Lincoln County Grooms

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PARKER, Robert READY, Olivia 1902-Feb-08
PARKER, Urithon EDLER, E J 1903-Sep-24
PARKMAN, Lawrence SULLIVAN, Laura 1903-Oct-29
PARKMAN, N H WHITE, Naomi 1897-Nov-11
PARNELL, E L BREEDEN, Annie 1899-Apr-15
PARNELL, Z B SMITH, Winnie B 1907-Apr-13
PARSON, E L WRAY, Belle 1898-Mar-02
PARSONS, A S BULLOCK, Ada Estelle 1905-Jan-02
PARSONS, Frank F SMITY, Cleopatra 1904-Aug-02
PARSONS, James R LOFTON, Eunice 1912-Oct-15
PARSONS, T G DICKEY, I C 1893-Dec-21
PATTERSON, Samuel RICHARDSON, Isabelle 1907-Apr-20
PAXTON, Leo D BEALL, Euna 1906-Apr-15
PEASE, Wiley L SMITH, Jessiem 1898-Mar-09
PEAVY, Bias PEAVEY, Mittie 1910-Aug-27
PEAVY, John BOUTIN, Irene 1894-Jul-07
PEETS, G W GODBOLT, Janie 1898-Mar-05
PEEVEY, Daniel CARR, Josie 1902-Aug-20
PEEVEY, Frank HUTCHINSON, Nannie 1910-Apr-21
PEEVEY, Willie GLOVER, Minnie 1900-Oct-17
PEEVEY, Wylie BEESON, Ella 1912-Dec-28
PEGRAM, A L WOOD, Susan V B 1900-Jul-11
PELS, Herman WILLIAMSON, Janie 1897-Apr-17
PENN, C E BAYLESS, Ruth L 1912-Nov-27
PENN, Gordon ALLEN, Lelia 1901-Feb-14
PENNINGTON, Bob NEWSOM, Brilla 1906-Aug-28
PENNINGTON, Wesley MARTIN, Sebbie 1909-Nov-30
PEPPER, Clarence FOX, Willie 1901-May-11
PEPPER, E K KING, L A 1895-Dec-05
PEPPER, R C CRAWFORD, Mada 1903-Oct-25
PEPPER, S A RATCLIFF, Nora 1904-Feb-16
PEPPER, Thomas L TRAVEN, Mary 1896-Oct-10
PEPPER, Virgil BUTLER, Etta 1899-Jan-28
PERCY, Robert MAGEE, Lottie 1900-Dec-15
PERKINS, B D MILLER, Ida 1902-Jun-26
PERKINS, Charles PLANCHARD, Josephine A 1898-Jan-28
PERRITT, N D WINDON, N V 1897-Aug-13
PETERSON, Allen BRUCE, Mattie 1909-Jul-10
PETERSON, Peter NIELSON, Ellen 1907-Nov-02
PETTS, J S WELLS, Mattie 1907-Oct-01
PFRANGLE, Ralph MILLER, Willie 1908-Nov-30
PHILLIPS, Arthur LAWRENCE, Georgia 1910-Jan-04
PHILLIPS, Charles WATTS, Bertha 1907-Jan-10
PHILLIPS, Eugene WACTOR, Lizzie 1902-Aug-13
PHILLIPS, Havid BEARD, Frances 1905-Apr-03
PHILLIPS, Havid MATHIS, Myra 1900-Apr-27
PHILLIPS, J J BECKER, Aileen 1898-Oct-07
PHILLIPS, Jim MILLER, Martha 1909-Jan-27
PHILLIPS, John M WOOLEY, Sophia E 1898-Mar-12
PHILLIPS, R L STERLING, Sarah 1909-Oct-27
PHILLIPS, Robert L REDD, Bertha 1913-Jan-15
PHILLIPS, S H POSEY, Belle 1909-Dec-28
PIAZZA, J F CHANDLER, Pearl 1912-Apr-20
PICKETT, Clifton RAIFORD, Carrie 1904-Dec-21
PICKINS, William Walker POWELL, Georgia L 1902-Oct-25
PIERCE, A J DOUGLAS, Etta 1904-Feb-23
PIERCE, H E VARNADO, Anna 1903-Dec-17
PIRTLE, John PIERSON, Sallie Mrs 1908-Mar-19
PITTMAN, Duncan JONES, Mollie 1902-Aug-04
PITTS, Aleck JORDAN, Annie 1900-Feb-18
