Lowndes County Grooms


NAILS, Peter Jr CANNON, Hannah 1872-Apr-25
NALL, Hiram CAMPBELL, Mary Ann 1853-May-10
NANCE, Allen WADE, Elizabeth 1872-Apr-26
NANCE, Anderson NANCE, Victoria 1887-Dec-08
NANCE, Ben GRAY, Elvira 1893-Dec-23
NANCE, Bryant HAIRSTON, Sarah 1879-Jan-31
NANCE, Dike GOOLSBY, Ellen 1895-Jan-04
NANCE, Frank OSTEN, Martha A 1892-Dec-02
NANCE, George NEAL, Lucy 1876-Nov-04
NANCE, Harry THROWER, Bettie 1876-Dec-22
NANCE, James HAYDEN, Ella 1899-Jul-03
NANCE, James RANDLE, Eleanor 1891-Aug-31
NANCE, James TOLAND, Emma 1856-Aug-19
NANCE, Mac HUGHES, Delia 1895-May-07
NANCE, Mack WASHINGTON, Haley 1871-Dec-14
NANCE, Matt HUGGINS, Mollie 1884-Nov-01
NANCE, Nat GALLAWAY, Mandy 1878-Jan-28
NANCE, Ransom ALEXANDER, Ellen 1874-Jan-02
NANCE, Sampson BORDER, Linda 1874-Dec-24
NANCE, Thomas HARDY, Jennie 1883-Aug-04
NANCE, Warren CAPSUTH, Patiant 1871-Jun-03
NANCE, Warren WASHINGTON, Elizabeth 1880-Jan-28
NANCE, Wm HODGE, Manda 1873-Sep-13
NANCE, Wm C LEDBETTER, Laura F 1860-Nov-30
NARAMEVA, T B KNIGHT, S W Miss 1899-Jun-20
NASH, Ezekial YATES, Abigail 1843-Apr-18
NASH, Harris CARTER, Leona J 1886-Dec-13
NASH, Henry SOMERVILLE, Fannie 1875-Feb-03
NASH, Isaac HALL, Temper 1871-Dec-13
NASH, Isham MANGRUM, Susan 1883-May-12
NASH, Jack HENRY, Lylla 1869-Jan-23
NASH, Jackson SPANN, Susan 1881-May-02
NASH, Jerry LEE, Evaline 1884-Dec-23
NASH, John NASH, Nancy Adaline 1834-Oct-27
NASH, John NASH, Nancy Adeline 1834-Oct-25
NASH, John C HOBBS, Louisa 1834-Jul-21
NASH, John C HOBBS, Louisa 1834-Jul-08
NASH, Joseph A SPEED, Florence 1893-Feb-06
NASH, Lewis CURRY, George Ann 1880-Aug-05
NASH, Mingo PRICE, Caroline 1895-Jan-04
NASH, R B WOOD, Carrie B 1894-Nov-05
NASH, Reuben SHORT, Elizabeth 1834-Jul-21
NASH, Reuben SHORT, Elizabeth A 1835-Jan-17
NASH, Reuben B HARRIS, Sidney F 1845-Dec-18
NASH, S M ELLIS, Lorinne 1885-Sep-19
NASH, Thomas STRAWBRIDGE, Susan 1881-Dec-28
NASH, William HOBBS, Mary 1834-Oct-28
NASH, William V HOBBS, Mary 1834-Oct-30
NASH, Willie CASLILE, Mary 1885-Oct-31
NASH, Wilson H HOWELL, Eliza 1848-May-18
NASON, T R WINSTON, Rosa 1892-Dec-26
NASON, Thomas R WINSTON, Jeanie 1888-May-02
NAVE, Abram WOOLDRIDGE, Mary 1875-Sep-01
NAWLS, Dock JONES, Loula 1889-Dec-28
NEAL, Albert TURNER, Esther 1880-Dec-30
NEAL, Bartie NABORS, Zella 1900-Feb-11
NEAL, Frank JOHNSON, Nanny 1876-Nov-02
NEAL, Joe HARRIS, Sarah 1877-Mar-22
NEAL, John CLIFFORD, Louella 1897-Sep-02
NEAL, John HILL, Fanney 1885-Jan-03
NEAL, John MOORE, Cally 1885-Dec-19
NEAL, John E MITCHELL, Mary 1898-Jan-29
NEAL, Munroe LEE, Eliza 1873-Feb-28
