Lincoln County Grooms


RABORN, Martin L WEST, Lily 1909-Mar-31
RADNEY, D A PHILLIPS, Lizzie 1910-Apr-12
RAGLAND, Robert F TANNER, Sarah A 1905-Dec-17
RAIBORN, I E KYSAR, Rachel 1911-Jan-25
RAINES, W G Jr HOSKINS, Bessie 1897-Jun-17
RAINWATER, Tommie CAMPBELLE, Lizzie 1905-Jan-14
RAINWATER, W R ARNOLD, Mary 1904-Feb-17
RAMSEY, R V PITTS, Mary 1900-Dec-24
RAMY, Maroon NOMAN, Mary 1909-Jun-09
RANKIN, Edward O MOORE, Mollie L 1912-Mar-02
RASCH, Samuel SIMON, Jennie 1894-Jan-24
RATCLIFF, A J CALCOTE, Myrtis 1912-Oct-19
RATCLIFF, Albert G DUNCAN, Emma 1913-Nov-01
RATCLIFF, Allen SMITH, Pearlie 1904-Dec-25
RATCLIFF, Charlie B SMITH, Mary 1901-Dec-21
RATCLIFF, D L SUMMERS, Dora 1911-Sep-16
RATCLIFF, Daton RUSHING, Effie 1906-May-28
RATCLIFF, Frank SMITH, Mary 1907-Oct-23
RATCLIFF, G W SMITH, Effie 1902-Sep-24
RATCLIFF, Hugh CASE, Melvina 1901-Jan-22
RATCLIFF, J Benjamine COKE, Virgie 1903-Apr-25
RATCLIFF, J Richard SMITH, Ida 1909-May-01
RATCLIFF, John B PATTON, Emma 1898-Jul-06
RATCLIFF, John R SMITH, Lula 1901-Jan-07
RATCLIFF, Marion V CHISHOLM, Olla 1897-Dec-24
RATCLIFF, Rufus R FALVEY, Emma 1909-Dec-07
RATCLIFF, Sidney RATCLIFF, Sarah Ann 1909-Apr-07
RATCLIFF, W S REED, Cora 1907-May-31
RATCLIFF, Willie WATTS, Jennie 1901-Oct-14
RAULINS, John S BESONETT, Effie J 1905-Dec-23
RAWLS, Bennett TUCKER, Minnie 1909-Nov-09
RAWLS, Cecero HODGES, Ivanorah 1900-Jan-08
RAWLS, D James HERRING, Bem 1903-Dec-05
RAWLS, G T WILLIAMS, Etta 1906-Dec-24
RAWLS, J B MOAK, Ida 1910-Nov-03
RAWLS, Marshal MCGUFFEE, Bertie 1909-Feb-19
RAWLS, Owen MOAK, Carrie 1912-Jul-11
RAWLS, Rufus MAY, Mable 1906-Sep-03
RAWLS, W J NEVELS, Arsula 1893-Dec-16
RAYBORN, H M HART, Sophia 1897-Oct-09
REA, W O ALLEN, V A 1903-Apr-30
READY, C B SPANGLER, Lola 1899-Dec-22
READY, J W SCRUGGS, Lula 1906-Apr-02
REAVIS, John W MCCLELLAND, Georgia 1910-Feb-18
RED, D J WEST, Birdie 1900-Nov-12
RED, Darrell HILTON, Louisa 1896-Dec-21
RED, E E SMITH, Eula 1903-Dec-10
RED, Ira DIXON, Rutha 1898-Dec-22
RED, James O WOOTEN, Hattie 1905-Dec-18
RED, Levi MONTGOMERY, Mary B 1909-Jan-12
RED, Walter BRUCE, Ida 1904-Mar-04
REDMOND, M D WILLIAMS, Barbara 1911-Aug-21
REED, A C LILLY, W A 1895-Jan-26
REED, H H EDDINS, Omelia 1901-Aug-30
REED, Hw CASE, Vina 1894-Dec-14
REED, I S BUIE, Lillie 1895-Jun-26
REED, J J FURR, Carrie 1900-Dec-15
REED, J J SMITH, Neva 1908-Feb-15
REED, J W JOHNSON, Thobiaus 1899-Dec-22
REED, J W MCGRAW, Mary 1896-Apr-22
REED, James EVANS, Mary 1900-Jul-14
REED, Onis C OLIVER, Jessie 1909-Nov-09
REEVES, Dudley TURNER, Icaline 1910-Jan-01
REEVES, E J SUMMERS, F W 1899-Jan-10
