Lincoln County Brides

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NALL, Cora MYERS, J E 1910-Sep-10
NAMAN, Mary JOSEPH, N 1909-Jul-05
NATIONS, Adeline BRISTER, J A 1893-Dec-30
NATIONS, Adeline STEPHENS, T L 1905-Feb-08
NATIONS, Alice MCGRAW, W L 1897-Dec-23
NATIONS, Bertha HEMPHILL, Willie 1900-Sep-08
NATIONS, Bertha HEMPHILL, Willie 1899-Dec-21
NATIONS, Bertha HILTON, Alla 1906-Apr-01
NATIONS, Effie L CARR, John Benton 1910-Sep-24
NATIONS, Emaline SMITH, E J 1894-Oct-15
NATIONS, Jane HEMPHILL, Philip C 1908-Feb-05
NATIONS, Lena MCGRAW, Joe W 1910-Jan-29
NATIONS, Lillian CASE, Wilford 1913-Feb-01
NATIONS, Loucinda BECK, Henry 1901-Mar-20
NATIONS, Lourisca COGHLAN, A J 1910-Jan-24
NATIONS, Lula KEEN, Pink 1905-Dec-23
NATIONS, Maggie NUSOM, J E 1903-Oct-05
NATIONS, Malissa FERRILL, Theodore 1909-Feb-13
NATIONS, Mary Etta SHEPHERD, Daniel 1900-May-08
NATIONS, Maud DIAMOND, Walter 1909-Aug-04
NATIONS, Maude MCGUFFIE, J A 1910-Jun-11
NATIONS, Nora E JACKS, N F 1900-Feb-09
NATIONS, Ollie COGHLAN, A J 1903-Nov-21
NATIONS, Perlie D POSEY, Harvey T 1913-Apr-20
NEAL, Barbara LAWRENCE, Lee 1913-Nov-10
NEAL, Dora CONNELLY, John Will 1898-May-23
NEAL, Elizabeth RUSSELL, Bass 1906-Apr-17
NEAL, Julia BROWN, George 1898-May-07
NEAL, Lena BRISTER, John 1904-Mar-02
NEAL, Sarah BRISTER, John T 1899-Feb-11
NEAL, Viola COGHLAN, B F 1895-Mar-18
NEIL, Hollie HALL, John H 1900-Nov-20
NETHERLAND, Hettie HERRING, John Edward 1906-Feb-03
NETHERLAND, Myrtis KING, William 1908-May-02
NETHERLAND, Ora DALTON, Geo W 1909-Dec-19
NETHERLANDS, Delia THAMES, Homer 1902-Dec-22
NETHERLANDS, Ophelia THAMES, Estus 1902-Oct-10
NETTLES, Arcola FRANKLIN, J W 1899-Dec-12
NETTLES, Ella WESTBROOK, Hosea 1907-Sep-21
NETTLES, Ellie BROWN, Charlie 1899-Dec-22
NETTLES, Ethel BOWMAN, Jesse 1911-Sep-30
NETTLES, Eula LAXTON, Burt 1913-Dec-16
NETTLES, Minnie FRANKLIN, J W 1901-Sep-18
NEVELS, Arsula RAWLS, W J 1893-Dec-16
NEWELL, Christine BRITT, Wilford 1896-Jan-01
NEWELL, Hallie NEWELL, Sherck 1912-Nov-05
NEWELL, Ella BRITT, Elbert 1900-Dec-18
NEWELL, Martha NEWELL, William 1901-Aug-20
NEWELL, Nannie MCCULLOUGH, Will 1908-Nov-24
NEWMAN, Eva COLEMAN, D J 1912-Sep-04
NEWMAN, Florencel JACKSON, James 1903-Nov-30
NEWMAN, Rebecca WALLACE, Thomas Jeff 1902-Aug-15
NEWSOM, Brilla PENNINGTON, Bob 1906-Aug-28
NEWSOM, Lillie STORM, Robert J 1905-Feb-14
NEWSOM, Mattie RHODES, G S 1901-May-18
NEWSOM, Ruth SUTTON, Homer 1902-Nov-19
NEWSOME, Willie L WATTS, Charles H 1893-Dec-26
NEWTON, Cora CASE, Eli 1900-Dec-10
NEWTON, Mary C SMITH, F A 1907-Apr-24
NICHOLSON, Pearl TURNBOUGH, George W 1900-Dec-09
NIELSON, Ellen PETERSON, Peter 1907-Nov-02
NOBLES, Narcisa E LINTON, George Cecil 1901-Mar-19
NOMAN, Mary RAMY, Maroon 1909-Jun-09
NORMAN, Lillie BAILEY, Alverf 1899-Jul-15
NORRIS, Ellen CASTELAW, J C 1894-Oct-04
NORRIS, Mollie SHOEMAKER, Allen 1902-Jul-17
NORTON, Annie FALVEY, John 1898-Jan-05
NORTON, Bertha SMITH, Leon 1906-Dec-15
NORTON, Ida HERRING, L E 1904-Feb-11
NORTON, Mamie SMITH, Hawkin 1910-Sep-15
NORTON, Mary Lee COWART, Edmond Dr 1897-Dec-09
NORTON, Susie WILLIAMSON, Lafayette 1909-Oct-20
NUNNERY, Katie Lee DAVIS, William 1909-Feb-29
NUNNERY, Lillian MARTIN, Joe 1907-Dec-23
NUNNERY, Mamie TERRELL, W W 1905-May-13
NUSON, Alice HUTSON, L O 1901-Feb-28
OBERSCHMIDT, Etta SMITH, Pickens B 1898-Feb-16
OBERSCHMIDT, Willie HOGGETT, Norris 1901-Feb-05
OCTAVIA, Netherlands GARVIN, C C 1905-Aug-28
ODEN, O T SMITH, R L 1908-Apr-11
ODOUGLAS, Erma HALL, J L 1896-Aug-03
OLIVER, Ada MARTIN, Wise 1911-Jul-08
OLIVER, America DRURY, Palmer S 1901-Jun-01
OLIVER, Flora WILSON, Harden 1911-Jan-04
OLIVER, Mary F ROSS, Marcus L 1905-Dec-23
OLIVER, Ollie B SMITH, Benjamine P 1903-Jun-18
OQUINN, Mattie CATHERN, L N 1903-Nov-19
OSBORN, Nellie MONTGOMERY, W E Dr 1908-Mar-18
OSWALT, Estelle E GRAVE, Helmer 1909-Apr-08
OWENS, Mary SUMMERS, Melton 1901-Mar-06



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