Lowndes County Brides

U - V

UNDERWOOD, Lavinia SWILLEY, James J 1849-Oct-29
UNDERWOOD, Roda C MCCOWN, Francis A 1857-Jan-20
UPCHURCH, Ann MAY, Edmund 1884-Nov-08
UPCHURCH, Ann WILLIAMS, Redman 1889-Jun-03
UPCHURCH, Fannie ELLIS, Joe 1895-May-07
UPCHURCH, Lou SANDERS, Phil 1883-Mar-10
UPCHURCH, Martha WALLACE, Cornelius 1893-Dec-28
USSERY, Annie MAYFIELD, A M 1874-Oct-14
USSERY, Annis M RIGGAN, James W 1851-Nov-12
USSERY, Collie COLEMAN, Henry 1898-Dec-22
USSERY, Dollie LAWRENCE, S W 1893-Nov-15
USSERY, Emily C MCCOWN, George W 1844-Sep-12
USSERY, Emily C MCGOWN, George W 1844-Sep-12
USSERY, Francis HUNTER, Wm Jr 1895-Jul-27
USSERY, Kate WELLS, Ed 1894-Nov-27
USSERY, Katty WHITFIELD, Rufus 1870-Nov-24
USSERY, Martha EGGER, Andrew 1874-Dec-28
USSERY, Martha HUGHES, Marion 1869-May-11
USSERY, Martha WEBB, Ruffin 1856-Jul-02
USSERY, Martha Jane PERKINS, Peter B 1848-Feb-01
USSERY, Mary H WEST, James M 1856-Dec-02
USSERY, Nancy FOWLER, A J 1842-Apr-21
USSERY, Parley CAROTHERS, Wm C 1865-Nov-25
VAIL, Francis HATCH, George 1881-Aug-31
VAIL, Gertrude JACKSON, Arthur 1899-Apr-25
VAIL, Lee HATAWAY, Martin 1894-May-03
VAILIN, Emma HENDERSON, Lucius 1899-Jul-02
VAILS, F E Miss CONNER, C C 1883-Jul-04
VAILS, Lizzie BROWN, Willie 1897-Aug-11
VAILS, Mandy COOK, Mitt 1885-Dec-08
VALENTINE, Cyndy BUCKANAN, Luther 1879-Feb-27
VALENTINE, Fannie SMITH, Andrew 1893-Feb-16
VALES, Catherine MATTHEWS, Elijah 1878-Apr-13
VALES, Mattie HAMPTON, Ervin 1878-Jan-03
VANCE, Mandy GODBER, Lee 1877-Dec-01
VANCE, Sarah E H RAGSDALE, William 1835-Feb-10
VANCE, Sarah E H RAGSDALE, William 1835-Feb-09
VANDIVER, Dessie NICKLES, W A 1891-Dec-23
VANHOOK, Amie BARNES, L J 1876-Oct-02
VANHOOSE, Priscilla C SLOCUM, Manley L 1866-Aug-30
VARNER, Jane E BURGESS, Thomas 1846-Jan-08
VAUGHAN, Alice JONES, C H 1878-Oct-12
VAUGHAN, Amelia WETHERSPOON, French 1869-Nov-30
VAUGHAN, Arrena L HOOKER, William P 1838-Feb-22
VAUGHAN, Caroline EVANS, Henry 1876-Jun-21
VAUGHAN, Eliza THOMAS, James 1874-Jul-04
VAUGHAN, Ella MCCRARY, Ed 1881-May-11
VAUGHAN, Francis BOOKER, John 1879-Dec-18
VAUGHAN, Janie HODGES, Ernest 1895-Dec-31
VAUGHAN, Jenny BLEWETT, Jack 1887-Nov-02
VAUGHAN, Laura DORSEY, Joe 1882-Mar-25
VAUGHAN, Margaret G MITCHELL, Joseph S 1848-Aug-24
VAUGHAN, Mary R RAMSEY, John C 1841-Mar-04
VAUGHAN, Minnie VAUGHAN, S H 1885-Nov-11
VAUGHAN, Narcissa HARRIS, Henry 1879-Apr-29
