Lincoln County Brides


RAIFORD, Carrie GREER, Frank 1909-Sep-18
RAIFORD, Carrie PICKETT, Clifton 1904-Dec-21
RAIFORD, Lena E MCCULLOUGH, John B 1906-Oct-27
RAIFORD, Lillie M DOUGLAS, E P 1899-Nov-17
RAIFORD, Lizzie PRICE, Rufus 1904-Dec-21
RAINWATER, Elizabeth Mrs WATSON, J F 1910-May-12
RAINWATER, Fannie SMITH, Thomas 1897-May-08
RATCLIFF, Abigil NETTLES, Elan 1899-Sep-16
RATCLIFF, Corae May FORSHAG, Festus L 1902-May-17
RATCLIFF, Floy BOWLIN, Harrison 1906-May-02
RATCLIFF, Josephine O PORTR, William W 1905-Jan-24
RATCLIFF, Letha LEWIS, Art 1906-Nov-23
RATCLIFF, Louella WRIGHT, Luther 1900-Dec-29
RATCLIFF, Margret BRITT, Arthur 1903-Jan-07
RATCLIFF, Mary GARNER, Alphonso 1908-Feb-09
RATCLIFF, Mary Mississippi WHIDDON, Eason Leroy 1909-Dec-13
RATCLIFF, Mittie D NETTLES, James R 1905-Aug-08
RATCLIFF, Mollie WILLIAMS, John T 1909-Mar-03
RATCLIFF, Nancy SMITH, Samuel 1897-Dec-24
RATCLIFF, Nancy THOMAS, Ellzey 1903-Sep-04
RATCLIFF, Nora PEPPER, S A 1904-Feb-16
RATCLIFF, Ruth DAVIS, Edward W 1901-Jul-10
RATCLIFF, Sarah Ann RATCLIFF, Sidney 1909-Apr-07
RATCLIFF, Theona KEEN, E C 1898-Dec-23
RAWLS, Assie HOPE, W R 1906-Dec-24
RAWLS, Mary HART, Julius E 1901-Feb-11
RAWLS, Mary PRESTRIDGE, John 1908-Apr-13
RAWLS, Nannie BROWN, D B 1894-Dec-22
RAWLS, Sallie FURLOW, Thomas W 1897-Apr-14
RAWLS, Sophia BREWER, Amos 1898-Sep-10
REA, Amelia GODBOLD, Lawrence 1909-Feb-16
REA, Ellen CURRY, T W 1908-Oct-22
READY, Olivia PARKER, Robert 1902-Feb-08
RED, Emma MAY, E E 1903-Sep-15
RED, Frances SASSER, J M 1895-Mar-30
RED, Gussie YAWN, J H 1904-Nov-25
RED, Labada SASSER, Thomas H 1904-Dec-19
RED, Malissa MOAK, Thomas M 1900-Nov-24
RED, Mollie COOK, Joel C 1908-Jul-11
RED, Norah BURT, J W 1895-Jan-29
REDD, Bertha PHILLIPS, Robert L 1913-Jan-15
REDD, Ida SMITH, Clarence W 1902-Oct-17
REDD, Ollie SASSER, Jeff 1911-Nov-25
REDDON, Hattie MCCARROLL, W R 1908-Jul-28
REDDY, Abby NATIONS, J H 1896-Jan-08
REED, Addie Bell ARRINGTON, Oscar N 1900-Dec-22
REED, Adeline ALBRITTON, Jacob Allen 1896-Oct-08
REED, Alice ARRINGTON, E 1901-Feb-09
REED, Beulah SMITH, Isham 1905-Nov-16
REED, Cora RATCLIFF, W S 1907-May-31
REED, Docia SMITH, John 1908-Mar-02
REED, Ellen DELAUGHTER, Thomas J 1906-Dec-21
REED, Florence LAIRD, Beck L 1901-Nov-04
REED, Florence WROTEN, J H 1905-Jul-11
REED, G R SMITH, Matt 1908-Jul-08
REED, Isorradie CALLENDER, Sidney 1897-Dec-20
REED, Katie WALKER, Aaron 1908-Mar-21
REED, Lena SMITH, A W 1898-Dec-20
REED, Lizzie ALBRITTON, W H 1910-Oct-29
REED, Lizzie BRISTER, Vinson 1902-Jul-30
REED, Maggie CROSBY, L O 1896-Oct-06
REED, Mannie BRISTER, Johnnie 1905-Nov-03
REED, Mary MULLENS, T C 1909-Jan-27
