Lowndes County Grooms


O'NEAL, Eli HARRELL, Mary Ann Eliza 1834-Dec-06
OAKLEY, Fielding KOBB, Jane 1832-Feb-28
OAKLEY, Fielding KOLB, Jane 1832-Feb-28
OBRIEN, George WASHINGTON, Sarah 1897-Jan-08
ODELL, Albert WEEDEN, Alice 1890-Dec-24
ODEM, James BAILEY, Vera 1835-Jun-02
ODEN, Henry P LOWE, Susan S 1867-Aug-26
ODEN, J H KILLIAN, Eliza 1885-Dec-08
ODEN, James BROTHERS, Louisa 1878-Dec-26
ODEN, John C DENTON, Mary E 1858-Nov-21
ODEN, Lee G KIRK, Anna E 1867-Dec-16
ODEN, Peter HAMILTON, Etta 1870-Jul-20
ODEN, William G COCKERHAM, Louisa 1835-Oct-23
ODEN, William L COCKERHAM, Louisa 1835-Oct-23
ODENEAL, Allen HARRIS, Caroline 1869-Jan-18
ODENEAL, Allen JORDAN, Jane 1201-Nov-28
ODENEAL, Ben STAPLES, Annie 1883-Aug-18
ODENEAL, Charley HOGAN, Delila 1899-Dec-27
ODENEAL, Edmund WITHERSPOON, Ellen 1898-Feb-04
ODENEAL, Fortune PERKINS, Rachael 1886-Mar-27
ODENEAL, George HAIRSTON, Eocline 1892-Oct-18
ODENEAL, George HUMPHRUS, Dinah 1869-Dec-31
ODENEAL, George WILLIAMS, Lucy 1897-Aug-07
ODENEAL, Harris ODENEAL, Emma 1870-Apr-26
ODENEAL, Hartwell HAMESBERGER, Haily 1875-Sep-25
ODENEAL, Henry PEOPLES, Lula 1899-Dec-27
ODENEAL, Henry THOMASON, Amy 1871-Dec-27
ODENEAL, Higgins BRADLEY, Anna 1898-Dec-23
ODENEAL, Jackson DUNLAP, Elizabeth 1884-Mar-14
ODENEAL, Jessie SMITH, Harriet 1870-Nov-18
ODENEAL, Jim LOVE, Malinda 1878-Nov-01
ODENEAL, Jim MITCHELL, Laura 1895-Feb-07
ODENEAL, Joe B ODENEAL, Mannie 1897-Jun-26
ODENEAL, John MITCHELL, Anna 1895-Dec-14
ODENEAL, Josh HARRIS, Mollie 1895-Dec-28
ODENEAL, Josh WILLIAMS, Susan 1884-Nov-22
ODENEAL, Milton THOMPSON, Julia M 1840-Dec-22
ODENEAL, Nathan SANDERS, Nettie 1898-Jul-13
ODENEAL, Nathanil MITCHELL, Celia 1880-Jan-15
ODENEAL, Prince PAGE, Bettie 1871-Apr-22
ODENEAL, Prince POTTS, Milly 1869-Oct-12
ODENEAL, Robert BASKERVILLE, Harriet 1876-Oct-11
ODENEAL, Scott CONNERS, Francis 1869-Jan-05
ODENEAL, Scott HARRIS, Caroline 1882-Dec-27
ODENEAL, Spencer MONTGOMERY, Ann 1872-Jan-05
ODENEAL, Taylor BRADLEY, Nellie 1894-May-19
ODENEAL, Turner HORNE, Mary 1871-May-12
ODENEAL, Wilson WILSON, Zilfie 1878-Jan-29
ODENEAL, Wm GORDON, Jane 1891-Jan-08
ODINEAL, George HUMPHRIES, Minnie 1872-Dec-24
ODINEAL, Taylor ODINEAL, Betsy 1871-May-12
ODINEAL, William PROWELL, Christian 1869-Aug-07
ODOM, James BAILEY, Verra 1835-Jun-02
OFFORD, Wm EGGLESTON, Susan 1872-May-04
OGLESBY, John S CAMERON, Ida 1893-Oct-07
OGLETREE, W D FANT, M L Mrs 1892-May-23
OGRADY, Patrick SHAHAN, Catherine 1862-Sep-21
OLAGE, Ben ADAMS, Susie 1899-Sep-22
OLDHAM, Andrew B WILLIAMS, Nancy 1834-Aug-05
OLDHAM, Andrew S WILLIAMS, Nancy 1834-Aug-12
OLDHAM, Franklin H WILLIAMS, Jane 1836-Oct-06
OLIVE, Jake CLAYTON, Virginia 1870-Jan-07
OLIVER, Alex WILLIAMS, Lou 1896-May-23
OLIVER, Avery COVINGTON, Sue 1888-Nov-16
OLIVER, Franklin MONTGOMERY, Ann 1883-Feb-27