REEVES, Ernest CLARK, Myrtle 1908-Jan-15
REEVES, Ernest REEVES, Myrtle 1908-Jan-16
REEVES, Fannie LAWRENCE, J S 1901-Jan-28
REEVES, Floyd E WILLIAMS, Josephine 1903-Jan-26
REEVES, Joseph D WRIGHT, Mary L 1898-Apr-01
REEVES, Luther DICKERSON, Maggie 1907-Mar-16
REEVES, Luther WOODALL, Etta 1905-May-02
REEVES, R L LARD, Mattie 1901-Feb-11
REEVES, Samuel J HERRINGTON, Pollie 1895-Mar-04
REEVES, T A HUCKABY, D J 1895-Nov-19
REEVES, T W ANDREWS, Alice 1900-May-04
REEVES, V W WOOLEY, Jennie Belle 1894-Dec-22
REEVES, W B DICKERSON, Mary M 1897-Jan-05
REEVES, W Maurice HOWARD, Mary Eulice 1911-Dec-30
REEVES, W T H MOAK, Louise 1905-Jan-06
REEVES, Webster WILLIAMS, Mary 1909-Mar-03
REID, J H COKER, Ella 1896-Nov-03
REW, R G BUIE, Prential 1904-Jun-25
RHODES, G S NEWSOM, Mattie 1901-May-18
RHODES, U M CALCOTE, L E 1896-Oct-19
RHODES, Wm CURRIE, Lillie Virgie 1903-Apr-24
RHYMES, Willard J MCGEHEE, Elmo 1913-Nov-22
RIALS, F S LAMBERT, Ellen 1898-Apr-11
RIALS, Lee DELAUGHTER, Susie 1910-Sep-17
RIALS, Lee RUSHING, Ollie 1909-Dec-04
RIALS, Thomas F HALL, Elia 1893-Dec-27
RICE, F M LEA, Emma 1901-Jan-26
RICHARDSON, Cardel GATES, Anse 1907-Apr-04
RICHARDSON, Jackson BRISTER, Sarah 1895-Jan-23
RICHARDSON, Jefferson WALKER, Laurinda 1898-Mar-08
RICHARDSON, John MARTIN, Hattie 1910-Jul-06
RICHARDSON, Melton MCCAFFREY, Rebecca 1902-Sep-29
RICHARDSON, Pinkney WHITTINGTON, Maggie 1899-Jan-14
RICHARDSON, Prince BOWLIN, Lizzie 1897-Jan-16
RICHARDSON, W A GWINN, Viola 1898-Jun-20
RICKERT, Frank Welham CARNAHAN, Hazel K 1910-Aug-02
RIPPY, I Z MORGAN, Sallie 1898-Oct-17
RISHER, James COVINGTON, Anna 1906-Mar-23
RITCHEY, J W JORDAN, Sallie 1897-Mar-15
RITCHEY, John O MOORE, Viola 1899-Mar-16
RITCHEY, Melvin LAWRENCE, Docia 1898-Feb-02
RITCHIE, J D BEACHAM, Mary 1910-Mar-24
RITCHIE, John O BURNS, Minnie 1902-Jan-22
RITCHIE, Robert MOAK, Lena 1910-Jul-02
RITCHIE, Sam HEMPHILL, Ida Belle 1907-Jan-03
ROBBINS, Harman FOSTER, Mattie 1907-Jan-02
ROBERSON, Esrael MORRIS, Belver 1906-Nov-09
ROBERT, Dunn J MCCLELLAND, Mattie 1909-Dec-19
ROBERTS, A B LEWIS, Lucy U 1902-Mar-24
ROBERTS, Albert ROBERTS, Mary 1903-Dec-28
ROBERTS, C V REEVES, Lena 1907-Dec-21
ROBERTS, Frank JACKSON, Fannie 1912-Oct-02
ROBERTS, G W DICKERSON, Lillian 1904-Feb-12
ROBERTS, Hardy STEWART, Mary 1905-Oct-25
ROBERTS, J C WILSON, Halie 1907-Aug-03
ROBERTS, J F STRINGER, Emma 1909-Dec-20
ROBERTS, J H BIGNER, Mary 1906-Jun-28
ROBERTS, John BAILEY, Julia 1909-Mar-01
ROBERTS, L M MOAK, R M 1898-May-18
ROBERTS, Perry MILLER, Winnie 1912-Oct-26
ROBERTS, W C JOHNSTON, Lou 1908-Feb-12
