Lincoln County Grooms

K - L

KEEN, E C RATCLIFF, Theona 1898-Dec-23
KEEN, Edgar W SCARBROUGH, Blance 1902-Dec-22
KEEN, Ernest ALDERMAN, Martha 1909-Nov-26
KEEN, Frank MCGUFFIE, Alice A 1901-Aug-23
KEEN, J A SMITH, Georgia 1900-Dec-10
KEEN, Lafayette JOHNSON, Sarah 1896-May-16
KEEN, Layton WILSON, Bertie 1905-Jan-06
KEEN, O B SMITH, Amar 1900-Dec-22
KEEN, Pink NATIONS, Lula 1905-Dec-23
KEEN, Sam WHITEHEAD, Frances 1898-Sep-14
KEEN, W R HOLLOWAY, Ella 1894-Dec-24
KEES, Clarence J MOORE, May 1909-May-08
KEES, Fred MAXWELL, Minnie May 1909-Feb-06
KEES, Groove C MOORE, Bertha E 1910-Nov-19
KEES, I C MINOR, Etta Lee 1909-Dec-24
KEES, L P MAXWELL, La Pearl 1896-Mar-25
KEES, Lee FURR, Emma 1910-Sep-23
KEES, W A BOYTE, Anna 1903-Feb-09
KEMP, James W GASKINS, Pearl 1906-Jan-16
KEMP, Simon ABRAMS, Minnie 1895-Mar-06
KENNEDY, Robert Lee BURNS, Alyce 1911-Feb-20
KENNEDY, S C SMITH, Ruie 1903-Dec-09
KENNEDY, W P HINTON, Annie 1907-Feb-16
KEPPER, Edgar MARSHAL, Bettie 1910-Jan-04
KEPPER, Emile PRESTRIDGE, Lizzie 1904-Dec-20
KERN, F LEWENTHAL, Ella 1898-Apr-22
KERR, J D STORM, Sarah Ella 1906-Dec-24
KILLOUGH, J W WOMACK, Corine 1906-Sep-25
KIMBLE, Dan CASE, Lou 1908-Dec-29
KIMBLE, Elijah E PRICE, Mamie E 1903-Jan-17
KIMBLE, Jake MULLINS, Lizzie 1895-Oct-24
KIMBLE, Larry CASE, Anna 1909-Dec-23
KIMBLE, R L DIXON, Ruby 1915-Jul-04
KIMBLE, Steven E BRITT, Martha 1906-Jan-08
KIMBLE, W F RUTLAND, Seley 1894-Jan-31
KING, Benjamine Olan PENNINGTON, Edna 1907-Jan-16
KING, Benton S BURCH, Alma 1911-Mar-14
KING, C BOYD, Mary 1909-Apr-15
KING, Clifton SMITH, Parthenia 1902-Dec-22
KING, Enoch MILLER, Janie 1909-Aug-16
KING, George DINK, Pennington 1913-Feb-20
KING, H H TERRELL, L D 1893-Nov-22
KING, H L GOENS, Coleman 1895-Jun-12
KING, Havey GOINGS, Coleman 1895-Jan-05
KING, J W PEEVEY, Roxie 1908-Aug-17
KING, James LAMBRIGHT, Ida 1901-Mar-13
KING, John JORDAN, Alice 1909-Dec-21
KING, L A PEPPER, E K 1895-Dec-05
KING, Robert H GRIFFIN, Mary Maude 1902-Oct-18
KING, W A BUFKIN, S N 1907-Jan-10
KING, W H CASON, Sallie 1908-Nov-07
KING, W P CASTON, Myrtie 1915-Apr-15
KING, William CHAIN, Crecia 1896-Dec-23
KING, William MARTIN, Madie 1907-Dec-27
KING, William NETHERLAND, Myrtis 1908-May-02
KING, William THAMES, Amanda 1895-Jan-22
KING, William E THOMPSON, Mattie 1910-Jul-25
KING, William Perry BLACKWELL, Josephine 1907-Jan-16
KING, Willie GILL, Georgie 1911-Aug-26
KIRKFIELD, Dallas RUSSELL, Docia 1905-Aug-05
KIRKPATRICK, D COOK, Georgia E 1905-Nov-06
KITTS, J E BELLEW, Lillie 1902-Aug-02
KLEIN, Nathan DANIEL, Dorris Ray 1912-Feb-27
KNIGHT, G W ROBERTS, Mary S 1898-Jan-26
KNIGHT, W S MCINNIS, Lillian 1912-Dec-24
