Lincoln County Brides

K - L

KAGLE, Mamie FAIRCHILD, J S 1903-Oct-19
KEEN, Ira WELLA, Ophelia 1901-Jan-09
KEEN, Nona COLEMAN, F C 1906-Nov-07
KEENAN, Ida W VAUGHN, John A 1904-Apr-06
KEES, Ansabelia STAPP, James 1896-Jan-28
KEES, Arlo NATIONS, Luther C 1904-Jul-16
KEES, Arsela GILL, Thomas 1896-Dec-23
KEES, Mary DUNN, Eddie 1909-Feb-16
KELLEY, Ella BOYTE, Pink 1905-Nov-18
KELLEY, Ozzie DELAUGHTER, W T 1906-Nov-03
KELLEY, Victoria COON, Burkley 1903-Mar-11
KELLY, Ivy I THEADFORD, Preston Z 1907-Dec-24
KELLY, Lizzie BECK, Franklin 1900-Dec-22
KELLY, Lizzie MYER, Alphonse 1901-Nov-20
KEMBELL, Cora ALLEN, G R 1912-Dec-21
KENNA, Myrtis L Elma CARRUTH, Samuel Enoch 1898-Sep-12
KENNEDY, Willie Ann SMITH, Hardy 1903-Dec-09
KIDDER, Helen May LEES, F A 1895-Oct-05
KIMBALL, Lula STILLWELL, Jesse 1910-Jan-12
KIMBALL, Maggie Gertrude WELCH, M C 1896-Feb-10
KIMBLE, Armanda SMITH, L H 1900-Apr-25
KIMBLE, Delia STEPHENSON, W R 1894-Dec-24
KIMBLE, Elizabeth C JOHNSON, J J 1898-Dec-13
KIMBLE, Lizzie SMITH, A M 1906-Dec-08
KIMBLE, Mary E MULLEN, John 1895-Oct-24
KIMBLE, Sadie FORE, Eddie 1908-Dec-16
KING, Arcola ALLRED, F 1899-Feb-18
KING, Ary CARRUTH, J P 1895-Mar-30
KING, Aylene ROBY, James A 1911-Feb-11
KING, Bertha TARVER, J C 1912-Nov-16
KING, Carrie ROBY, W O 1908-Sep-12
KING, Dixie DELAUGHTER, F W 1904-Jul-06
KING, Marley MARTIN, Pearlie 1912-May-15
KING, Mary Ada CARRUTH, J E 1897-Mar-06
KING, Minnie R SASSER, J F 1910-Jun-26
KING, Ola MYERS, Joe 1911-Feb-22
KING, Rhoda MARTIN, Seaborn 1906-Jun-23
KIRKFIELD, Bessie COON, E B 1910-Mar-10
KIRKFIELD, Florece THOMPSON, Lucius 1905-Jun-21
KITT, Dell Nora STRONG, Bartley 1902-Sep-20
KITTS, Minnie Ree SMITH, Lewis F 1911-Feb-04
KYSAR, Ophelia BOWMAN, H O 1894-Dec-12
KYSAR, Rachel RAIBORN, I E 1911-Jan-25
KYZAR, Amanda Belle NEWMAN, S B 1903-Nov-11
KYZAR, Anna DAVIS, Walter 1896-Sep-03
KYZAR, Carrie WALLACE, John 1910-Dec-24
KYZAR, Ella ROLLINS, Jerry 1913-Nov-12
KYZAR, Emma PRINE, Lon 1911-Jan-16
KYZAR, Janie THAMES, Louie 1913-Jun-28
KYZAR, Lizzie STERLING, V P 1895-Jul-18
KYZAR, Lula KYZAR, Jim 1906-Aug-01
KYZAR, Martha Ann WOMACK, Willie David 1906-Jan-01
KYZAR, Mattie WEEKS, Henry 1897-Mar-26
KYZAR, Nannie KYZAR, Joseph R 1909-Jul-02
