Lincoln County Grooms


HACKNEY, J P HACKNEY, Hillie 1894-Jun-09
HALES, R L MOAK, O J 1894-Nov-23
HALEY, Joel Walter MOORE, Theodosia 1901-Mar-18
HALEY, Ora MARTIN, Lassie 1906-Oct-25
HALL, H E HART, Sophia 1907-Feb-12
HALL, Henry ROBERTS, Emma 1913-Apr-28
HALL, Ira ALBRITTON, Minerva 1906-May-23
HALL, J L ODOUGLAS, Erma 1896-Aug-03
HALL, James S HEMPHILL, Maggie 1900-Nov-20
HALL, John H NEIL, Hollie 1900-Nov-20
HALL, R L BOYTE, Opal Jane 1912-May-22
HALL, Thomas BOYTE, Minnie 1912-Aug-17
HAM, J D BREWER, Myrtis 1906-Jan-21
HAMILTON, Coy CHISOLM, Julia 1908-Mar-13
HAMILTON, William HAMILTON, Fannie 1904-Jun-12
HAMMOND, W A CASE, Ollie 1908-Dec-23
HAMPTON, C C SYKES, Martha 1909-Sep-11
HAMPTON, Daniel BULLOCK, Minnie 1902-Mar-02
HANBERRY, T S HATHORN, Luna 1908-May-09
HANFORD, A W MASON, Frances A 1900-Dec-24
HANKINSON, R W WENTWORTH, Myrtis 1909-Jun-30
HARLAN, Sam RICKEY, Onie 1913-Sep-13
HARRELL, James Dock Jr MAGEE, C E 1902-Jul-07
HARRELL, W A HIGDON, Pearl 1910-Jan-01
HARRELL, Willie FRAZIER, Bessie 1912-Feb-17
HARRIS, A N J WOMACK, Coreene 1908-Oct-31
HARRIS, Robert C MOORE, Mary Loueze 1903-Dec-26
HARRISON, Franklin CAMERON, Lura 1910-Apr-06
HARRISON, N E LOWE, D T 1898-Aug-07
HART, Alfred L GRICE, Bertha 1904-Dec-17
HART, Clarence SIMMONS, Bell 1908-Oct-05
HART, E J SMITH, Nettie 1894-Dec-13
HART, Edd WOOLEY, Minnie 1903-Dec-21
HART, Edgar MCCLELAND, Mamie 1913-Nov-01
HART, J L ALBRITTON, Mattie 1912-May-08
HART, James M CANNON, Lurena 1903-Sep-26
HART, John L JORDAN, Belle 1901-Apr-06
HART, Joseph N BOWMAN, Maude 1901-Feb-22
HART, Julius E RAWLS, Mary 1901-Feb-11
HART, Luther J LARD, Angeline 1900-Apr-30
HART, P W JORDAN, Mattie 1902-Dec-10
HART, S E COKE, W H 1903-Dec-02
HART, S J FREEMAN, Polly 1901-Jan-30
HART, T C WELCH, J P 1894-Jan-15
HARTLEY, Hiram H TANKSLEY, Della 1900-Sep-08
HARTMAN, Frank H CRAWFORD, Bertha Belle 1909-Dec-26
HARVESTON, Ike ADAMS, Mary J 1913-Jun-14
HARVESTON, Samuel W LUCAS, Sadie Mae 1912-Nov-15
HAVERS, Nathan P WATTS, Maggie 1899-Dec-16
HAWK, Hale W GREEGO, Carrie 1904-Jun-12
HAYES, Edward EASLEY, Corene 1897-Oct-14
HAYES, Willie Robert LOFTON, Ella 1904-Feb-20
HAYMAN, Hugh A WILSON, Alice 1910-Apr-16
HAYMAN, J S BROWN, Mattie 1905-Nov-18
HAYMAN, J W JENKINS, Mattie 1909-Sep-13
HAYNES, B WENTWORTH, Ernestine 1912-Nov-24
HEAP, Henry F MULLIGAN, Mary 1894-Sep-03
HEDGLIN, D W ROCK, Maggie 1907-Sep-28
HEIDENRCICH, Ben A WATTS, Lola 1896-Dec-15
HEMPHILL, George Dallis BEESON, Cora 1902-Jan-15
