Lincoln County Brides

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PACE, Ida B JONES, Leighton F 1906-Apr-26
PARKMOND, Daisy Lee WHITE, Eager 1907-Jul-06
PARNELL, Mattie BOYD, C A 1898-Jan-31
PARRINO, Teresa MUSSO, Carmelo 1909-Jun-07
PARSONS, Cora STINGLY, Leslie M 1898-Aug-17
PARSONS, Ira L SEAVEY, Mary Rose 1902-Jun-04
PARSONS, Zula M BUNHAM, Hugh J 1910-Nov-30
PARSONS, Zula M BURNHAM, Hugh J 1910-Nov-02
PATRICK, Adell SPEED, J B 1894-Sep-29
PATRICK, Myrtis NORDAR, C T 1909-Mar-18
PATTER, Josie C HUTSON, Arie 1911-Jan-14
PATTON, Emma RATCLIFF, John B 1898-Jul-06
PATTON, Eula MILLER, Walter S 1905-Aug-21
PEAVEY, Lula CARLISLE, Jodie 1909-Jul-26
PEAVEY, Mittie PEAVY, Bias 1910-Aug-27
PEAVY, Minnie CARR, James 1906-Jan-11
PEAVY, Seaby CHANCE, J 1912-Dec-24
PEEVEY, Roxie KING, J W 1908-Aug-17
PENN, Josie E BROWN, T J 1905-Apr-01
PENN, Lenora TRIPLETT, F M 1909-Dec-15
PENN, Martha Louise MANION, William Joseph 1912-Oct-13
PENN, Mattie APPLEWHITE, Robert C 1898-Mar-29
PENN, Ruth A STACEY, I B 1906-Dec-31
PENNINGTON, Ada COX, Archie 1912-Apr-18
PENNINGTON, Edna KING, Benjamine Olan 1907-Jan-16
PENNINGTON, Lula C WHITE, Jnoarthur 1909-Apr-08
PEPPER, Ada SMITH, Luther M 1900-Dec-28
PEPPER, Bessie CALLENDER, W C 1906-Jan-09
PEPPER, Cora SMITH, Krauss 1904-Mar-29
PEPPER, Emma SOUTHERLAND, John G 1900-Nov-04
PEPPER, Georgia BUTLER, Eugene 1900-Dec-07
PEPPER, Mary Jane WILLIAMS, Judge 1904-   -
PEPPER, Mary Jane WILLIAMS, Judge 1905-   -
PERCER, Eva Dale MOODY, Lamar 1911-Aug-08
PERKINS, Josie Mae GORDON, H J 1909-Mar-19
PERKINS, Marie LEWENTHALL, George 1893-Nov-04
PERKINS, Zula B MORTON, Samuel E 1897-May-06
PFINGLE, Inez L SCHAFER, Frank T 1896-Sep-09
PHILLIPS, Eunice CRAVEN, James 1909-Dec-29
PHILLIPS, Fannie YOUNG, Frank 1897-May-21
PHILLIPS, Lizzie RADNEY, D A 1910-Apr-12
PHILLIPS, Mary CROSBY, N L 1898-Feb-24
PHILLIPS, Nettie CRAVEN, Arthur 1907-Jan-30
PHILLIPS, Priscilla GLYNN, John 1905-May-22
PICKERING, Dora SCOTT, W D 1906-Jan-14
PICKERING, Ruth ADAMS, J C 1906-Oct-23
PIERSON, Sallie Mrs PIRTLE, John 1908-Mar-19
PITTMAN, Bernelia CRANE, Clum 1900-Oct-03
PITTMAN, Florence CORKERN, George W 1912-Jul-21
PITTS, Ida WHITE, R B 1901-Nov-02
PITTS, Maggie DELANEY, C E 1911-Dec-23
PITTS, Mary RAMSEY, R V 1900-Dec-24
PITTS, Mary Jane WRIGHT, Maxwell 1909-Jun-28
PITTS, Rosa TURNBOUGH, W F 1912-Jun-29
PLANCHARD, Josephine A PERKINS, Charlesb 1898-Jan-28
PORTER, Amanda RUTLAND, W D 1899-Jul-05
PORTER, Anye ALLEN, S T 1911-Jan-17
PORTER, Desdie O SMITH, W A 1905-Nov-28