REED, Mary SMITH, Erwin 1908-May-30
REED, Mollie SMITH, W B 1894-Oct-02
REEVES, Annie COON, David 1903-Dec-31
REEVES, Bertha MAGEE, Longino 1911-Dec-07
REEVES, Bertie Alberta SHARP, A J 1900-Jun-15
REEVES, Dollie GUNNELL, John N 1904-Aug-03
REEVES, Dora DAY, Nelson 1898-Apr-18
REEVES, Era THOMAS, Phontellus 1913-Jul-09
REEVES, Kizzie FINCH, Joel 1898-Dec-28
REEVES, Lena ROBERTS, C V 1907-Dec-21
REEVES, Lizzie PRESTRIDGE, Anderson 1901-Aug-16
REEVES, Mamie E SUMMERS, T E 1897-Nov-20
REEVES, Mollie WILLIAMS, W W 1903-Mar-26
REEVES, Myrtle REEVES, Ernest 1908-Jan-16
REEVES, Rhoda COLE, Willie 1912-Jun-26
REEVES, Rosa BURNS, Walter 1910-Feb-26
REILEY, Mary Lea ROSS, William Carl 1910-Oct-15
RIALS, Dona BREWER, E W 1896-Apr-03
RIALS, Dona DUNN, James Monroe 1900-Jun-07
RIALS, Dora LAMBERT, Johnnie 1903-Dec-30
RIALS, Edna THOMAS, William E 1895-Mar-18
RIALS, Josephine CAMPBELL, J P 1901-Jan-31
RIALS, Mary BESONETT, Pearson 1896-Dec-22
RIALS, Pornia GREER, Benjamine L 1900-Jan-08
RIALS, Sarah Margaret TIBBS, H A 1905-Dec-28
RICHARDSON, Isabelle PATTERSON, Samuel 1907-Apr-20
RICHARDSON, Lizzie BOWLIN, Dan 1903-Jun-04
RICHARDSON, Lizzie SULLIVAN, Dan 1903-Oct-29
RICHARDSON, Mary ADAMS, J B 1895-Jan-23
RICHARDSON, Rosie LINDER, Tom Henry 1898-Feb-07
RICHEY, Dora ALBRITTON, W E 1902-Jan-08
RICHEY, Giller THOMPSON, Berry 1895-Dec-11
RICHLAND, Letetia HERRING, Oliver 1899-Dec-07
RICHMAN, Elizabeth SEITZ, F E 1906-Aug-31
RICKEY, Onie HARLAN, Sam 1913-Sep-13
RIPPY, Sallie SMITH, Eddie 1912-Jan-13
RISHER, Pearl ELERHART, S P 1906-Jun-06
RITCHEY, Ophelia BREWER, Roland 1902-May-24
RITCHIE, Lovie THOMPSON, Eddie 1909-Sep-18
RITCHIE, Mary A ARTHUR, J L 1897-Sep-16
RITCHIE, Nancy I COKER, D C 1902-Feb-24
ROBERSON, Eula TOWNSEND, L E 1901-Feb-28
ROBERTS, Amanda CRAWFORD, Albert 1912-Dec-23
ROBERTS, Annie PRESTRIDGE, Sam 1904-Dec-02
ROBERTS, Bettie MORGAN, John T 1900-Jan-02
ROBERTS, Dellie PRICE, Zeb 1911-Nov-18
ROBERTS, Dora MORGAN, Jim 1911-Mar-16
ROBERTS, Ella WILLIAMS, R C 1896-Oct-28
ROBERTS, Emma HALL, Henry 1913-Apr-28
ROBERTS, Ida BOWMAN, Harmand 1908-Nov-06
ROBERTS, Josie TERRELL, J S 1905-Jan-20
ROBERTS, L Nora THORNHILL, Melton 1895-Jul-06
ROBERTS, Lillie JACKSON, David 1903-Jan-01
ROBERTS, Lizzie BROWN, T 1895-Mar-18
ROBERTS, Louella GRICE, W L 1913-Jan-28
ROBERTS, Lydia PRICE, John Edward 1906-Jan-10
ROBERTS, Mary ROBERTS, Albert 1903-Dec-28
ROBERTS, Mary S KNIGHT, G W 1898-Jan-26
ROBERTS, Mattie BUSBY, Thompsey 1912-Jun-08
ROBERTS, Mollie DARE, J H 1913-Oct-25
ROBERTS, Nannie N MOAK, Josephus 1907-Sep-05
ROBERTS, Ola MOAK, Ira 1895-Dec-27
ROBERTSON, Laura R BUTLER, E G 1905-Aug-11