HEMPHILL, James MYERS, Pearl 1905-Sep-04
HEMPHILL, Leon STEWART, Naoma 1913-Jun-29
HEMPHILL, Mack M THAMES, Opie 1913-Feb-13
HEMPHILL, Philip C NATIONS, Jane 1908-Feb-05
HEMPHILL, Willie NATIONS, Bertha 1900-Sep-08
HEMPHILL, Willie NATIONS, Bertha 1899-Dec-21
HENDERSON, Charles E MCDAVID, Mary F 1903-Jun-08
HENDERSON, E R LOVE, Lillie 1907-Mar-27
HENDERSON, W C MODDEN, Nancy 1905-Nov-25
HERRIN, A MASON, Alice 1904-May-11
HEMPHILL, Ollie WHITE, Webster 1907-Dec-03
HENDERSON, Julia WADDELL, A M 1894-Feb-11
HERNDON, Jessie BRISTER, Jas H 1909-Aug-21
HERRING, Addie WHITE, Ben 1908-Jul-15
HERRING, Anna TOWNSEND, Albert O 1904-May-04
HERRING, Bem RAWLS, D James 1903-Dec-05
HERRING, D A SMITH, Laura J 1902-Jul-21
HERRING, Dodds MAGEE, Maude C 1906-Jun-17
HERRING, E C BIGNER, H A 1903-Jan-22
HERRING, E L CASTALOW, Lizzie 1894-Jan-05
HERRING, J L WHITE, Laura 1896-Aug-15
HERRING, J W EVANS, Sallie 1899-Jan-19
HERRING, Jas WILKERSON, May 1909-Jan-09
HERRING, John Edward NETHERLAND, Hettie 1906-Feb-03
HERRING, Joseph Birch BUCKLES, Belle 1901-Feb-16
HERRING, L E NORTON, Ida 1904-Feb-11
HERRING, Levi SMITH, Emma 1893-Nov-16
HERRING, Martin BEESON, Beulah 1907-Mar-07
HERRING, Oliver RICHLAND, Letetia 1899-Dec-07
HERRING, Samuel LANE, Etta B 1907-Jan-12
HERRING, Thomas A BRIDGES, Laura 1908-Jan-08
HERRING, Tolbert DIXON, Willie 1902-May-29
HERRINGTON, Howard WILLIAMS, Sallie G 1899-Aug-27
HERRINGTON, W J MAY, E L 1907-Sep-26
HEWETT, Dave STEWART, Leddie Ann 1894-Sep-03
HEWITT, Benton SULLIVAN, Lucy 1904-Oct-29
HICKMAN, Beecker TERRELL, Ella 1904-Feb-03
HICKMAN, James M ALLEN, Mamie 1897-Feb-27
HICKMAN, Jessie W HART, Lena 1907-Dec-23
HICKMAN, Tom W APPLEWHITE, Roby 1913-Apr-08
HIDGON, Willie Ray GASKINS, J B 1913-Apr-04
HIGDON, A B WILSON, Leila 1913-Mar-30
HIGGINS, L L MAGEE, Maude 1913-May-11
HILL, P E STEEN, Ada M 1908-Dec-26
HILLS, Robert CRIDER, Lizzie 1899-Dec-07
HILTON, Alla NATIONS, Bertha 1906-Apr-01
HILTON, Martin ROLLINS, Lena E 1906-Mar-31
HILTON, T W SASSER, Frances E 1913-Feb-24
HINTON, Willie TERRY, Ophelia 1910-Nov-01
HOBBS, Paul HIGDON, Kate J 1905-Sep-06
HODGE, Herbert BURNS, Carrie 1908-Dec-30
HODGE, Thomas B DRURY, Pearl 1902-Mar-29
HODGES, Herbert FREEMAN, Gillie 1910-Jul-02
HODGES, Leon WILLIAMS, Rachel 1910-Aug-16
HODGES, Luther SULLIVEN, Julia 1910-Feb-05
HODGES, Monroe ALBRITTON, Alice 1913-Jan-30
HODGES, R A THOMAS, Effie 1909-Nov-30
HODGES, R M SULLIVAN, Gracie 1903-Oct-08