OLIVER, George H GILMORE, Susie M 1891-Jul-08
OLIVER, James D GIBBS, Fannie 1888-Dec-15
OLIVER, John Jr STURDIVANT, Laura 1893-Nov-22
OLIVER, Josh HENDRICKS, Malvina 1884-Mar-13
OLIVER, Lewis LEWIS, Patsey 1871-Jan-12
OLIVER, Lewis LOACH, Ella 1877-Oct-15
OLIVER, Milus HARRIS, Emma 1887-Jan-28
OLIVER, T S GIBBS, T A Mrs 1877-Dec-03
OLIVER, Wm BAKER, Nettie 1896-Feb-06
OLIVER, Wm CHALMERS, Abbie 1899-Nov-11
OMALLAY, Patrick MCINTYRE, Mary M 1865-Jan-25
ONEAL, E A HARRELL, Mary Ann Eliza 1834-Dec-06
ONEAL, F S WINSTON, Lillie 1889-Jun-20
ONEAL, Lennard EGNEW, Kelly 1869-Dec-18
ONEAL, Nathaniel JACKSON, Rosette 1889-Nov-13
ONEAL, William H SHEAFFER, Eliza B 1866-Sep-10
ONEIL, Edward BAKER, Julia 1869-Sep-02
ONEILL, Thomas WADE, Mary 1880-Feb-09
ORR, Charles WOOD, Emma 1878-Mar-19
ORR, Foster WILLIAMS, Souella 1892-Dec-31
ORR, Gill STEWART, Louisa 1201-Nov-25
ORR, Henderson WHITLOCK, Rachael 1885-Dec-28
ORR, Henderson WICKS, Queen 1870-Jan-01
ORR, Mose LEWIS, Sylvia 1872-Jun-29
ORR, Napolean MCCLOUD, Lizzie 1877-Jan-25
ORR, Walter LONGSTREET, Agnes 1899-Feb-14
ORR, William COOK, Mary 1895-Jun-21
ORR, Willis HOUSTON, Charlot 1870-Jan-01
ORR, Woodson STURDIVANT, Milly 1869-Jan-25
ORR, Zack WILLIAMS, Charlotte 1886-Dec-09
OSBORNE, Hampden POPE, Gray Banks 1891-Jun-09
OSBORNE, I P GORE, A S Mrs 1881-Jan-10
OSTRANDER, Peter COX, Margaret E 1854-Jan-29
OTT, James Y ANDREWS, Mary E 1894-Feb-10
OTT, Samuel C TURNER, Elizabeth 1856-Dec-14
OTT, W J TAYLOR, Allie 1887-Feb-18
OTTLEY, John K MCCABE, Passie 1889-Mar-21
OTTLEY, John K WILLIAMS, Ellen G 1867-Jul-09
OTTLEY, William N HENRY, Fannie E 1867-Apr-11
OUTLAW, Daniel HUMPHRIES, Rena 1876-Sep-16
OUTLAW, Jackson LANG, Jane 1880-Jul-03
OUTLAW, P H MALONE, Elizabeth 1877-Dec-27
OUZTS, David HOLMES, Mary Ann 1849-Nov-21
OVERHILL, Thos J LYKES, Virginia 1865-Apr-04
OWEN, Andrew TOLAND, Vise 1872-Dec-24
OWEN, B L WATSON, Tennie 1876-Sep-20
OWEN, Ben HENDERSON, Hopie 1883-Apr-16
OWEN, Davy PRIDEMORE, Fanny 1880-Jan-03
OWEN, Edmund COOK, Jane 1879-Aug-18
OWEN, Isaac SANDERS, Lottie 1870-Jan-22
OWEN, Peyton SMITH, Adaline 1881-Feb-19
OWEN, T Y PETERS, W A Mrs 1881-May-07
OWENS, Abram HILL, Louisa 1877-Dec-20
OWENS, Andson COOK, Louisa 1869-Apr-10
OWENS, Anthony WILLIAMS, Elvira 1883-May-26
OWENS, Buck WILSON, Laura 1888-Dec-29
OWENS, E M BLACKMAN, Ada C 1882-Nov-21
OWENS, Edmand HEARON, Hannah 1878-Jan-02
OWENS, Henry HENDERSON, Maria 1878-Nov-19
OWENS, Henry RUSSELL, May Ella 1872-Oct-19
OWENS, Joseph A JOHNSON, Sarah 1889-Jan-28
OWENS, Lewis HART, Alice 1875-Dec-23
OWENS, Marion DAVIS, Molly 1877-Oct-27
OWENS, W D SMITH, Abitha 1896-Oct-28
OWINGS, J D WILSON, Jennie E 1887-Jun-22
OWINGS, W F PAGE, May E 1891-May-16



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