Lincoln County Grooms

F - G

FAIRCHILD, Amos Walter MCMANUS, Jennie 1899-Feb-21
FAIRCHILD, J S KAGLE, Mamie 1903-Oct-19
FAIRCHILD, M L DELAUGHTER, Isabelle 1902-Jul-15
FALVEY, John NORTON, Annie 1898-Jan-05
FANT, Clarence Lee PRICE, Carrie J 1907-Nov-16
FARMER, Henry A WATSON, Mattie 1904-Nov-25
FARMER, J W CASE, Alice 1912-Nov-26
FARMER, Jessiem WATSON, Lula 1902-Aug-15
FARMER, Joseph Richard BIRDSONG, Lottie Mae 1906-May-19
FARR, W E BRISTER, Cynthia 1905-Apr-26
FARRELL, Wm JOHNSON, Ora Lee 1908-Aug-11
FAUVER, Johnston SMITH, Daisy Dexter 1913-Oct-25
FAUVER, William Thomas SCARBROUGH, Jabosa Mattie 1907-Dec-26
FEATHEREE, Leroy S WILKINS, Viola 1907-Oct-21
FEATHERSTHUN, Walter N SYLK, Fannie H 1901-Jan-04
FELDER, John Wyatt MAGEE, Gertrude 1904-Nov-17
FELDER, Moore BRUMFIELD, Mary 1905-Dec-23
FELDER, Oliver DAY, Mayme 1913-Jan-16
FENCH, M J MARTIN, M G 1907-Oct-12
FERGUSON, Manson ARNOLD, Clara 1904-Mar-19
FERGUSON, Manson SMITH, Lena 1899-Dec-13
FERRILL, Theodore NATIONS, Malissa 1909-Feb-13
FERRILL, Willie BERRY, May 1909-Sep-14
FINCH, Joel REEVES, Kizzie 1898-Dec-28
FINCH, Thos J MARTIN, Virginia 1910-Jun-15
FISH, Joseph M BOWMAN, Mary F 1898-Aug-23
FISK, W R WILSON, I F 1906-Sep-04
FLEMING, Frank WILSON, Lula 1896-Sep-03
FLIPPEN, H G LEWIS, Mary E 1903-Oct-07
FLOOD, Martin T ANDING, Edna E 1899-May-19
FLOWERS, E M MYERS, J E 1904-Dec-07
FLOWERS, E W Dr CARRUTH, Julia R 1895-Mar-05
FLOYD, Albert CASE, Carl Mrs 1908-Jun-02
FLOYD, E F CARR, S M 1897-Aug-30
FONTAIN, James DIXON, Daisy 1900-Nov-17
FORD, J E SMITH, Emma Florence 1912-Feb-10
FORE, Eddie KIMBLE, Sadie 1908-Dec-16
FORE, H M MASON, Pearl 1910-Sep-21
FORE, W H SMITH, Agness 1893-Dec-21
FORSHAG, Festus L RATCLIFF, Corae May 1902-May-17
FORTIN, J M MORRIS, Jessie 1910-Mar-06
FORTIN, John C WALTMAN, Nora 1909-Dec-22
FORTNER, B F HAYES, Hattie V 1906-Jan-01
FOSTER, Edward L CALLENDER, Ella 1913-May-16
FOSTER, Eugene LAIRD, Vina 1909-Mar-20
FOSTER, Lee DUMONT, Ada 1903-Oct-19
FOSTER, Ray MURRAH, Ola 1906-Aug-17
FOX, G H MILLER, Permelia 1902-Oct-22
FOX, George A BRENT, Susie L 1906-Jun-05
FRAISE, C A EAST, Mamie Lee 1902-Oct-20
FRANCES, Adams MAGEE, Sam 1908-Aug-15
FRANKLIN, George LARD, Johasa 1908-Jan-02
FRANKLIN, J W NETTLES, Arcola 1899-Dec-12
FRANKLIN, J W NETTLES, Minnie 1901-Sep-18
FRANKLIN, Oscar ARNOLD, Carrie 1904-Aug-27
FRANKLIN, Thomas LAIRD, Ruth 1908-Dec-24
FRAZIER, Thomas J SERVICE, Eva 1903-Jul-18
FREEMAN, Oliver MOAK, Annie 1912-Jan-22
FREEMAN, Sylvester TERRELL, Florence E 1898-Dec-14