HODGES, W G WROTEN, Della 1896-Jan-23
HODGES, Z C SWINNEY, Mary 1903-Apr-21
HOFF, Frank BULLOCK, Myra 1912-May-08
HOFFMAN, Andrew J STAFFLER, Angelica 1903-Oct-06
HOFFMAN, Frank G CANNON, Belle 1899-Jan-24
HOGG, William Bennett MARSHALL, Virgie 1905-Aug-24
HOGGATT, Jessie THOMPSON, Beulah 1895-Dec-23
HOGGETT, Norris OBERSCHMIDT, Willie 1901-Feb-05
HOLBROOK, John MILLER, Annie 1909-Nov-15
HOLBROOK, W M HARTMAN, Floy 1913-Jan-18
HOLDEN, J B CASSEDY, Mary 1894-Oct-17
HOLLAND, W M JORDAN, Lizzie 1905-Jul-21
HOLLENBECK, Charles DIXON, Mary 1896-May-09
HOLLIDAY, Will WATSON, Mary 1905-Sep-06
HOLLOWAY, J D BYRD, Cornelia E 1894-Jan-01
HOLLOWAY, T K HODGE, Jane 1911-Dec-07
HOLMES, Henry MCGUFFER, Talitha 1906-Jun-06
HOLMES, Henry MCGUFFER, Talitha 1906-Jun-09
HOOD, Henry D MONTGOMERY, W H 1906-Jul-18
HOPE, W R RAWLS, Assie 1906-Dec-24
HOPKINS, C S COOPER, Bessie C 1913-Sep-03
HORR, W S COCKERHAM, Ella 1897-Dec-30
HOSKINS, I W WATTS, Pauline A 1898-Oct-20
HOSKINS, S J JOBES, Flora A 1901-Jun-10
HOWARD, W L TERRELL, M R 1899-Nov-18
HOWELL, Andrew CLARK, Fannie 1908-Dec-02
HOWELL, David BOYD, Bessie 1903-Jan-26
HUCKABY, D J REEVES, T A 1895-Nov-19
HUDSON, J Ed COX, Jessie 1902-Mar-01
HUEY, Tulley STEVENS, Willie 1902-Oct-17
HUFF, A D GREER, Hattie 1902-Dec-23
HUGHES, B E ROUSE, E C 1912-Sep-17
HUGHES, James L HART, Ida 1906-Nov-07
HUGHES, James Lee CARR, Margaret O 1896-Nov-28
HUGHEY, William Ensley BALLARD, Lillie Tullian 1901-Jan-19
HUHN, Eugene TOWNSEND, Cona 1907-May-24
HUHNS, M C JOHNSON, Thomas Green 1911-Dec-02
HUIT, Dave BOLIAN, Belle 1903-Jul-22
HULLICAN, L M WALKER, Matilda 1894-May-08
HUMAN, Barney Frederick BRENT, Fannie E 1911-Dec-26
HUMBLE, P A ROBINSON, Bessie 1906-Aug-24
HUMES, Clarence HAYMAN, Dollie L 1907-Oct-12
HUMPHREYS, J W WOOLEY, Mollie 1900-Dec-19
HUMPHRIES, Jessie M WILLIS, Callie M 1903-Jan-03
HUNNICUTT, W R SMITH, Martha Jeannett 1906-Dec-24
HUNT, Hongan ADAMS, Rosa 1907-Oct-09
HUNT, T M SULLIVAN, Mollie 1907-May-25
HUNTER, Henry MATHEWS, Ola 1904-Jun-27
HUNTINGTON, Abraham HUNTINGTON, Susie M 1907-Feb-14
HUTSON, Arie PATTER, Josie C 1911-Jan-14
HUTSON, L O NUSON, Alice 1901-Feb-28
HUTSON, S L GRIFFINS, Ruth 1907-Jan-05
HUTSON, T J Jr MERCIER, Georgia 1898-Apr-14
HUTSON, W I COVINGTON, Mary 1894-May-08
HUX, George E HODGES, B J 1895-Apr-17
HUX, James T FANNIN, Ettie 1896-May-15
HYLAND, John WAGLAND, Mary 1896-May-25
HYMOS, Henry M SIMON, Regina 1896-Oct-28



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