KOEHLER, Henry W MCKINLEY, Mattie Mae 1910-Jan-19
KOEHLER, Henry W MCKINLEY, Mattie May 1910-Jan-19
KYZAR, J M HALL, Winnie 1897-May-13
KYZAR, Jake CONN, Delma 1906-Feb-09
KYZAR, James Andy COLE, Mary Alice 1897-Jan-05
KYZAR, Jim KYZAR, Lula 1906-Aug-01
KYZAR, John M BRISTER, Dollie L 1915-Mar-31
KYZAR, Joseph R KYZAR, Nannie 1909-Jul-02
KYZAR, Thomas B GREER, Dora Elizabeth 1898-Sep-03
LACY, W M GOZA, Elizabeth Hawkins 1906-Dec-01
LAIRD, Beck L REED, Florence 1901-Nov-04
LAIRD, I M TARVER, Addie 1896-Feb-01
LAIRD, John H POSEY, Ella 1904-Jan-07
LAIRD, Julius SMITH, Nannie 1905-Feb-09
LAIRD, Louis H HUDSON, Emma B 1913-Dec-27
LAIRD, Webb SASSER, Emma 1908-May-04
LAMBERT, Benson WALDROP, Mattie Lee 1904-Aug-31
LAMBERT, Horace BULLOCK, Minnie 1905-Aug-28
LAMBERT, I L WARD, Isabella 1906-Jun-27
LAMBERT, James Luther DELAUGHTER, Dona 1902-Oct-04
LAMBERT, Jo HEMPHILL, Ada 1904-Mar-17
LAMBERT, Johnnie RIALS, Dora 1903-Dec-30
LAMBERT, L R MCGUFFER, Vina 1906-May-20
LAMBERT, Thomas THOMAS, Martha 1902-Jan-02
LAMBERT, Wm T SMITH, Artemecia 1898-Apr-27
LAND, Luther TERRY, Beulah 1909-Nov-24
LANE, Chevis CRISCOE, Bertie 1901-Oct-12
LANGSTON, M L BOGGS, E H 1896-Apr-30
LARD, I B STEWART, Sallie 1901-Dec-07
LARD, J H MAGEE, Minnie 1896-Dec-23
LARD, T S MCALLUM, Alice 1897-Mar-20
LARD, Thomas PORTER, Narcissa 1903-Dec-22
LARD, W J ALDERMAN, Sarah Nettie 1903-Oct-01
LARD, W S CASE, Lula 1894-Jan-23
LARKINS, B G WALKER, Jennie 1899-Dec-25
LARRY, Monroe C BREWER, Julia 1904-Oct-22
LAVIN, Louis ISAACS, Rosa 1905-Jun-24
LAWRENCE, Celveland CLARK, Flora 1908-May-01
LAWRENCE, J S REEVES, Fannie 1901-Jan-28
LAWRENCE, Lee NEAL, Barbara 1913-Nov-10
LAWRENCE, P M BRISTER, Pernie 1913-Mar-15
LAXTON, Burt NETTLES, Eula 1913-Dec-16
LAZARUS, Columbus SMITH, Ninnie 1903-Jul-29
LAZARUS, S J THORNBURG, Benton 1901-Jan-26
LEA, E A SESSIONS, Maggie 1902-Jun-23
LEA, James ROCKHOLT, Jennie 1904-Nov-14
LEA, Ph ALLEN, Annie 1903-Oct-23
LEANARD, Isase JOHNSON, Ida 1911-May-27
LEE, Andrew J HUNT, Lillie 1898-Oct-05
LEE, J L IVY, Tera 1913-May-31
LEE, M J GROUT, W M 1901-Sep-25
LEE, Mack THAMES, Elsie 1910-Oct-26
LEE, N W MCGUFFEE, T A 1898-Oct-13
LEES, F A KIDDER, Helen May 1895-Oct-05
LEGGETT, E A FARMER, Florence 1902-Jan-30
LEGGETT, E H PORTER, Sallie 1897-Dec-23
LEGGETT, James MARTIN, Whittie 1902-Nov-08
LEGGETTE, J A MCCAFFREY, Crecia 1908-Jul-31
LENORE, J H TULLOS, Ethel 1905-Aug-30
LEONARD, H S DARN, C B 1906-Oct-22
LEONARD, Herbert MAY, Lizzie 1907-Apr-22
LEONARD, J B THOMAS, Josie 1907-Mar-19
LEVI, Eugene P CAFFEY, Estelle 1905-Jun-03
LEVY, Frank Jr BROADWAY, Mary 1903-Apr-14
LEWENTHALL, George PERKINS, Marie 1893-Nov-04
