Lincoln County Grooms


ABSHAGAN, Ferdinand Jr WEST, Estelle 1908-Oct-31
ADAMS, Catherine CHANDLER, J H 1906-Dec-19
ADAMS, Edna ROLLINS, Sam 1910-Oct-05
ADAMS, George MARTIN, Melia 1903-Jun-04
ADAMS, George STEWART, Kate 1905-Mar-13
ADAMS, J B RICHARDSON, Mary 1895-Jan-23
ADAMS, J C PICKERING, Ruth 1906-Oct-23
ADAMS, J S JORDAN, Joana 1904-Apr-06
ADAMS, Jance EAST, Emma 1899-Jan-03
ADAMS, Jessie RUSHING, Lena 1901-Nov-29
ADAMS, John GRICE, Mary 1903-Jul-19
ADAMS, Luther Blue HAMMIL, Mary Maude 1906-Sep-08
ADAMS, Oscar E HASKINS, Fay 1908-Jul-14
ADAMS, Sam SMITH, Julia 1912-May-04
ADAMS, W A SPENCER, Annie 1913-Feb-09
AINSWORTH, Dock ANGLIN, Pearlie 1910-Dec-19
AINSWORTH, Henry COPELAND, Lula 1902-Dec-29
AINSWORTH, J F HEMPHILL, Louisa 1908-Sep-11
AINSWORTH, J F HEMPHILL, Maggie 1908-Aug-18
AINSWORTH, John BREWER, Essie 1905-Jan-31
AINSWORTH, M E DECELL, Thomas J 1912-Mar-05
AINSWORTH, Monroe ANGLIN, Ola Belle 1911-Jan-04
ALBIN, Archie FURLOW, Matie 1908-Dec-19
ALBRITTON, Augustus MCGUFFIE, Ida 1901-Oct-19
ALBRITTON, Charlie CARLISLE, Emma 1897-Dec-03
ALBRITTON, Henry H BROWN, Laura Belle 1912-Nov-16
ALBRITTON, J W GUNNELL, Laura Bell 1906-Dec-05
ALBRITTON, J W TAYLOR, Eliza 1897-Dec-25
ALBRITTON, Jacob Allen REED, Adeline 1896-Oct-08
ALBRITTON, John YAWNS, Calula 1893-Dec-26
ALBRITTON, R E JOHNSON, Cora 1896-Dec-14
ALBRITTON, Robert HALL, Lizzie 1901-Dec-10
ALBRITTON, W E RICHEY, Dora 1902-Jan-08
ALBRITTON, W H HALL, Dora 1893-Nov-23
ALBRITTON, W H REED, Lizzie 1910-Oct-29
ALCUS, Henry HOSKINS, Lena 1898-Jun-02
ALDERMAN, E J CASE, J J 1900-Sep-09
ALDERMAN, Enoch POSEY, Lucinda E 1899-Dec-11
ALDERMAN, James S FAUVER, Elizabeth 1901-Dec-23
ALDRIDGE, Thomas W HART, Josephine 1895-Jun-01
ALEXANDER, Charlton SHERMAN, Helen 1908-Jun-25
ALEXANDER, Edward Joseph BALES, Ruby Leila 1909-Jul-28
ALFORD, R S MOAK, Amanda 1904-Feb-24
ALLBRITTON, Preston JOHNSTON, Jennie 1909-Jan-13
ALLEN, Albert FURLOW, Addie 1903-Jun-24
ALLEN, Augustus FURLOW, Artimis 1896-Feb-17
ALLEN, Charlie CHANDLER, Dotiker 1913-Nov-01
ALLEN, Floyd SMITH, Lillie 1913-Dec-13
ALLEN, G R KEMBELL, Cora 1912-Dec-21
ALLEN, Hamilton SMITH, Della 1908-Dec-08
ALLEN, Herbert CHANDLER, Estella 1900-Jan-17
ALLEN, Hiram SMITH, Mary 1906-Feb-07
ALLEN, Horace J WARD, Lula H Mrs 1909-Mar-07
ALLEN, I F CASE, Lela 1906-Dec-01
ALLEN, Isaac BUFKINS, Addie 1909-Sep-25