FRIEBE, Gustus H MULLINS, Lizzie 1897-Sep-04
FRION, A J EITOL, Lillie 1893-Dec-14
FULLER, Byas BRISTER, Della 1903-Dec-22
FURLOW, A B MCCLENDON, Allen G 1907-Dec-07
FURLOW, A Marvin APPLEWHITE, Blanche 1913-Jul-22
FURLOW, C Monroe BUIE, Katie Lee 1910-Jul-21
FURLOW, Ed CHANDLER, Nora Belle 1902-Aug-16
FURLOW, Everett CASE, Judy 1906-Jan-03
FURLOW, L L YOUNG, Lucille 1912-Oct-31
FURLOW, Robert SMITH, Sallie 1894-Dec-18
FURLOW, Robert J BOYTE, Eva 1912-Jul-13
FURLOW, Thomas HILTON, Carrie 1901-Feb-04
FURLOW, Thomas W RAWLS, Sallie 1897-Apr-14
FURLOW, Tomas W BRITT, Dora 1904-Aug-23
FURLOW, Wince EDWARDS, Carrie 1909-Dec-05
FURR, Charlie A LAMBERT, May 1909-Aug-20
FURR, F G MAXWELL, Lettie 1898-Dec-12
FURR, Frank SMITH, Mattie 1910-Jul-06
FURR, George W GIRAULT, Etia 1898-May-15
FURR, Henry LOFTIN, Martha Ann 1902-Jun-10
FURR, M M CUPIT, Johnnie 1895-Jun-15
FURR, Marion FURR, Mary 1906-Jan-13
FURR, S J COKER, Ella Mrs 1908-Feb-22
FURR, Tom COKER, Mary 1909-May-22
FURR, W L DULANEY, Mattie 1913-Oct-15
GADDY, Shellie J CATE, Ivy Elise 1913-Jun-23
GAINES, M L SMITH, M M 1908-Aug-22
GAINEY, Lee W MIZE, Mary Pearl 1908-Jan-26
GALBREATH, John A Jr MILLER, Lula 1913-Sep-14
GARDNER, E R EVANS, Lena 1903-Apr-11
GARNER, Albert FURLOW, Florence 1900-Oct-22
GARNER, Alphonso RATCLIFF, Mary 1908-Feb-09
GARNER, Benjamine THAMES, Docia 1897-Oct-20
GARNER, John F BISHOP, Carrienell 1907-Dec-30
GARNER, V H BEAVERS, S M 1901-Dec-05
GARRETT, R J VARNADO, Angie L 1896-Jun-24
GARRETT, W H BURGESS, Pearl 1900-Sep-22
GARVIN, C C OCTAVIA, Netherlands 1905-Aug-28
GASKINS, J B HIDGON, Willie Ray 1913-Apr-04
GATES, Charles G SPENCER, Verona 1903-May-13
GENTSCH, William TURNBOUGH, Meda 1902-Mar-06
GENTSCH, William TURNBOUGH, Meda 1901-Oct-02
GEORGE, Wiley COOPER, Mamie 1907-Jul-13
GIBSON, Arter SMITH, Melba 1913-Jul-17
GIBSON, Johnnie MCDONALD, Lizzie 1897-Jun-29
GIBSON, Louis S MCDAVID, M L 1897-May-18
GIBSON, Sam COVINGTON, Epsie 1901-Sep-25
GIBSON, Stephen JACKSON, Minnie Mrs 1908-Apr-09
GILL, A J PRICE, Mattie 1909-Nov-18
GILL, Alec MCCAFFREY, Cynthia 1900-Jan-27
GILL, Ben CALVIT, Florence 1903-Jun-20
GILL, Cager MONTGOMERY, Annie 1908-Mar-24
GILL, Clave E Dr MCDONAL, Jessie Mae 1912-Jun-27
GILL, Elie GIVENS, Mellie 1909-Feb-11
GILL, Grady ELAM, Gladys 1912-Jun-08
GILL, Hugh WHITE, Eunice 1900-Dec-19
GILL, J T TOWNSEND, Lizzie 1894-Apr-21
GILL, S H WILKINSON, M A 1894-Apr-05
GILL, Thomas KEES, Arsela 1896-Dec-23
GILLAM, E J EITEL, Jean A 1909-Oct-31
GILLASPY, J D SMITH, Ruby 1909-Jun-24
GILLEYLEN, L L Jr WALKER, Katie A 1909-Oct-29