LAIRD, Blanche MOAK, Joe M 1898-Feb-26
LAIRD, Blanche STEWART, Sebe L 1909-Dec-24
LAIRD, Lillian MOAK, Jefferson 1900-Dec-14
LAIRD, Lillian WATTS, Pearlie 1906-Dec-07
LAIRD, Ruth FRANKLIN, Thomas 1908-Dec-24
LAIRD, Vina FOSTER, Eugene 1909-Mar-20
LAMB, Fannie ALLEN, W E 1896-Jan-22
LAMBERT, Alla JORDAN, T M 1896-Jan-08
LAMBERT, Ella ARD, John 1902-Mar-06
LAMBERT, Ellen RIALS, F S 1898-Apr-11
LAMBERT, Emma SMITH, D W 1900-Oct-27
LAMBERT, May FURR, Charlie A 1909-Aug-20
LAMBERT, Millie MORGAN, James 1897-Sep-25
LAMBERT, Olie MARTIN, Jeff 1909-Aug-16
LAMBERT, Rhoda WALKER, James A 1902-Dec-05
LAMBERT, Rilla PRICE, Walter 1905-Sep-27
LAMBERT, Viney MARTIN, D S 1911-Jul-06
LAMBRIGHT, Ida KING, James 1901-Mar-13
LANDS (LONAS), Rachael BLESSIT, Francis 1812-Jul-12
LANE, Etta B HERRING, Samuel 1907-Jan-12
LARD, Angeline HART, Luther J 1900-Apr-30
LARD, Johasa FRANKLIN, George 1908-Jan-02
LARD, Lottie V CASE, R P 1903-Oct-10
LARD, Lousinda WATTS, G W 1895-Mar-12
LARD, Mary JOHNSON, Rufus 1902-Oct-31
LARD, Mattie REEVES, R L 1901-Feb-11
LARKIN, Wessie SMITH, Walter 1904-Jan-14
LAWRENCE, Docia RITCHEY, Melvin 1898-Feb-02
LAWRENCE, Dora STEWART, Charles 1897-Jan-01
LAWRENCE, Fannie PRICE, J F 1909-Oct-23
LAWRENCE, Georgia PHILLIPS, Arthur 1910-Jan-04
LAWRENCE, Hattie LOTZ, John Adams 1899-Oct-13
LAWRENCE, Leona BEESON, Pink 1901-Nov-18
LAWRENCE, Lizzie GREER, J C 1903-Oct-07
LAWRENCE, Mary GREER, W I 1899-Oct-14
LAWRENCE, Zena MOAK, Hesper 1913-Oct-06
LAZARUS, Emma L BYRD, L B 1902-Feb-12
LAZRUS, Ella SMITH, Cornelius 1895-May-24
LEA, Callie TERRY, Pearlie 1902-Aug-21
LEA, Emma RICE, F M 1901-Jan-26
LEA, Mary RUTLAND, John 1913-Dec-20
LEE, Ella MCDANIEL, Lewis 1900-Aug-06
LEE, Ethel MULLEN, E L 1908-Oct-08
LEE, Frances EAST, Charlie L 1901-Feb-02
LEE, Ida BUIE, Archie 1900-Jul-02
LEE, Jennie APPLEWHITE, Laurin 1905-Apr-28
LEE, Lula BOUTWELL, John 1899-Dec-27
LEE, Neva JONES, M D 1909-Jan-22
LEGGETT, Maude Ethel JOHNSON, O E 1912-Oct-29
LENARD, Florence BARDWELL, Joe 1909-Mar-27
LETHERAND, Nannie SIMMONS, T J 1894-Feb-14
LEVEY, Hettia LOWENTRITT, Lewis 1900-Dec-27
LEWENTHAL, Ella KERN, F 1898-Apr-22
LEWENTHAL, Mollie GOLDSLAIN, A B 1911-Nov-19
LEWIS, Emma WHITE, Jeff T 1900-Aug-08
