Dec-28
VAUGHAN, G P EAST, Carrie V 1885-Nov-09
VAUGHAN, George W SYKES, Albertis D 1857-Jul-07
VAUGHAN, J H NELSON, Parrie 1880-Feb-04
VAUGHAN, Jerry GREENLEAF, Caroline 1885-Jan-28
VAUGHAN, Jerry JIMERSON, Callie 1887-Dec-23
VAUGHAN, Jesse POOL, Molly 1878-Jan-23
VAUGHAN, John N MORRIS, Sarah Jane 1841-Apr-07
VAUGHAN, L G BARRENTINE, Susan 1879-Dec-16
VAUGHAN, L W WHEELER, M B Miss 1887-Jan-28
VAUGHAN, Madison DILL, Polly 1877-Aug-27
VAUGHAN, Robert MAYO, Annie 1884-Mar-24
VAUGHAN, S A WILLIAMS, Fannie 1899-Jun-12
VAUGHAN, S H VAUGHAN, Minnie 1885-Nov-11
VAUGHAN, Sam GREENLEE, Mary 1894-Apr-03
VAUGHAN, Squire MCCARDER, Alice 1894-Jan-10
VAUGHAN, Steve BOWLES, Maria 1880-Jan-07
VAUGHAN, William W CHAPEL, Rebecca 1831-Dec-13
VAUGHAN, Wm TAPLEY, Clarisa J 1846-Jul-27
VAUGHN, Alf DILL, Minnie 1899-Dec-26
VAUGHN, Billy WILLIAMS, Mandy 1886-Jul-02
VAUGHN, C S MURPHY, Orpha 1899-Nov-01
VAUGHN, Cornelius SHARP, Martha W 1851-Apr-16
VAUGHN, Dick PERKINS, Sarah 1881-Jan-17
VAUGHN, E L MASON, L O Miss 1896-Dec-16
VAUGHN, Ed SYKES, Pinkey 1892-Jan-25
VAUGHN, Ely MOTLEY, Lina 1899-Jan-20
VAUGHN, Fred EDMONDSON, Franie 1871-May-11
VAUGHN, George ADKINS, Caroline 1872-Jan-23
VAUGHN, George MAYO, Sallie 1888-May-12
VAUGHN, George SANDERS, Tishey 1896-Jan-10
VAUGHN, Green MURPHY, Mae 1870-Oct-15
VAUGHN, H B SWANZY, Lula 1883-Feb-06
VAUGHN, Henry DEARING, Perline 1873-Jul-12
VAUGHN, Henry MANUAL, Victoria 1889-May-18
VAUGHN, Henry B KIDD, Martha J 1850-Oct-22
VAUGHN, J E PRESLEY, Addie 1889-Mar-19
VAUGHN, Jessie ROBERTSON, Sallie 1890-May-01
VAUGHN, John MCWILLIAMS, Martha Jane 1845-Nov-20
VAUGHN, Joseph EVANS, Lotie 1877-Feb-06
VAUGHN, Newt BROWN, Viney 1889-Dec-17
VAUGHN, Orange DOWSING, Rachael 1885-Dec-22
VAUGHN, Ransom ELLIS, Dora 1877-Feb-22
VAUGHN, Richard CODY, Mollie 1888-Apr-13
VAUGHN, Richard WALLACE, Julia 1875-Dec-08
VAUGHN, Sam SHERROD, Jane 1896-Dec-22
VAUGHN, Thomas C GOODRICH, Sarah F 1867-Feb-06
VAUGHN, Viney KYLE, Curtis 1883-Jan-18
VAUGHN, W B BROWN, Lucy 1875-Oct-28
VAUGHN, Wesley E SHARP, Mary J 1850-Oct-23
VAUGHN, William MOODY, Margaret 1873-Jun-05
VAUGHN, William L BERNARD, Irene E 1837-Aug-03
VAUGHN, Woodard HASKINS, Rachael 1872-May-11
VAUGHT, A F RIDDLE, Emma 1899-Feb-06
VAUK, Joseph MAIL, Ezi ? 1830-Mar-19
VEITCH, Smeeds WADSWORTH, Mary 1853-Feb-06
VEITCH, William WOOD, Sarah E 1841-Jul-28
VEITCH, Wm MCCUNE, E F Mrs 1880-Apr-17
VERBELLAY, Joseph IVERY, Mariah 1872-Jan-05
VERNER, Charles H LAWRENCE, Flora 1890-May-15
VERNER, Claiborn PERKINS, Kisia 1870-Sep-09
VERNER, Ebenezer T STEPHENSON, Elizabeth E 1866-Feb-02
VERNER, J B BRANCH, Mary 1885-Jan-08
VERNER, Mangie JARRETT, April 1894-Nov-09
VERNER, Sim PHELPS, Josie 1893-Dec-16
VERNER, Sim WARD, Julia 1886-Dec-23
VERNER, Sim WASHINGTON, Sarah 1890-Jan-30
VERNIN, Frank ALEXANDER, Sarah 1870-Dec-14
VERNON, Scott BLACKMAN, Avy 1873-Jan-10
VERNON, Wm HARRIS, Fanny 1877-Dec-01
VICK, J Washington CROW, Lucinda 1867-May-07
VINCE, Moses EUBANKS, Abby 1869-Dec-27
VINCE, Moses SCALES, Dorcillie 1872-Dec-17
VINT, Silas WILSON, Leela 1882-Mar-25
VINZEN, John OWEN, Alma 1898-Nov-14
VIRGES, Wesley MITCHELL, Louvina 1882-Dec-18
VIRGIL, Charley THOMPSON, Mary E 1893-Dec-30
VIRGIL, Matt BROWN, Sarah 1874-Nov-07
VIRGIL, Matt HOLDERNESS, Ida 1896-Dec-23
VIRGIL, Matt LYON, Addie 1893-Jan-06
VIRGIL, Sanders PIPPINS, Priscille 1201-Nov-22
VIRGIS, Moses HORTON, Jane 1883-May-05
VIRGIS, Wesley WEBBER, Rosy 1877-Dec-24



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