LEWIS, A J LOFTON, Annie Mrs 1909-Dec-14
LEWIS, Andy WHITE, Loucretia 1899-Nov-24
LEWIS, Art RATCLIFF, Letha 1906-Nov-23
LEWIS, Cornelius LOFTON, Julia 1899-Nov-01
LEWIS, Hardy CARLISLE, Louisa 1900-Jul-21
LEWIS, J A GUY, Margana 1897-Nov-24
LEWIS, J C BRISTER, Eula B 1895-Feb-21
LEWIS, John CARLISLE, Mary E 1901-Sep-28
LEWIS, W W CUTRER, Ida 1902-Dec-20
LILLY, Albert Artice STORM, Mary Florence 1912-Jan-08
LILLY, Virgil THOMPSON, Ella 1902-Dec-02
LILLY, W A REED, A C 1895-Jan-26
LINDER, Carl MARTIN, Ada 1902-Dec-14
LINDER, Tom Henry RICHARDSON, Rosie 1898-Feb-07
LINDSLEY, C W WILLIAMS, Zepie 1913-Jun-24
LINTON, Eddie STEPHENSON, Henry 1913-Oct-15
LINTON, George Cecil NOBLES, Narcisa E 1901-Mar-19
LINTON, P O DUNN, Ada 1905-Jan-19
LINTON, Walter S CASE, Nancy 1904-Dec-07
LINTON, Willie COLE, Mamie 1912-Dec-24
LITTLE, W E MAY, Annie Elizabeth 1911-May-06
LLOYD, A S STEWART, Vickie 1896-Dec-26
LOA, S M LOFTIN, Julia E 1896-Jan-01
LOFTIN, W S CAPERS, Maggie 1896-Dec-15
LOFTON, Albert HART, Lula 1903-May-09
LOFTON, Barack LOFTON, Ophelia 1908-Dec-03
LOFTON, C S BURT, Etta V 1908-Jan-26
LOFTON, D B PORTER, Ophelia 1904-Dec-28
LOFTON, E D PRICE, Eovina 1894-Dec-15
LOFTON, H J ROLLINS, Mary 1895-Dec-07
LOFTON, Hiram CHISHOLM, Lona 1906-Nov-07
LOFTON, J B BRAZIOR, Josephine 1893-Dec-23
LOFTON, James D HALL, Marganie 1913-Nov-08
LOFTON, John EVANS, Vickie 1911-Feb-24
LOFTON, Marvin LOFTON, Fannie 1901-Dec-30
LOFTON, Morris BOWLIN, Rosa 1909-Dec-18
LOFTON, Morris E HANLEY, Edna Rae 1913-Dec-16
LOFTON, O H JOHNSON, Matilda 1902-Feb-11
LOFTON, Thomas WATTS, Nora 1902-Dec-17
LOFTON, William THOMAS, Mary 1909-Dec-23
LOFTON, Willis Lee TILLOTSON, Dollie 1901-Dec-20
LONSBERRY, J D MOORE, Dora 1903-May-28
LORD, Gus CASE, Leila 1912-Dec-23
LOTZ, D C WALDROP, B B 1903-Dec-14
LOTZ, George Wiley WILLIAMS, Bettie 1904-Sep-01
LOTZ, John Adams LAWRENCE, Hattie 1899-Oct-13
LOTZ, Mark R GARRETT, Leona 1909-Oct-23
LOVING, J L MAY, Lillian 1897-Jun-02
LOWE, D T HARRISON, N E 1898-Aug-07
LOWE, Daniel B MACALIP, Mattie 1912-Jun-11
LOWE, William Willis WEST, Anna Maude 1910-Jan-07
LOWENTRITT, Lewis LEVEY, Hettia 1900-Dec-27
LOWRY, W G TRIGG, E L 1913-Feb-08
LOYD, T M BOUTWELL, Annie 1904-Jan-12
LOYD, W C WOLAM, Roxie Mrs 1908-Aug-22
LOYED, Lee CASTELLE, Nannie 1904-Nov-27
LUCAS, Frank MYERS, Ruthy 1897-Apr-03
LUCAS, Jessie COKER, Mary E 1894-Feb-27
LUCAS, R F COCKER, Fannie 1898-May-02
LUCAS, R F TARVER, Gennie 1913-Apr-12
LUCAS, Wessie MCKNIGHT, J H 1906-Jun-28
LUCKIE, Robert Young CANNON, Janie 1897-Jun-14
LUTZE, W S BRISTER, Dollie 1912-Jun-26
LYONS, Dan SMITH, Ima 1907-Jul-06



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