ALLEN, J D DUNN, Lizzie 1896-Oct-09
ALLEN, M CANE, James M 1898-Dec-15
ALLEN, R F SMITH, Phelia 1903-Dec-16
ALLEN, S T PORTER, Anye 1911-Jan-17
ALLEN, T A ALLEN, Laura 1902-Jun-17
ALLEN, T J CASE, Rosella 1902-Mar-19
ALLEN, V A REA, W O 1903-Apr-30
ALLEN, W E LAMB, Fannie 1896-Jan-22
ALLEN, Walter CAMPBELLE, Florence 1913-Oct-11
ALLEN, Willie JAMES, Myrtle 1913-Feb-01
ALLGOOD, HUGHES, Annie 1907-Feb-14
ALLGOOD, Allen BRITT, Lula 1907-Dec-21
ALLGOOD, C L COLEMAN, Ora 1899-Dec-20
ALLGOOD, Earl TEMPLETON, Gelphy 1904-Dec-03
ALLGOOD, Leon CASE, Mary 1908-Sep-07
ALLGOOD, P J GASKINS, Dora 1903-Mar-03
ALLRED, F KING, Arcola 1899-Feb-18
ALLRED, George MILES, Francis 1908-Apr-29
ALLRED, John E MCMENAS, G A 1895-Dec-21
ALLRED, L RUSHING, I A 1894-Dec-06
ALLRED, Martin CASE, Zula 1904-Dec-16
ALLRED, Wash MOAK, Fannie 1900-Dec-03
ALLRED, William H BOGGS, Mandy 1905-Jun-20
ALLRED, Willie COWART, Arie 1907-Jan-11
ALLROD, Richard SMITH, Laura 1897-Dec-14
ALLUD, P J ROBERTS, Zone 1911-Jan-29
ANDERSON, J W DICKERSON, Leona 1904-Apr-16
ANDERSON, J W SMITH, Mary 1900-Nov-14
ANDERSON, O B MASON, John A 1905-Jun-12
ANDERSON, Richard MCGEHEE, Mary 1908-Nov-24
ANDERSON, T W ANDERSON, Betty 1902-Jan-16
ANDERSON, W M MIKELL, Katie 1894-Nov-01
ANDING, Elder BARDEN, Daisy 1905-Jan-04
ANDREWS, Connie MAY, Eula 1901-Dec-23
ANDREWS, Murray JONES, Mary 1905-Oct-09
ANTONIA, Frank FRITTITTA, Rosa 1901-Mar-27
APPLEWHITE, Laurin LEE, Jennie 1905-Apr-28
APPLEWHITE, Robert C PENN, Mattie 1898-Mar-29
APPLEWHITE, S S MAGEE, Leona 1903-Sep-03
ARCHELAE, Chiarellia ISCHIA, Rose D 1912-Dec-09
ARD, John LAMBERT, Ella 1902-Mar-06
ARMSTRONG, O M BEAVERS, Minnie 1912-Oct-12
ARNOLD, Alsey FERGUSON, Matilda 1904-Jan-04
ARNOLD, Girth SHUMAKER, Eunice 1909-Jan-06
ARNOLD, H D CRAWLEY, Alma 1909-Feb-15
ARNOLD, Robinson BOGGS, Fannie 1906-Apr-27
ARNOLD, W C DIAMOND, Hattie 1905-Feb-10
ARRINGTON, E REED, Alice 1901-Feb-09
ARRINGTON, G T COKER, Lillie 1911-Aug-23
ARRINGTON, J B CAGLE, Jennie 1913-Oct-08
ARRINGTON, Lucius COLEMAN, Iva 1912-Jun-04
ARRINGTON, Oscar N REED, Addie Bell 1900-Dec-22
ARRINGTON, Willie Ollie SMITH, Ida 1902-Nov-08
ARTHUR, J L RITCHIE, Mary A 1897-Sep-16
ATWOOD, Percy SMITH, Flossie 1907-Jun-08
AVARA, A C FRANKS, Laura 1913-Nov-22
AVERY, Charles MILLER, Idella 1901-Mar-09



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