NEELEY, Wilson RATLEY, Rema 1871-Jul-18
NEHRIG, John A POWEL, Margaret E 1839-Jun-13
NEIGHBORS, Marion MOODY, Issabelle 1871-May-27
NEIL, Daniel JOHNSON, Jane 1873-Jan-30
NEIL, Ella LEE, James 1893-Oct-26
NEIL, Wm JOHNSON, Meliana 1889-Apr-11
NEILL, G F Col HUMPHRIES, Helen Adelia 1864-Jan-10
NEILL, John C MURPHY, Catharine 1833-Sep-11
NEILL, John C MURPHY, Catherine 1833-Sep-15
NEILL, Peter HILL, Sally 1882-Jul-14
NEILSON, Charles A CLIFFORD, Julia A 1853-May-19
NEILSON, David ALEXANDER, Adeline 1887-Dec-10
NEILSON, Edward R HENDRICK, Sarah B 1846-Apr-14
NEILSON, James SKIPWITH, Mattie 1898-Nov-16
NEILSON, James C BARRY, C E Mrs 1879-Dec-02
NEILSON, James C BARRY, Mary B 1866-Oct-24
NEILSON, Stephen GREENLEE, Sallie 1890-Dec-30
NEILSON, Toney STEPHENSON, Maria 1884-Dec-24
NEILSON, William W ABERT, Louisa P 1837-Jun-06
NEILSON, William W CLIFFORD, Harriet C 1853-Oct-27
NELSON, Adam WILLIAMS, Sarah 1888-Dec-07
NELSON, Dave ALEXANDER, Jennie 1891-Dec-22
NELSON, Dave JORDAN, Mary 1889-Jul-23
NELSON, Edmond JOHNSTON, Lizzie 1874-Jun-27
NELSON, Frank ALEXANDER, Mary 1897-Jan-12
NELSON, Frank BOOKER, Sarah 1885-Dec-22
NELSON, Frank HUGHES, Ida 1883-Jan-18
NELSON, George W WILLIAMS, Martha 1835-May-21
NELSON, George W WILLIAMS, Martha 1835-May-29
NELSON, Hartwell H KOLB, Mary A 1854-Jan-18
NELSON, Henry RICE, Margaret 1869-May-06
NELSON, Henry TAYLOR, Susan 1892-Mar-26
NELSON, Henry WASHINGTON, Francis 1874-Dec-23
NELSON, Ishman SHELLY, Annie 1870-Aug-12
NELSON, Jasper NELSON, Mandy 1877-Dec-24
NELSON, John WILLIS, Margie 1877-Nov-14
NELSON, Jonathan T HEARN, Mary 1836-Feb-04
NELSON, King FLORA, Evilin 1871-Jul-08
NELSON, King HESTOR, Fanny 1886-Oct-26
NELSON, Luddy JACKSON, Susan 1873-Sep-25
NELSON, Lymas DAVIS, Emiline 1870-May-28
NELSON, Mat HUGHES, Lucy Ann 1885-May-02
NELSON, Mead GOLDING, Lizzie 1882-Jul-15
NELSON, Robbie PERKINS, H E 1883-Aug-20
NELSON, Robert BOTTERS, Martha R 1852-Jan-08
NELSON, Ross WALLACE, Rena 1876-Dec-28
NELSON, Sampson MARCHBANKS, Elvira 1857-Jan-20
NELSON, Sanders CARTER, Annie 1201-Nov-10
NELSON, Taylor SHARP, Matilda 1857-Mar-13
NELSON, Tom HAWKINS, Pleasant 1883-Dec-27
NELSON, Walter GHOLSON, Louisa 1891-Jan-19
NELSON, William PETERSON, Sarah 1853-Nov-23
NESBIT, Ed STURDIVANT, Tennessee 1891-Jun-19
NETTLES, Frank HULLUM, Minnie 1879-May-01
NEVELLS, Sid LANG, Ellen 1884-Jan-22
NEVET, Frank PETTY, Fannie 1875-Oct-01
NEVID, Westly PETTY, Lucinda 1872-Jul-12
NEVILL, Sid OLIVER, Laura 1889-Jul-11
NEVILL, Sid THOMAS, Mariah 1896-Dec-12
NEVILLS, Gus WILKINS, Annia 1876-Mar-05
