Lincoln County Brides


TANKSLEY, Della HARTLEY, Hiram H 1900-Sep-08
TANNER, Sarah A RAGLAND, Robert F 1905-Dec-17
TARVER, Addie LAIRD, I M 1896-Feb-01
TARVER, Annie MARTIN, Earnest 1913-Nov-01
TARVER, Elzaty WATTS, Jeffie 1902-Jan-14
TARVER, Elzura JOHNSON, Matt 1909-Dec-31
TARVER, Lethia A BOWLIN, A E 1896-Dec-24
TATOM, Ida Mae DAUGHTRY, J Harmon 1895-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Eliza ALBRITTON, J W 1897-Dec-25
TAYLOR, Rosa Lee MARTIN, Joe 1909-Dec-04
TEMPLES, Mollie TERRELL, Haney 1906-Jun-21
TEMPLETON, Gelphy ALLGOOD, Earl 1904-Dec-03
TERRELL, Ella HICKMAN, Beecker 1904-Feb-03
TERRELL, Florence E FREEMAN, Sylvester 1898-Dec-14
TERRELL, Rhoda MCINTYRE, J A 1903-Dec-16
TERRELL, Rosanna CUPIT, William G 1901-Dec-06
TERRY, Beulah LAND, Luther 1909-Nov-24
TERRY, Elizabeth SMITH, Richard 1910-Oct-14
TERRY, Frances E CARLISLE, Edward 1904-Jun-18
TERRY, Fruza M TERRY, Malcolm A 1894-Mar-14
TERRY, Ophelia HINTON, Willie 1910-Nov-01
TERRY, Pearlie LEA, Callie 1902-Aug-21
TERUS, Emma MAYER, Hasper 1903-Sep-16
THAMES, Alice GRIFFITH, E L 1904-Jul-05
THAMES, Amanda KING, William 1895-Jan-22
THAMES, Bettie BLACKWELL, M C 1909-Dec-14
THAMES, Docia GARNER, Benjamine 1897-Oct-20
THAMES, Elsie LEE, Mack 1910-Oct-26
THAMES, Flora WALKER, William 1905-   -
THAMES, Florence SMITH, W Ed 1908-May-08
THAMES, Opie HEMPHILL, Mack M 1913-Feb-13
THOMAS, Effie HODGES, R A 1909-Nov-30
THOMAS, Helen BROWN, Darn 1907-   -
THOMAS, Josie LEONARD, J B 1907-Mar-19
THOMAS, Loza BUSBY, T E 1898-Jan-05
THOMAS, Martha LAMBERT, Thomas 1902-Jan-02
THOMAS, Mary LOFTON, William 1909-Dec-23
THOMAS, Nancy MURRAY, Eli 1907-Jun-12
THOMPSON, Beulah HOGGATT, Jessie 1895-Dec-23
THOMPSON, Ella LILLY, Virgil 1902-Dec-02
THOMPSON, Fannie MASON, Pink 1905-Dec-09
THOMPSON, Fannie MULLENS, Pear 1898-Apr-21
THOMPSON, Katie O MAY, Elihe 1899-Jan-30
THOMPSON, Lillie BRISTER, William 1899-Jan-20
THOMPSON, Lona BARBER, Sterling 1900-Jan-10
THOMPSON, Lucius KIRKFIELD, Florece 1905-Jun-21
THOMPSON, Mattie KING, William E 1910-Jul-25
THOMPSON, Mattie N TOWNSEND, Houston H 1912-Sep-02
THOMPSON, Ola BOYD, Hughey 1893-Dec-19
THORNHILL, Mable MARTIN, Clifton 1907-Mar-11
THORNTON, Lillie WHITE, Ben 1904-Mar-26
THROCKMORTON, Vina E COPE, Joe E 1899-Apr-13
THURMAN, Ella WHITE, W S 1901-Dec-18
THURMAN, Lena SMITH, Wade 1902-Dec-10
TILLMAN, Bettie THOMPSON, Fred 1910-Jul-26
TILLMAN, Carrie IZARD, Robert W 1907-Nov-03
TILLOTSON, Dollie LOFTON, Willis Lee 1901-Dec-20
TOLBERT, Era PRICE, Lee 1910-May-07
TOLER, Minnie MARTIN, Taulbert 1908-Feb-05
TOLER, Minnie May Mrs MARTIN, Taulbert 1908-Feb-05
TOUCHSTONE, Florence BIGNER, J R 1906-Dec-01
TOUCHSTONE, Katie SMITH, Tillman 1904-Aug-15
TOUCHSTONE, Velia WALKER, Marion 1902-Apr-09
TOWNSEND, Cona HUHN, Eugene 1907-May-24
TOWNSEND, Lizzie GILL, J T 1894-Apr-21
TRAVEN, Mary PEPPER, Thomas L 1896-Oct-10
TREVILLION, Pearl Lula WALKER, James E 1907-May-18
TRIGG, E L LOWRY, W G 1913-Feb-08
TRIMBLE, Ella TILLMAN, A M 1900-Dec-10
TRUMBELL, Hannah BLOUNT, William 1907-Oct-22
TUCKER, Donnie COOPER, Jerome 1913-Feb-28
TULLOS, D L JACKSON, Edgar O 1909-Jun-17
TULLOS, Ethel LENORE, J H 1905-Aug-30
TURNBOUGH, Jessie A W DAY, Clyde E 1912-Dec-29
TURNBOUGH, Meda GENTSCH, William 1902-Mar-06
TURNBOUGH, Meda GENTSCH, William 1901-Oct-02
TURNER, Icaline REEVES, Dudley 1910-Jan-01
TURNER, Julia DUNN, Charles I 1907-Sep-07
TURNER, Nettie WRIGHT, Jefferson 1899-May-18
TYLER, Jennie R BRADSHAW, W E 1893-Dec-11
TYSON, Eula SMITH, Monroe 1898-Apr-15
TYSON, Ola MULLINS, Elijah 1900-Apr-14



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