ROBERTS, W L VAN, Mary 1898-Mar-10
ROBERTS, W S CLARK, Jessie Lee 1907-Jan-05
ROBERTS, W W JOHNSON, Julie Belle 1907-Sep-03
ROBERTS, Wade JOHNSTON, Nannie 1903-Jul-02
ROBERTS, Walter HODGES, Quilla Dell 1909-Dec-04
ROBERTS, William BEAVERS, Docia 1908-Nov-07
ROBERTS, William BEAVERS, Dora 1901-Dec-04
ROBERTS, Williams DEES, Winnie 1911-Feb-02
ROBERTS, Willis MARTIN, Maude 1910-Jul-02
ROBERTS, Wilson BAILEY, Ara 1907-Dec-23
ROBERTS, Zone ALLUD, P J 1911-Jan-29
ROBERTSON, R A RUTLAND, Olivia 1911-Jun-30
ROBISON, A E HODGES, Nettie 1909-Jan-26
ROBY, James A KING, Aylene 1911-Feb-11
ROBY, W O KING, Carrie 1908-Sep-12
ROGERS, James Holmes MCFADDEN, Ardron Eleanor 1902-Jun-25
ROGERS, John BREWER, Ethel 1898-Jan-31
ROLLINS, Jerry KYZAR, Ella 1913-Nov-12
ROLLINS, Sam ADAMS, Edna 1910-Oct-05
ROSS, M S WHITE, Celia 1906-Apr-14
ROSS, Marcus L OLIVER, Mary F 1905-Dec-23
ROSS, Oscar C MCINNIS, Mamie 1897-Apr-30
ROSS, William Carl REILEY, Mary Lea 1910-Oct-15
ROUSE, E C HUGHES, B E 1912-Sep-17
RULTER, W S BUCHANNAN, Eva Elizabeth 1913-Nov-18
RUSHIGN, J E SMITH, Della 1905-Sep-02
RUSHING, Alva RUSHING, Rina 1904-Dec-09
RUSHING, B Z RUSHING, Georgia 1903-Feb-23
RUSHING, B Z SMITH, Partheny 1900-Dec-21
RUSHING, Berrell MARTIN, Mary 1899-Dec-21
RUSHING, D M CHATMAN, Leona 1910-Jun-22
RUSHING, E F ARNOLD, Mary 1906-Mar-06
RUSHING, Hiram LOFTIN, Dora 1895-Dec-10
RUSHING, I A ALLRED, L 1894-Dec-06
RUSHING, Ira SMITH, Lucy 1911-Jan-07
RUSHING, J J HAMILTON, Sarah Ann 1901-Aug-17
RUSHING, J W RUSHING, Ella 1901-Jan-05
RUSHING, Jack SMITH, Eula 1905-Mar-30
RUSHING, James S RUSHING, Lizzie Adeline 1905-Dec-29
RUSHING, L C ALLRED, Leckie 1908-Dec-23
RUSHING, Pink BUETT, Frances 1910-Feb-04
RUSHING, T J DIXON, C L 1901-Feb-19
RUSHING, T J DIXON, Cora L 1900-   -
RUSHING, T J GRICE, Fannie 1905-Jan-11
RUSHING, T J WINBORN, Minnie 1893-Dec-22
RUSSELL, A E SMITH, Susie 1907-Dec-21
RUSSELL, Alphonse MAXWELL, Amclia 1895-Oct-08
RUSSELL, Bass NEAL, Elizabeth 1906-Apr-17
RUSSELL, E E WHITE, Susie 1905-Dec-19
RUSSELL, John FREEMAN, Lucy 1912-Jun-28
RUSSELL, T R LEWIS, Lucy 1896-Oct-21
RUTLAND, G W GREER, Lizzie 1899-Jun-20
RUTLAND, J A HUTSON, Susie 1894-Oct-24
RUTLAND, John LEA, Mary 1913-Dec-20
RUTLAND, W D PORTER, Amanda 1899-Jul-05
RUTLAND, Wesley CONN, Anna 1907-May-04
RUTLAND, Willie J BOYD, Florence 1906-Jan-19
RUTLEDGE, George MCTAGGART, Vannie 1903-Sep-03
RUTLEDGE, Thomas J ULMER, Mary 1906-Mar-13
RYALS, John CAVES, Elizabeth 1912-Jun-01
RYALS, Sam GOWENS, Edna 1912-Aug-07



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