Lincoln County Grooms

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NALTY, William H MCGRATH, Ellen Isabelle 1911-Jan-11
NATIONS, A CAMPBELLE, Martha 1900-Sep-11
NATIONS, A F STRANGE, Emily 1896-Nov-07
NATIONS, Bill MAY, Hattie 1911-Apr-07
NATIONS, F M SMITH, Bobbye 1905-Sep-05
NATIONS, F M STRINGER, Callona 1897-Jan-13
NATIONS, J C BUSBY, Phebe Ann 1894-Dec-13
NATIONS, J C GIBSON, Georgia 1904-Apr-09
NATIONS, J H REDDY, Abby 1896-Jan-08
NATIONS, John WOODALL, Ida 1897-Jul-27
NATIONS, Luther C KEES, Arlo 1904-Jul-16
NATIONS, Martin A GREEN, Ella 1893-Dec-21
NATIONS, Monroe WHITEHEAD, Oma 1904-Dec-31
NATIONS, W A WILLARD, Annie 1904-Dec-10
NATIONS, William HELLOWCHECK, Nettie 1898-Dec-03
NEAL, D L BOYTE, Mattie 1896-Sep-23
NEAL, L M DELAUGHTER, Annie 1894-Jul-11
NELSON, William R MCDAVID, Gertrude 1912-Feb-19
NETHERLAND, John DELAUGHTER, Lizzie 1909-Dec-30
NETHERLAND, Samuel CRANE, Amelia 1900-May-24
NETHERLANDS, Homer CARR, Viola 1903-Sep-16
NETTLES, Derrell BRITT, Alice 1910-Dec-27
NETTLES, E J ALDERMAN, Lizzie 1911-Jan-31
NETTLES, Elan RATCLIFF, Abigil 1899-Sep-16
NETTLES, J S MCFARLAND, Dora 1895-Jun-19
NETTLES, James R RATCLIFF, Mittie D 1905-Aug-08
NETTLES, Lawrence JORDAN, Emma 1900-Sep-29
NETTLES, S N WILSON, Jerome B 1906-Jan-12
NEVELS, M M ANDING, Mary N 1893-Nov-28
NEWELL, B E FOSTER, Etta 1913-Dec-01
NEWELL, D E TULLIS, M 1894-Jun-13
NEWELL, J E BRITT, Clara 1902-May-10
NEWELL, Luther BRITT, Susan 1908-Oct-20
NEWELL, Organ GRIFFIN, Ollie 1912-Apr-24
NEWELL, Ras FOSTER, Nannie 1903-Jan-24
NEWELL, Scherck FALVEY, Lena 1905-Jun-08
NEWELL, Sherck NEWELL, Hallie 1912-Nov-05
NEWELL, T N BRITT, Nettie 1898-Sep-14
NEWELL, William NEWELL, Martha 1901-Aug-20
NEWMAN, Earl SMITH, Bobbie 1906-Dec-15
NEWMAN, J C PRINE, Minnie Belle 1907-Jan-15
NEWMAN, J P HIGDON, Clara L 1905-Jul-15
NEWMAN, S B KYZAR, Amanda Belle 1903-Nov-11
NEWMAN, Willie MAGEE, H E 1901-Nov-13
NEWMAN, Willie Homer GRAY, Carrie Anne 1911-Dec-14
NEWSOM, Prentiss E CRANE, Ellen 1908-Nov-14
NEWTON, Albert STORMS, Belle 1903-Sep-18
NEWTON, Charlie Jr FURR, Maudie 1903-Jan-19
NEWTON, D A JORDAN, Mattie 1896-Jun-21
NEWTON, Elias ALLGOOD, Ruth 1910-Jul-02
NEWTON, Henry DAVIS, Katie 1895-Dec-23
NEWTON, John T UNDERWOOD, Maude 1911-Jan-14
NICHOLSON, J E MAY, Lula 1897-Mar-17
NIXON, Wesley J DAUGHTRY, Jyne W 1899-Dec-25
NOBLES, Lewis F WOOLEY, Mary E 1899-Oct-14
NORDAN, Earnest HERRING, Mollie 1906-Dec-20
NORDAN, Floyd DAVIS, Florence 1902-Dec-20
NORDAN, J P HOWES, Belle 1911-Jul-01
NORDAR, C T PATRICK, Myrtis 1909-Mar-18
NORRIS, William CASTILAW, Nora 1901-Apr-13
NORTHERN, E D WALLIS, Nora 1893-Dec-21
NORTHERN, Jack FULLER, Luella 1907-Oct-25
NORTON, A J STANLEY, Fannie E 1901-Sep-18
NORTON, O W JONES, Nola E 1899-Oct-23
NORTON, W J JOHNSON, Nannie 1900-Nov-07
NORTON, W R SMITH, Bertie 1897-Dec-11
NUNNERY, Elijah WHEAT, Mary 1905-Feb-23
NUNNERY, Lige RUSHING, Colonia 1909-Dec-27
NUSOM, J E NATIONS, Maggie 1903-Oct-05
ODUM, Hampton SHELTON, Lula 1909-Jan-23
OLIVER, Jessie REED, Onis C 1909-Nov-09
ONEAL, Burdin VINCE, Leitha P 1897-Feb-26
ORUM, A CHISLENSEN, Mela 1904-Dec-20
OSTEEN, C W HICKMAN, Dora 1894-May-15
OSTEEN, J J SUMMERS, Annie 1895-Feb-14
OSTEEN, Leslie COVINGTON, Hattie 1904-Jan-22
OSTEEN, Smiley WOOLEY, Lena 1902-May-01
OWENS, Andy EVANS, Bell 1895-Sep-20



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