VAUGHAN, Sallie RAMSEY, Henderson 1892-Dec-28
VAUGHAN, Sarah J WINSTON, Walter C 1857-Mar-30
VAUGHAN, Z F Mrs PERKINS, Y G 1879-Jan-29
VAUGHN, Anna HENRY, Mose 1889-Jan-24
VAUGHN, Barbary WADDLEA, George W -   -
VAUGHN, Bell SMALLWOOD, Wesley 1893-Jun-09
VAUGHN, Charlotte BARROW, Cullen 1843-Jun-22
VAUGHN, Clara B GAY, N B Jr 1895-Jun-26
VAUGHN, Ella JARRETT, Gardnes 1898-Jan-07
VAUGHN, Essie WEIR, George 1900-Feb-03
VAUGHN, Hannah HARGROVE, Charles 1870-Mar-03
VAUGHN, Harriett SYKES, David 1891-Jan-08
VAUGHN, Hattie HARRIS, James 1874-Nov-03
VAUGHN, Ida HENDRICKS, D C 1875-Jun-07
VAUGHN, Laura JOHNSTON, Jerry 1872-Feb-07
VAUGHN, Malinda MOORE, Edmond F 1837-Feb-16
VAUGHN, Mary BILLUPS, Sanders 1898-Feb-19
VAUGHN, Matilda HENDRICK, Dorsey 1891-Dec-05
VAUGHN, Mattie HARRIS, Anderson 1891-Apr-11
VAUGHN, Mattie MCKEE, Nelson 1898-Jun-03
VAUGHN, Mattie SEWELL, M Dr 1873-Sep-20
VAUGHN, Myrtis STINSON, C B 1880-Jan-20
VAUGHN, Nancy WILLIAMS, Prince 1877-Feb-24
VAUGHN, Ora DUNCAN, W C 1898-Jan-21
VAUGHN, Rebecca PHILLIPS, Woodly 1874-Mar-07
VAUGHN, Rebecca Ann PARHAM, Robert J 1865-Oct-14
VAUGHN, Sally HENRY, Adam 1881-Sep-07
VAUGHN, Silla HARRIS, Wm 1873-Feb-05
VAUGHN, Tennie LOFTES, R S 1898-Dec-30
VEAL, Patsy DENT, Wm 1883-Jan-16
VEGARS, Julia CARRINGTON, M M 1834-Feb-24
VEOLS, Ammie GARDNER, Alfred 1880-Jan-30
VERELL, Sarah A M WRIGHT, Alfred B 1839-Sep-10
VERNER, Fannie GLOVER, Henry 1888-May-05
VERNER, Katie GUTHRIE, J L 1894-Nov-08
VERNER, Laura ERVIN, Nash 1878-Feb-27
VERNER, Minnie BANKHEAD, T E 1886-Dec-18
VERNES, Liddy JORDAN, Bob 1874-Dec-09
VERNET, Louisa WIGGINS, Mitchell 1882-Jan-07
VERNON, Julia WHITE, Wm A 1865-Feb-15
VERNON, Sarah S PETERSON, Andrew J 1851-Dec-11
VICKERY, Anna JORDAN, H 1898-Jul-09
VICKS, Rosie SMITH, J H 1897-Aug-13
VIGUS, Julia CARRINGTON, M M 1834-Feb-24
VINCE, Abbe SPANN, London 1884-Jan-31
VINCE, Cola HARRIS, Emmet 1886-Jan-04
VINCE, Ella BELL, Robert 1877-Feb-24
VINCE, Ella LATHAM, Grant 1886-Jan-23
VINCE, Viola WILSON, Hector 1897-Jan-06
VINZAN, Malinda MAYO, Cyrus 1869-Sep-04
VIRGES, Lizzie WEBBER, Gabe 1873-Dec-20
VIRGIEL, Mell LAMBERT, Henry 1883-Dec-26
VIRGIN, Lou Mrs THOMPSON, Solomon 1870-Apr-23
VIRGIS, Lizzie CURTIS, John 1876-Dec-16
VIRGLE, Mollie PHILLIPS, Mat 1877-Jun-09
VIRGUS, Henrietta TAYLOR, Isaac 1895-Oct-05



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