Lincoln County Grooms


TALBOT, Willie HOWELL, Alvia 1897-Nov-11
TARVER, David BLOND, Rutha 1906-Dec-06
TARVER, Gennie LUCAS, R F 1913-Apr-12
TARVER, J C KING, Bertha 1912-Nov-16
TARVER, Quitman JAMES, Mattie 1912-Dec-06
TARVER, Will POSEY, Juliette 1901-Nov-30
TARVER, William A BUFFE, Sallie 1900-May-05
TARVER, Willie HALL, Alice 1912-Nov-02
TATE, Homer DENNETT, Carrie Belle 1910-May-26
TAYLOR, J E WEV, Margaret 1911-Jan-04
TAYLOR, S J BURTON, Emma 1901-Dec-31
TAYLOR, William M GRAVES, Ella 1899-Dec-16
TEENISON, W C HEMINGWAY, Carrie 1907-Apr-29
TEMPLE, George L WILKINSON, Lillian 1908-Nov-11
TERRELL, Haney TEMPLES, Mollie 1906-Jun-21
TERRELL, J S ROBERTS, Josie 1905-Jan-20
TERRELL, J W ALBRITTON, Ella 1894-Dec-17
TERRELL, L D KING, H H 1893-Nov-22
TERRELL, M R HOWARD, W L 1899-Nov-18
TERRELL, W W NUNNERY, Mamie 1905-May-13
TERRY, Malcolm A TERRY, Fruza M 1894-Mar-14
THAMES, Estus NETHERLANDS, Ophelia 1902-Oct-10
THAMES, Gus BRISTER, Florence 1911-Nov-29
THAMES, Homer NETHERLANDS, Delia 1902-Dec-22
THAMES, Louie KYZAR, Janie 1913-Jun-28
THAMES, Pink COON, Annie 1896-Dec-30
THEADFORD, Preston Z KELLY, Ivy I 1907-Dec-24
THOMAS, Ellzey RATCLIFF, Nancy 1903-Sep-04
THOMAS, Ernest GIBSON, Norabelle 1909-Jan-19
THOMAS, John A GREER, Sophia 1908-Oct-22
THOMAS, John R RUSHING, Lula 1899-Feb-
THOMAS, Joseph F WOMACK, Mary Lee 1910-Oct-08
THOMAS, Phontellus REEVES, Era 1913-Jul-09
THOMAS, Troy GIBSON, Julia 1909-Feb-18
THOMAS, William E RIALS, Edna 1895-Mar-18
THOMMOUS, Rufus J WOODALL, Minnie 1903-Jan-12
THOMPSON, A L MAGEE, Ella 1900-Oct-17
THOMPSON, Berry RICHEY, Giller 1895-Dec-11
THOMPSON, Billie BOYD, Beulah 1902-Jan-03
THOMPSON, Eddie RITCHIE, Lovie 1909-Sep-18
THOMPSON, F R BRISTER, Gertrude 1899-Aug-23
THOMPSON, Fred TILLMAN, Bettie 1910-Jul-26
THOMPSON, Houston DUNN, Kate 1902-Oct-04
THOMPSON, J Harvey SHERMAN, Edith S 1901-Jun-06
THOMPSON, J L HOLLINS, Florence 1901-   -
THOMPSON, James HARDY, Monita 1904-Mar-20
THOMPSON, John COOPER, M A 1910-Feb-04
THOMPSON, John L MCGRAW, Olivia 1898-May-27
THOMPSON, W I HERRING, Laura 1913-Jul-03
THORNBURG, Benton LAZARUS, S J 1901-Jan-26
THORNHILL, Bob RYALS, Mattie 1909-Nov-17
THORNHILL, Edgar BRISTER, Carrie 1909-Dec-24
THORNHILL, Joe BROWN, Ara 1909-Dec-28
THORNHILL, Melton ROBERTS, L Nora 1895-Jul-06
THORNHILL, Willie EVANS, Sarah 1905-   -
THORNTON, C N BEATHAM, Jennie 1895-Dec-25
THORNTON, Tom FARREL, Myrtle 1910-Mar-25
THORNTON, W J LOWE, Annie 1905-Nov-24
THORSON, Oscar H ANDREWS, Hazel E 1907-Dec-07
THURMAN, Allen DOUGLASS, Katie 1912-Jan-17
THURMAN, Curtis HUTSON, Minnie 1913-Apr-23
TIBBS, H A RIALS, Sarah Margaret 1905-Dec-28
TILLMAN, A M TRIMBLE, Ella 1900-Dec-10
TODD, Hilton M CLEMENT, Tyna 1896-Apr-24
TOLBERT, Ben JOLLY, Lela 1909-Jun-22
TOLER, Thomas Ardry ADAMS, Lucy Leroy 1905-Sep-26
TOWNSEND, Albert O HERRING, Anna 1904-May-04
TOWNSEND, Alexander BRISTER, Lizzie 1904-Jul-25
TOWNSEND, Houston H THOMPSON, Mattie N 1912-Sep-02
TOWNSEND, L E ROBERSON, Eula 1901-Feb-28
TOWNSEND, W A BRISTER, Almedia 1895-Sep-23
TRAVIS, W J WILSON, Ella 1896-Mar-17
TRAVIS, William Walter SMITH, Bertie 1911-Dec-26
TRIMBLE, O C CAMPBELL, Dora 1896-Nov-07
TRIPLETT, F M PENN, Lenora 1909-Dec-15
TROTTER, Lewis BREWER, Courtney 1897-Aug-24
TROTTER, W H JOHNSON, Rena 1901-Jan-02
TUCKER, Claude DEES, Hazel 1913-Jan-17
TUCKER, J T BEAVERS, Nannie 1912-Mar-23
TUCKER, Minnie RAWLS, Bennett 1909-Nov-09
TULLIS, M NEWELL, D E 1894-Jun-13
TULLOS, S A JORDAN, R F 1902-Jul-05
TULLOS, Thomas HULLON, Lizzie 1897-Aug-31
TURNBOUGH, George W NICHOLSON, Pearl 1900-Dec-09
TURNBOUGH, W F PITTS, Rosa 1912-Jun-29
TURNER, F ISADORE, Mary 1904-Nov-15
TURNER, Graves EAST, Anna 1908-Nov-02
TURNER, William SMITH, Lelia 1912-Oct-11
TYLER, C A GREER, Frank 1894-Aug-10
TYLER, Chancy E WHITE, Sybel 1907-Apr-16
TYLER, Chaney E WHITE, Sybil 1908-Apr-16
TYLER, James C SULLIVAN, Beulah 1899-Dec-25
TYLER, Luther L CONNALY, Florence P 1895-Jul-30
TYSON, Millard BOYTE, Feanie 1903-Apr-04
TYSON, Walter HULLENS, Ada 1898-Dec-22



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