ROBERTSON, Mollie BRIDGES, L W 1908-Nov-02
ROBINSON, Bessie HUMBLE, P A 1906-Aug-24
ROBINSON, Dilly Ann STEWART, Fayette 1905-Jan-31
ROBINSON, Mamie E PRICE, Isaac 1905-Jan-07
ROBINSON, Myrtie Mae CURRAN, Frank 1910-Dec-15
ROBORN, Talitha MILNER, B F 1905-Aug-23
ROCK, Maggie HEDGLIN, D W 1907-Sep-28
ROCKHOLT, Jennie LEA, James 1904-Nov-14
ROLEY, Clara MARTIN, C S 1902-Jul-23
ROLLINS, Effie WARREN, James 1904-Feb-02
ROLLINS, Ella JORDAN, S J 1902-Mar-11
ROLLINS, Estella MERCIER, James 1897-Dec-29
ROLLINS, Estella MERCIER, James 1898-Dec-29
ROLLINS, Inez GREER, Lucius S 1906-Sep-26
ROLLINS, Janie JOHNSON, Alex 1904-Apr-14
ROLLINS, Lena E HILTON, Martin 1906-Mar-31
ROLLINS, Mary LOFTON, H J 1895-Dec-07
ROLLINS, Maudie A PITTS, R Frank 1912-Jun-05
ROLLINS, Modena JOHNSTON, J S 1909-Jan-22
ROLLINS, Myrtis Mae MCCLENDON, Ed S 1907-Dec-14
ROLLINS, Sarah MARTIN, J W 1909-Nov-27
ROUSEY, Beulah SUMMERS, Estus 1908-Oct-07
RUSHING, Addie SMITH, Walter 1903-Sep-07
RUSHING, Alice MORGAN, Thomas 1904-Nov-26
RUSHING, Clona COON, Roscoe 1902-Oct-21
RUSHING, Colonia NUNNERY, Lige 1909-Dec-27
RUSHING, Della JACKSON, Howard 1912-Oct-21
RUSHING, Effie RATCLIFF, Daton 1906-May-28
RUSHING, Ella RUSHING, J W 1901-Jan-05
RUSHING, Georgia RUSHING, B Z 1903-Feb-23
RUSHING, Lena ADAMS, Jessie 1901-Nov-29
RUSHING, Lewie FREEMAN, Zetta 1907-Dec-20
RUSHING, Lizzie JOHNSON, Henry 1903-Jan-28
RUSHING, Lizzie MARTIN, William 1901-Jan-30
RUSHING, Lizzie Adeline RUSHING, James S 1905-Dec-29
RUSHING, Lula MINTON, Andy 1901-Dec-18
RUSHING, Lula THOMAS, John R 1899-Feb-
RUSHING, Mary Catharine STEWART, Willis 1909-Nov-24
RUSHING, May SMITH, Jim 1907-Feb-12
RUSHING, Ollie RIALS, Lee 1909-Dec-04
RUSHING, Rhoda MARTIN, Robert S 1901-Dec-24
RUSHING, Rina RUSHING, Alva 1904-Dec-09
RUSNING, Janie JACKSON, G W 1901-Feb-02
RUSSELL, Bettie STAPP, Martin 1898-Feb-02
RUSSELL, Docia KIRKFIELD, Dallas 1905-Aug-05
RUSSELL, Jennie BOYTE, Cicero 1900-Oct-04
RUSSELL, Lou COOK, J W 1902-Dec-26
RUSSELL, Sybil BYRNE, R L 1906-Dec-06
RUSSELL, Tishie MILLER, Carsie 1911-Aug-21
RUST, Elizabeth BOLIN, William 1804-Jun-18
RUST, Polly BOWLING, Jarrard 1807-Jan-18
RUTLAND, Annie MASON, James 1898-May-27
RUTLAND, Chancy GREEN, Eva 1900-Jul-25
RUTLAND, Ella WHITE, Andrew 1903-Dec-16
RUTLAND, Fannie STEPHENS, Cabe 1911-Nov-22
RUTLAND, Olivia ROBERTSON, R A 1911-Jun-30
RUTLAND, Ora BOUTWELL, Joe 1907-Jan-24
RUTLAND, Seley KIMBLE, W F 1894-Jan-31
RUTLEDGE, Katherine COVINGTON, S M 1898-Jun-08
RUTLEDGE, Rhoda JONES, W H 1903-Dec-28
RYALS, Mattie THORNHILL, Bob 1909-Nov-17



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