Lowndes County Brides

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YARBOROUGH, Harriet HOPKINS, John 1848-Dec-07
YARETZKY, Esther DAVIS, Simon 1891-Jun-27
YATES, Abigail NASH, Ezekial 1843-Apr-18
YATES, Martha S WARD, Wm D 1843-Feb-07
YATES, Mary SMITH, Henderson 1889-Jun-08
YEAGER, Emily A F GREER, William F 1860-Oct-31
YEARBY, Adah TAYLOR, Will 1897-Feb-13
YEATMAN, Martha J TAYLOR, Francis M 1861-Apr-02
YELLOWLY, Virginia A LOCKE, William H 1855-Mar-07
YONGUE, Julia A RICE, Thomas G 1850-Dec-05
YORK, Bessie SHUMAKE, Garlie 1899-Dec-07
YORK, Eliza MORGAN, Dave 1895-Nov-23
YORK, Fannie ALLEN, Peter 1890-Mar-20
YORK, Ida PRICE, B F 1888-Sep-15
YORK, Jane JAMES, John 1878-Nov-02
YORK, Mary Eliza BARDWELL, Mat 1891-Oct-31
YORK, Matilda PARKAM, Hartwell 1874-Jul-09
YORK, Mattie RICE, Jim 1871-Jul-04
YOUNG, America MATHEWS, Joe 1871-Jan-14
YOUNG, Anah J HAMILTON, Alexander 1851-Apr-08
YOUNG, Anaky GATES, Edmond 1871-Jan-09
YOUNG, Anna FREEMAN, Hilliard 1875-Oct-28
YOUNG, Anna WADDELL, H M 1893-Jan-10
YOUNG, Clara GREEN, Lewis 1878-Jan-12
YOUNG, Delphia RUBEN, Robert 1871-Jun-09
YOUNG, Easter PATTON, John 1891-Jan-02
YOUNG, Eliza COX, John 1899-Nov-15
YOUNG, Eliza MALONE, Jeff 1890-Oct-20
YOUNG, Eliza MOSEBY, Wash 1891-Sep-17
YOUNG, Elizabeth F CLENDENING, John 1853-Jun-16
YOUNG, Ella W MCGAVOCK, Edwin J 1857-May-05
YOUNG, Emily WASHINGTON, Benj 1876-Dec-12
YOUNG, Emma BAILY, Lewis 1881-Apr-14
YOUNG, Emma WELLS, George 1886-Jan-22
YOUNG, Ersbin WHITE, John S 1892-Jun-08
YOUNG, Felia LEDBETTER, Ben 1896-Dec-22
YOUNG, Georgia LITTLEJOHN, R D 1882-Nov-21
YOUNG, Hanny MATHEWS, Gary 1871-Jan-12
YOUNG, Harriet ALEXANDER, Robert 1874-Nov-07
YOUNG, Harriet BARRY, Wiley 1872-Dec-30
YOUNG, Harriett SHORT, Wash 1894-Feb-24
YOUNG, Harrit ROBINSON, John 1869-Dec-24
YOUNG, Laura V WHITFIELD, Henry B 1858-May-05
YOUNG, Letty WILLIAMS, Joshua 1877-Dec-28
YOUNG, Lila LANIER, Wm 1888-Mar-24
YOUNG, Lilia YOUNG, Jack 1869-Dec-01
YOUNG, Lilla A SYKES, John H 1854-Feb-28
YOUNG, Louisa SYAS, John 1870-Aug-16
YOUNG, Louisa C WILLIAMS, Rufus E 1845-Dec-31
YOUNG, Lucinda HOLLIS, James H 1856-Sep-03
YOUNG, Lucy STOCKARD, C C 1882-Nov-28
YOUNG, Margaret E BURGESS, Anthony E V 1858-Aug-31
YOUNG, Mariah LIPSCOMB, Wm 1871-Jan-11
YOUNG, Mary JORDAN, John 1894-Dec-27
YOUNG, Mary TAYLOR, Nick 1891-Jan-22
YOUNG, Mary Ann BROOKS, Robert 1871-May-31
YOUNG, Mary C FLOYD, Jabez 1859-Feb-23
YOUNG, Mattie DICKINSON, Sidney 1880-Sep-25
YOUNG, Mollie CUMMINGS, Cephas 1894-Oct-18
YOUNG, Nancy HEAROW, John 1871-May-16
YOUNG, Nora HORTON, Hillyard 1881-Sep-02
YOUNG, Pasily MORTON, Sidney 1869-Dec-28
YOUNG, Polly HUMPHRIES, Samuel 1887-Dec-06
YOUNG, Rachael DAVIS, Freeman 1877-Sep-28
YOUNG, Rachael LEVESE, Thomas 1885-Feb-27
YOUNG, Rebecca THOMPSON, Solomon 1885-Feb-28
YOUNG, Rosa WEBSTER, Charles 1883-Feb-14
YOUNG, Rose DANCY, Collin 1877-Feb-06
YOUNG, Rosetta ISAAC, Sam 1878-Sep-06
YOUNG, Saidie BELL, Ernest 1899-Jun-13
YOUNG, Sally FLOYD, Peter 1879-Mar-04
YOUNG, Sally PEE, Austin 1898-Nov-01
YOUNG, Sarah MCCARTY, Joe 1870-Feb-05
YOUNG, Sarah B REYNOLDS, Robert O 1863-Sep-02
YOUNG, Sophia JOURDEN, Bob 1871-Dec-28
YOUNG, Sue A JOHNSON, Woodford A 1856-Feb-07
YOUNG, Tammy GORDAN, Jack 1874-Mar-07
YOUNG, Virginia HOPKINS, E R 1881-Nov-30
YOUNGBLOOD, Lucinda DUPREE, Jesse R 1847-Oct-24
YOUNGBLOOD, Marlinda SPRUILL, P A 1862-May-03
YOUNGBLOOD, Mary A KYLE, Wm L 1849-Jan-18
YOUNGBLOOD, N R Mrs DRAKE, J W 1885-Nov-10
YOUNGBLOOD, Viola WERT, B S 1881-Nov-09
YOUNGBLOOD, Willie BRIGHT, George 1890-Sep-18
ZACKS, Elizabeth HENRY, William 1869-Jan-01
ZORA, Eliza BATTLE, Frank 1884-Sep-03
ZORN, Dora M LOVE, Robert M 1889-Dec-23



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