GINLEY, J M SPENCER, Beckie 1897-Jul-01
GIROD, I E FRANKLIN, Cora 1902-Jun-11
GIVENS, Wash DAVIS, Lizzie 1909-Nov-17
GIVENS, Wash MARTIN, Madie 1912-Dec-10
GIVINS, Wash MARTIN, Maddie 1913-Apr-22
GLANNON, William CHANDLER, Pauline 1909-Apr-02
GLOVER, Abner HART, Idona 1905-Jan-14
GLOVER, Elbert COWART, Pernie A 1896-Dec-30
GLYNN, John PHILLIPS, Priscilla 1905-May-22
GLYNN, John SUTTON, Eula 1903-Feb-12
GODBOLD, Caldwell SMITH, Mamie 1901-Aug-16
GODBOLD, Lawrence REA, Amelia 1909-Feb-16
GOENS, Coleman KING, H L 1895-Jun-12
GOING, R Dr SIMMS, Margaret E 1905-Jun-28
GOINGS, Coleman KING, Havey 1895-Jan-05
GOLDMAN, Albert LINTON, Carrie 1902-Jul-22
GOLDMAN, Edward LINTON, Ada 1902-Nov-27
GOLDSLAIN, A B LEWENTHAL, Mollie 1911-Nov-19
GORDON, H J PERKINS, Josie Mae 1909-Mar-19
GOZA, C C CONN, Ola M 1903-May-26
GRAFTON, Edgar Percy JOBES, Alma 1902-Jul-22
GRAULT, Frank A SMITH, Jennie 1909-Jan-01
GRAVE, Helmer OSWALT, Estelle E 1909-Apr-08
GREEN, Charlie PRICE, Amozon 1906-Apr-26
GREEN, Edward HART, Ada B 1899-Feb-27
GREEN, Emanuel WALKER, Abi 1907-Jul-04
GREEN, Jessie M SMITH, Maude E 1907-Mar-06
GREEN, Mike BRISTER, Lena 1908-Oct-23
GREENWOOD, Henry C PRIEBATECH, Esther 1904-Mar-08
GREER, A A SUMMERS, Ida 1900-Mar-01
GREER, A C MOAK, Lillian 1903-Jan-09
GREER, Benjamine L RIALS, Pornia 1900-Jan-08
GREER, Bennett C BRISTER, Nettie 1907-Jul-12
GREER, C N ALBRITTON, Lula 1903-Mar-02
GREER, Edgar SPURR, Nettie 1897-Jun-09
GREER, Frank RAIFORD, Carrie 1909-Sep-18
GREER, Frank TYLER, C A 1894-Aug-10
GREER, J C LAWRENCE, Lizzie 1903-Oct-07
GREER, Jessie H BRENT, Lizzie 1896-Nov-19
GREER, Lucius S ROLLINS, Inez 1906-Sep-26
GREER, Virgil E BRISTER, Dora 1904-Dec-19
GREER, W I LAWRENCE, Mary 1899-Oct-14
GREER, Wiley COLE, Pattie 1913-Sep-12
GREER, Wm Munnor BOYD, Ella 1898-Apr-14
GRICE, Charlie WOODALL, Ida 1906-Apr-14
GRICE, K T CURTEIAN, R J 1912-Sep-04
GRICE, Paul H BRINSON, Eloise 1908-Jul-04
GRICE, W L ROBERTS, Louella 1913-Jan-28
GRICE, Walter WROTEN, Carrie 1909-Oct-22
GRIFFIN, Bennie DAVIS, Nellie 1913-Mar-31
GRIFFIN, George CASE, Mary 1905-Nov-15
GRIFFIN, R MARTIN, Pearl Lee 1903-Apr-23
GRIFFIN, S S SMITH, Mary 1907-Mar-06
GRIFFITH, E L THAMES, Alice 1904-Jul-05
GROUT, E E EWING, Hattie 1897-Jan-14
GROUT, W M LEE, M J 1901-Sep-25
GUESS, E B LOVE, Sarah 1909-Jun-08
GUESS, R H MIZE, Zence E 1898-Jun-19
GUFFEY, Oliver GOODWIN, Josephine M 1905-Jan-05
GUNNELL, John N REEVES, Dollie 1904-Aug-03
GUY, Dewitt SMITH, Ethel 1909-Jan-12



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