NEVITT, John GOLDING, Bell 1893-Nov-08
NEWBY, Allen HAYNIE, Lena 1885-Dec-17
NEWBY, W S WILLEFORD, Isabelle 1881-Oct-27
NEWLON, William H ALEXANDER, Lula 1867-Oct-02
NEWMAN, Beverley CLEMENS, Hattie 1896-Dec-11
NEWMAN, Stewart BROOKS, Hester 1895-Dec-24
NEWMAN, Sylvannis JONES, Sarah 1892-Dec-21
NEWRICK, Draton NEWRICK, Mary 1870-Oct-17
NEWTON, Ruffin EZELL, Carrie 1861-Jan-22
NEY, Morris BURTON, Byrinda 1887-Jun-16
NICHOLS, Augustus HONEA, Bettie 1890-Jul-21
NICHOLS, Cyrus BROWN, Patsie 1896-Jan-04
NICHOLS, Cyrus JONES, Mina 1889-Mar-23
NICHOLS, Eddie ROBERSON, Clara 1876-Jul-08
NICHOLS, Francis Z CUMMINGS, Elizabeth 1847-Sep-05
NICHOLS, G M WOOD, Mattie 1893-Dec-21
NICHOLS, Geo F SWANZY, Maggie 1893-May-20
NICHOLS, J R ENIS, Ada 1892-Jan-18
NICHOLS, John R HARRIS, Emily 1872-Apr-04
NICHOLS, Johnson BROWN, Alice 1894-Nov-16
NICHOLS, R B WARREN, Maggie 1889-Feb-21
NICHOLS, Robert F BOBO, Josephine 1865-Nov-14
NICHOLS, Wilson M DUNNING, Mary B 1867-Mar-26
NICHOLSON, Dock BROWN, Lucy 1891-Dec-09
NICHOLSON, Henry THOMPSON, Mariah 1891-Dec-09
NICKELS, R P HUGHES, Ila 1893-Dec-11
NICKELS, Vaden HOLLIS, Lelia 1201-Nov-29
NICKELS, W S BAILEY, Viola 1898-Dec-21
NICKLES, Henry LEE, Sue 1880-Mar-31
NICKLES, James ELLIS, Susie 1899-Jan-27
NICKLES, Nathaniel H LOFTIS, Helena 1856-Feb-14
NICKLES, Rufus MOORE, Mattie 1885-Jan-13
NICKLES, Silas JONES, Erther 1877-Jan-16
NICKLES, W A VANDIVER, Dessie 1891-Dec-23
NICKLES, William C WOOD, Sarah P 1858-Jul-25
NICKOLDS, Henry HAIRSTON, Sue 1893-Oct-21
NICKOLES, Joseph PORTER, Addelia 1887-Aug-10
NIXON, George SYKES, Lucy 1880-Oct-06
NOLAN, Isom HARRIS, Ella 1891-Dec-09
NOLAN, Kingston PERKINS, Sally 1886-Dec-24
NOLAND, Ed STEPHENSON, Willie 1896-Apr-04
NORMAN, John SHERROD, Fanny 1879-Feb-22
NORMAN, W W CAMERON, Nellie 1895-Nov-09
NORMAN, Wade RODGERS, Nancy 1900-Jan-06
NORMAN, Wm RICHARDSON, Mollie 1898-Jan-13
NORRIS, Ezekial M WILSON, Jane A 1838-Jun-13
NORRIS, George WILLIAMS, Mary E 1863-Apr-15
NORRIS, John EVANS, Dilsey 1871-Sep-30
NORRIS, Joseph DAVIS, Emily A 1838-Nov-15
NORRIS, Marion E CAMERON, Anna 1860-Jan-31
NORRIS, Sewell PARKER, Margaret E 1837-Dec-07
NORVALL, David W NORWOOD, Eliza Ann 1854-Oct-20
NORVELL, Peyton LEECH, Mary H 1886-Mar-03
NORWOOD, Henry G NORWOOD, Louisa 1858-Dec-22
NORWOOD, Richard DEAN, Cilla 1884-Feb-29
NORWOOD, Richard WALTHALL, Betty 1876-Dec-16
NORWOOD, Wm G EDNEY, Lucretia 1867-Apr-30
NUNLY, Dolph BREWER, Cora 1895-Jan-09
NUNN, Nathan EVANS, Silla 1886-Oct-07



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