Lowndes County Brides


OATES, Eliza TAYLOR, W L 1879-Jan-09
ODEN, Alice KIRK, Lewis 1875-Mar-09
ODEN, Anna K HOWARD, Luther 1878-Apr-09
ODEN, Elizabeth Nancy USSERY, Henry H 1856-Jun-05
ODEN, Harriett L J FRANCIS, John A 1861-Feb-28
ODEN, Milly C PORTER, John 1855-Aug-08
ODENEAL, Allison LOFTES, Ella 1881-Dec-22
ODENEAL, Ann Eliza FRANKS, Jack 1876-May-06
ODENEAL, Annia EDWARDS, Wm 1884-Feb-27
ODENEAL, Annie RANDLE, Seth 1876-Jan-05
ODENEAL, Becky SINK, John 1873-Jul-05
ODENEAL, Clarissa WILLIAMS, Wiley 1890-Jul-11
ODENEAL, Clorissa DAVIS, Anderson 1888-Jan-06
ODENEAL, Dora RAMSEY, Albert 1883-Dec-18
ODENEAL, Elizabeth RUSSELL, Elijah 1893-Aug-10
ODENEAL, Emma ODENEAL, Harris 1870-Apr-26
ODENEAL, Harriett SANDERFER, James 1894-Dec-15
ODENEAL, Jane A STURDIVANT, Charles G 1856-Nov-13
ODENEAL, Lucy Ann GLASS, John 1878-May-25
ODENEAL, Lucy Ann ROSS, John 1894-Mar-10
ODENEAL, Mannie ODENEAL, Joe B 1897-Jun-26
ODENEAL, Martha HILL, Constant 1880-Jan-24
ODENEAL, Mary HARRISON, Robert 1899-Dec-15
ODENEAL, Mary J HAIRSTON, Wiley 1890-Jul-10
ODENEAL, Nancy BARRY, Israel 1870-Sep-08
ODENEAL, Sally HARSTIN, Mayor 1869-Jan-01
ODENEAL, Sarah DILLARD, Isham Jr 1887-Dec-23
ODENEAL, Sarah SHERROD, Simon 1883-Feb-22
ODENEAL, Theo JONES, Norman C 1865-Jun-15
ODINEAL, Betsy ODINEAL, Taylor 1871-May-12
ODINEAL, Clanicy HOUSTON, Peter 1870-Apr-07
OLIVER, Cathrine EDWARDS, Prince 1877-Jan-09
OLIVER, Clara EASTER, Charley 1878-Apr-20
OLIVER, Eliza KIDD, Martin 1869-Oct-06
OLIVER, Harriet HENDRICKS, Ed 1898-Dec-21
OLIVER, Hattie WHITFIELD, Jeff 1884-Dec-06
OLIVER, Henrietta SHERMAN, James 1886-Apr-17
OLIVER, Laura NEVILL, Sid 1889-Jul-11
OLIVER, Lucy ADAMS, Lee 1871-Nov-02
OLIVER, Margaret FLOYD, Wm 1877-Jun-30
OLIVER, Mary WICKS, James 1889-Dec-31
OLIVER, Mary WINTHROP, Jake 1874-Jan-30
OLIVER, Nancy PRICE, Harrison 1893-Dec-19
OLIVER, Sarah Frances HOSKINS, Edmond B 1837-Sep-12
OLIVER, Susan JOHNSON, Allen 1877-Dec-17
OLIVER, Trenie WILLIAMS, Mack 1886-Mar-03
OLIVIN, Tishie DARNELL, Dabney 1872-Nov-29
OMALLEY, Mary E MULLIN, John A 1894-Oct-08
OMALLEY, Neppie LYLE, H C 1891-Apr-28
ONEAL, Rebie WILLIS, Euler 1892-Feb-29
OPPENHEIMER, Helen GOODMAN, Phillip 1887-Jul-19
ORMAND, Margaret BRADLIERS, Isaac 1833-Oct-31
ORR, Callie HAIRSTON, Essex 1891-Mar-07
ORR, Caroline SYKES, Ed 1893-Dec-15
ORR, Corinie HARRIS, Franklin 1881-Mar-23
ORR, Davy STURDIVANT, Cylla 1880-Jan-02
ORR, Dollie MORTON, Jim Alex 1890-Apr-19
ORR, Jane EILAND, Dolph 1201-Nov-23
ORR, Lizzie GATES, G T 1886-Jun-01
ORR, Martha DICKERSON, Johnnie 1899-Jan-07
ORR, Mary E MURRAH, B D 1890-Dec-22
ORR, Maud ROZZELLE, C C 1899-Nov-01
ORR, May SMITH, Gerchy 1895-Nov-08
ORR, Milly ANDERSON, Willard 1876-Jan-15
ORR, Sophia MOORE, Jerri 1886-Mar-30
ORR, Tiney MARTIN, Cyrus 1871-Dec-23
OSBORN, Ida SANDERSON, James 1877-Aug-01
OSBORN, Lucy A EDBETTER, Alexander Hamilton 8556-Jun-21
OSBORNE, Leona HOWARD, William H 1889-Aug-27
OSTEN, Martha A NANCE, Frank 1892-Dec-02
OSTEN, Sallie SHERROD, John 1892-Dec-23
OSTRANDER, Lillie HINES, Wm F 1886-Jul-13
OSWALT, Mattie SHIRLEY, Y J 1885-Apr-20
OTTLEY, Ellen G MCCABE, T M 1884-Feb-11
OTTLEY, Mary C JONES, Robert V 1890-Feb-13
OUKUS, Parthina GREEN, Sam 1893-Jul-26
OUSRMAN, Maria L BILLINGTON, John 1832-Nov-03
OUTLAW, Ann ALLGOOD, Bill 1871-Jan-04
OUTLAW, Charity WASHINGTON, George 1880-Mar-13
OVERTON, Lovica WILLETT, John 1837-Oct-07
OVESE, Chaney WILLIAM, Frank 1876-Oct-07
OWEN, Alma VINZEN, John 1898-Nov-14
OWEN, Annie WILSON, Richard 1879-Jan-08
OWEN, Dinah GORDON, Willis 1887-Dec-03
OWEN, Florence SCALES, Noah 1878-Dec-18
OWEN, Mariah HARGROVE, Henry 1889-Dec-23
OWEN, Mary F S BROWN, Stephen A 1851-Jan-08
OWEN, Sarah H MIXON, W M 1846-May-14
OWENS, Ann JACKSON, Howard 1879-Apr-07
OWENS, Anna INMAN, J B 1878-Aug-06
OWENS, Bell Dona WALDEN, W C 1888-Jul-19
OWENS, Callie MOODY, George 1884-Dec-03
OWENS, Clara TRIPLETT, John 1878-Dec-21
OWENS, Serena WHITFIELD, Wm 1877-Mar-02
OWING, Belle DAILY, Aaron 1887-Dec-20
OWING, Helen BROOKS, Abraham 1883-Mar-15
OWINGS, Mary SCOTT, George 1891-Dec-03



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