LEWIS, Lucy RUSSELL, T R 1896-Oct-21
LEWIS, Lucy U ROBERTS, A B 1902-Mar-24
LEWIS, Mary E FLIPPEN, H G 1903-Oct-07
LEWIS, V C MORGAN, Hiram Thomas 1906-Apr-16
LILLY, Missouri SEGERS, Southard 1897-Nov-25
LILLY, Palestine WHITE, Archie 1906-Sep-21
LINDEN, Eliza SMITH, John W 1899-Dec-09
LINTON, Ada GOLDMAN, Edward 1902-Nov-27
LINTON, Carrie GOLDMAN, Albert 1902-Jul-22
LINTON, Maude CASE, Martin A 1898-Feb-26
LINTON, Ollie SUTTON, Jno F 1910-Mar-26
LOFTIN, Callie MCMANUS, Lowe 1907-Nov-21
LOFTIN, Cora DIXON, Hillary 1896-Nov-11
LOFTIN, Dora RUSHING, Hiram 1895-Dec-10
LOFTIN, Emma PORTER, Thomas E 1899-Dec-18
LOFTIN, Eunice Ree WHITE, Andy J 1896-May-28
LOFTIN, Julia E LOA, S M 1896-Jan-01
LOFTIN, Martha Ann FURR, Henry 1902-Jun-10
LOFTIN, Rosie CASE, Thomas M 1897-May-26
LOFTON, Ada SMITH, Alvie 1909-Nov-12
LOFTON, Annie Mrs LEWIS, A J 1909-Dec-14
LOFTON, Carrie WATTS, Lee 1894-Oct-17
LOFTON, Cora MORGAN, Dewitt 1906-Feb-09
LOFTON, Ella HAYES, Willie Robert 1904-Feb-20
LOFTON, Eunice PARSONS, James R 1912-Oct-15
LOFTON, Fannie LOFTON, Marvin 1901-Dec-30
LOFTON, Genia CASE, R L 1906-Jan-29
LOFTON, Ida CASE, Jessie V 1906-Dec-27
LOFTON, Julia LEWIS, Cornelius 1899-Nov-01
LOFTON, Loueza SMITH, Thomas E 1897-Feb-24
LOFTON, Maggie ECKART, Charlie 1902-Feb-04
LOFTON, Martha SMITH, E J 1906-Jan-17
LOFTON, Martha J SMITH, Preston 1900-Dec-29
LOFTON, Nannie WOOTEN, Leonard 1905-Dec-05
LOFTON, Oma WOOTEN, Prentiss 1904-Dec-13
LOFTON, Ophelia LOFTON, Barack 1908-Dec-03
LOFTON, Sallie SMITH, T W 1898-Feb-12
LOFTON, Zodie MCMANUS, Charlie 1906-Nov-16
LONG, Alice A MCCRORY, Florence 1910-Jan-05
LOTZ, Rosa WILLIAMS, Ben 1904-Sep-30
LOVE, Lillie HENDERSON, E R 1907-Mar-27
LOVE, Sarah GUESS, E B 1909-Jun-08
LOVELL, Lizzette WELCH, Pierson E 1911-May-06
LOVELL, Rebecca SMITH, Joel I 1901-Jan-09
LOVING, Clara COVINGTON, W T 1896-Feb-15
LOVING, Hattie CONN, H M 1895-Feb-06
LOVING, Laura SMITH, Archie 1897-Dec-28
LOVING, Mary E MELLARD, James T 1898-Dec-27
LOVING, Mattie JOLLY, Wilson 1900-Dec-29
LOWE, Annie THORNTON, W J 1905-Nov-24
LUCAS, Sadie Mae HARVESTON, Samuel W 1912-Nov-15
LUPO, Eula Day COLLENDER, Jesse 1909-Nov-09
LYONS, Laura SMITH, S S 1901-Mar-04



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