PORTER, Emma YOUNG, Jessie 1899-Sep-03
PORTER, Julia WALLACE, William 1900-Oct-15
PORTER, Lula EVANS, Hiliary 1907-Aug-17
PORTER, Narcissa LARD, Thomas 1903-Dec-22
PORTER, Ophelia LOFTON, D B 1904-Dec-28
PORTER, Rhoda SMITH, Ervin 1898-Feb-15
PORTER, Sallie LEGGETT, E H 1897-Dec-23
POSEY, Belle PHILLIPS, S H 1909-Dec-28
POSEY, Ella BOYD, J W 1904-Jan-12
POSEY, Ella LAIRD, John H 1904-Jan-07
POSEY, Juliette TARVER, Will 1901-Nov-30
POSEY, Lucinda E ALDERMAN, Enoch 1899-Dec-11
POSEY, Maudie CASS, John V 1907-Dec-17
POWELL, Georgia L PICKINS, William Walker 1902-Oct-25
POWELL, Mamie MCALPIN, A A 1903-Oct-28
PRESCOTT, Bessie SMITH, Moses 1909-Apr-07
PRESTRIDGE, Dora A MOAK, W H 1896-Jan-22
PRESTRIDGE, Ida PRICE, Joseph L 1913-Apr-26
PRESTRIDGE, Lizzie BROWN, James 1911-Jan-14
PRESTRIDGE, Lizzie BROWN, Luther 1902-Jan-08
PRESTRIDGE, Lizzie CRAIN, C E 1910-Mar-30
PRESTRIDGE, Lizzie KEPPER, Emile 1904-Dec-20
PRESTRIDGE, Lucy MAY, Fred 1900-Feb-14
PRESTRIDGE, Mollie PRICE, Will T 1901-Dec-21
PRESTRIDGE, Rosetta CONNELLY, G W 1896-Feb-21
PRICE, Adell COBB, Elbert R 1902-May-19
PRICE, Adelle BREWER, Leslie M 1903-Dec-21
PRICE, Agnes MARTIN, Quincey 1909-Apr-27
PRICE, Carrie J FANT, Clarence Lee 1907-Nov-16
PRICE, Courtney ERWIN, John 1899-Jul-17
PRICE, Dora BRISTER, Julius 1901-Dec-25
PRICE, Dora WATSON, J R 1897-Dec-21
PRICE, Emma CRISCOE, Louie 1908-May-08
PRICE, Eovina LOFTON, E D 1894-Dec-15
PRICE, Fannie WILLIAMS, Berkley B 1909-Oct-30
PRICE, Ida BROWN, C C 1907-Oct-05
PRICE, Ira FERRELL, Willie 1908-Aug-04
PRICE, Isabelle MARTIN, Ira 1899-Mar-21
PRICE, Leona PRICE, John Edward 1910-Aug-10
PRICE, Lizzie BREWER, A N 1908-Jan-26
PRICE, Lula COLE, J D 1906-Dec-11
PRICE, Lula PRICE, B A 1899-Jan-17
PRICE, Maggie BURNS, Henry 1909-Oct-13
PRICE, Maggie L COLE, Wade M 1911-Sep-11
PRICE, Mamie E KIMBLE, Elijah E 1903-Jan-17
PRICE, Mary J COLE, Pearl M 1900-Jun-16
PRICE, Mattie GILL, A J 1909-Nov-18
PRICE, Mattie WILLIAMS, J W 1899-Jul-15
PRICE, Minnie BUIE, Thomas J 1905-Nov-07
PRICE, Myrtis SMITH, Versie 1909-Dec-11
PRICE, Myrtis Gertrude SHERTLEFF, Wayne A 1911-Apr-11
PRICE, Nan R CONVERSE, Henry 1902-Dec-01
PRICE, O L SEAL, J S 1896-Mar-30
PRICE, Rosa WILLIAMS, Floyd 1895-Jan-01
PRICE, Victoria CARLISLE, Ellison C 1903-Jun-27
PRIEBATECH, Esther GREENWOOD, Henry C 1904-Mar-08
PRINE, Bula DUNN, Ross 1909-Dec-22
PRINE, Minnie Belle NEWMAN, J C 1907-Jan-15
PURVIS, Dollie BLACKWELL, A B 1894-Oct-23
QUARLS, Ethel WEBBER, John 1910-Aug-29



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