Lincoln County Brides

I - J

INGRAM, Allie WILLIAMS, E L 1906-Jan-06
INGRAM, Mattie Mrs BULLARD, Sidney 1908-Dec-31
ISAACS, Rosa LAVIN, Louis 1905-Jun-24
ISADORE, Mary TURNER, F 1904-Nov-15
ISCHIA, Rose D ARCHELAE, Chiarellia 1912-Dec-09
ISCHIA, Rose D CHIARELLA, Archelle 1912-Dec-09
IVY, Minnie L BLACKWELL, Robert A 1913-Mar-15
IVY, Tera LEE, J L 1913-May-31
JACKSON, Annie SHAW, George 1900-May-16
JACKSON, Beulah DAVIS, William 1903-   -
JACKSON, Fannie ROBERTS, Frank 1912-Oct-02
JACKSON, Leona WILSON, G W 1894-May-24
JACKSON, Maggie WOLF, Charles 1905-Dec-23
JACKSON, Maggie I MOORE, Charles A 1912-Apr-24
JACKSON, Mary BALLARD, Howard 1899-Nov-04
JACKSON, Minnie Lee DOYLE, Phillip T 1902-Oct-22
JACKSON, Minnie Mrs GIBSON, Stephen 1908-Apr-09
JACKSON, Nannie BRITT, Frank 1911-Apr-08
JACKSON, Rosella BURT, William 1902-Jan-23
JAMES, Ida Mae COON, J C 1911-Dec-21
JAMES, Mary WALKER, David 1906-Dec-17
JAMES, Mattie BAILEY, L E 1906-Apr-03
JAMES, Mattie MCDOWELL, Willie 1894-Nov-24
JAMES, Mattie MCDOWELL, Willie 1895-Nov-24
JAMES, Mattie TARVER, Quitman 1912-Dec-06
JAMES, Myrtle ALLEN, Willie 1913-Feb-01
JEFFCOAT, Frances JEFFCOAT, Daniel 1897-Nov-30
JENKINS, Byrdie MITCHELL, D M 1902-Jul-19
JENKINS, Joanna SMITH, Sam 1906-Jul-03
JENKINS, Mary MILLER, D M 1910-Nov-23
JENKINS, Mattie HAYMAN, J W 1909-Sep-13
JENKINS, Mellissa SMITH, Joe 1905-Nov-11
JOBES, Alma GRAFTON, Edgar Percy 1902-Jul-22
JOBES, Flora A HOSKINS, S J 1901-Jun-10
JOHNSON, Arcola SMITH, James 1911-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Cora ALBRITTON, R E 1896-Dec-14
JOHNSON, Daisy JOHNSON, W J 1898-Jan-27
JOHNSON, Elizabeth MCMILLAN, Drury 1896-Jan-31
JOHNSON, Ida LEANARD, Isase 1911-May-27
JOHNSON, Julie Belle ROBERTS, W W 1907-Sep-03
JOHNSON, Leona COKER, M C 1907-Jun-08
JOHNSON, Louise SHOEMAKER, J A Jr 1907-Apr-29
JOHNSON, Lula STORM, J L 1900-Nov-17
JOHNSON, Matilda LOFTON, O H 1902-Feb-11
JOHNSON, Maude MCLELAND, Monroe 1913-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Myra PORTER, J E 1899-Apr-03
JOHNSON, Nannie NORTON, W J 1900-Nov-07
JOHNSON, Nola WILSON, Henry 1908-Dec-17
JOHNSON, Ora Lee FARRELL, Wm 1908-Aug-11
JOHNSON, Rena TROTTER, W H 1901-Jan-02
JOHNSON, Sallie Belle MEREDITH, D I 1908-May-08
JOHNSON, Sarah KEEN, Lafayette 1896-May-16
JOHNSON, Virginia SMITH, Alvah M 1898-Jan-24
JOHNSTON, Gussie COFF, Lindsey B 1902-Mar-11
JOHNSTON, Jennie ALLBRITTON, Preston 1909-Jan-13
JOHNSTON, Lou ROBERTS, W C 1908-Feb-12
JOHNSTON, Nannie ROBERTS, Wade 1903-Jul-02
JOHNSTON, Pearlie BRISTER, Charlie 1901-Feb-21
JOLLY, Lela TOLBERT, Ben 1909-Jun-22
JONES, Claudie May MCDAVITT, John O 1910-Feb-09
JONES, Ella STOKES, A M 1894-Apr-23
JONES, Emma MAXWELL, Fleet 1903-Nov-19
JONES, Emma POLLARD, Chancery 1909-Jul-07
JONES, Emma VAMORMAN, J J 1907-Jun-26
JONES, Jessie SPENCE, John 1911-May-13
JONES, Katie WEIR, Edgar 1908-Feb-06
JONES, Katie WEIR, Edgar Lee 1908-Feb-06
JONES, Mary ANDREWS, Murray 1905-Oct-09
JONES, Mollie PITTMAN, Duncan 1902-Aug-04
JONES, Nola E NORTON, O W 1899-Oct-23
JONES, O H BOLON, W J 1893-Nov-09
JONES, Sallie MOAK, Hood 1899-Nov-25
JONES, W W WIZE, Willie Ray 1912-Nov-27
JORDAN, Adalee BULLOCK, W H 1894-Jan-08
JORDAN, Alice KING, John 1909-Dec-21
JORDAN, Annie PITTS, Aleck 1900-Feb-18
JORDAN, Annie STEWART, Carlos 1903-Feb-20
JORDAN, Belle HART, John L 1901-Apr-06
JORDAN, Blanche E BOUGH, Henry 1896-Feb-19
JORDAN, Carrie SMITH, Newton 1904-Nov-18
JORDAN, Emma COKE, B B 1912-Jul-20
JORDAN, Emma NETTLES, Lawrence 1900-Sep-29
JORDAN, Gertrude BERRY, J W 1907-Aug-01
JORDAN, Hattie UNDERWOOD, Dock 1904-Aug-20
JORDAN, Jessie SPENCE, J O 1897-Nov-07
JORDAN, Joana ADAMS, J S 1904-Apr-06
JORDAN, Lizzie COX, Claudius 1895-Oct-12
JORDAN, Lizzie HOLLAND, W M 1905-Jul-21
JORDAN, Mamie WINBORNE, S H 1896-Dec-21
JORDAN, Mattie HART, P W 1902-Dec-10
JORDAN, Mattie NEWTON, D A 1896-Jun-21
JORDAN, Nora BLADES, James 1894-Dec-26
JORDAN, Sallie RITCHEY, J W 1897-Mar-15
JORDON, Mary Caldonia COLEMAN, John N 1902-Jun-06



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