PITTS, R Frank ROLLINS, Maudie A 1912-Jun-05
PLANCHARD, R W GRAVES, Junie M 1913-Feb-12
PLANTZ, Parker SMITH, Josephine 1909-Jul-09
POLK, Ted MAXWELL, Jennie 1903-Nov-02
POLLARD, Chancery JONES, Emma 1909-Jul-07
PORTER, D S MOAK, F U 1903-Sep-07
PORTER, J E JOHNSON, Myra 1899-Apr-03
PORTER, T J DICKSON, T K 1893-Dec-08
PORTER, Thomas E LOFTIN, Emma 1899-Dec-18
PORTER, William Carey GIVINS, Hattie Ellenora 1911-Oct-14
PORTR, William W RATCLIFF, Josephine O 1905-Jan-24
POSEY, Cephus SMITH, Melissa 1912-Aug-28
POSEY, Emanuel FRANKLIN, Lillie 1899-Dec-30
POSEY, Harvey T NATIONS, Perlie D 1913-Apr-20
POSEY, Ira SMITH, Georgia 1905-Jan-10
POSEY, Joseph SMITH, Lela 1911-Nov-13
POSEY, Naoma WILLIAMSON, Addie 1898-Feb-02
POSEY, Nolie SMITH, Katie 1903-Dec-11
POSEY, R A CHISHOLM, Manda 1906-Aug-21
PRESTRIDGE, Anderson REEVES, Lizzie 1901-Aug-16
PRESTRIDGE, Charlie AUBURN, Lorena 1913-Jan-08
PRESTRIDGE, Ford WHITTINGTON, Bernice 1908-Dec-14
PRESTRIDGE, John RAWLS, Mary 1908-Apr-13
PRESTRIDGE, Sam CLARK, Vashti 1899-Feb-25
PRESTRIDGE, Sam ROBERTS, Annie 1904-Dec-02
PRESTRIDGE, T W SUMMERS, Virgie 1913-Jan-18
PRESTRIDGE, W A BRADHAM, Lendora 1904-Sep-17
PRESTRIDGE, W A BROWN, Owillie Delle 1907-Dec-09
PREWETT, R R CAIN, Alice C 1908-Oct-09
PRICE, Amozon GREEN, Charlie 1906-Apr-26
PRICE, B A PRICE, Lula 1899-Jan-17
PRICE, B C COLE, Narcis 1897-Dec-14
PRICE, C D GORDAN, Nellie 1906-Jul-15
PRICE, E J BRUMFIELD, Laura 1906-Dec-29
PRICE, Felix Marcus GARDNER, Cattys 1908-Dec-02
PRICE, Henry CARLISLE, Allie 1905-Jul-11
PRICE, Hosea B COLE, Della 1910-Dec-14
PRICE, Isaac ROBINSON, Mamie E 1905-Jan-07
PRICE, J F LAWRENCE, Fannie 1909-Oct-23
PRICE, J P EMBRY, J N 1895-Jan-15
PRICE, James Thomas GIVINS, Ellen 1907-Jun-21
PRICE, Jessie D BUFKIN, Annie M 1900-May-16
PRICE, John MILLER, Almeta 1909-Apr-17
PRICE, John Edward PRICE, Leona 1910-Aug-10
PRICE, John Edward ROBERTS, Lydia 1906-Jan-10
PRICE, Joseph L PRESTRIDGE, Ida 1913-Apr-26
PRICE, Lee TOLBERT, Era 1910-May-07
PRICE, Murphy BOYT, Clara 1908-Nov-25
PRICE, Rufus RAIFORD, Lizzie 1904-Dec-21
PRICE, Thomas CHISHOLM, Mary 1906-Dec-06
PRICE, Thomas WILLARD, Celestine 1896-Feb-03
PRICE, Walter LAMBERT, Rilla 1905-Sep-27
PRICE, Walter L BENNETT, Emma 1905-Jun-08
PRICE, Will T PRESTRIDGE, Mollie 1901-Dec-21
PRICE, Zeb ROBERTS, Dellie 1911-Nov-18
PRINE, Edgar MCDAVID, Emma 1911-May-28
PRINE, Lon KYZAR, Emma 1911-Jan-16
PRITCHARD, T W VARNADO, Myrtis 1912-Sep-08
QUINN, J J MAGEE, G D 1900-Feb-02
QUINN, James A BAILEY, Hattie 1901-Dec-20
QUINN, Richard CHISHOLM, Carrie 1901-Oct-15



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