Lincoln County Brides

D - E

DAMICO, Jo CARNAGGIO, Sam 1907-Dec-17
DANIEL, Dorris Ray KLEIN, Nathan 1912-Feb-27
DAUGHERTY, Fannie L MULLIKIN, H F 1901-Nov-30
DAUGHTRY, Jyne W NIXON, Wesley J 1899-Dec-25
DAVIS, Annie EDWARDS, N S 1894-Dec-14
DAVIS, Dora MORGAN, J T 1912-Jan-04
DAVIS, E G MAHAFFEY, J B 1893-Nov-29
DAVIS, Florence NORDAN, Floyd 1902-Dec-20
DAVIS, Katie NEWTON, Henry 1895-Dec-23
DAVIS, Lethia CARR, David 1908-Oct-08
DAVIS, Lizzie GIVENS, Wash 1909-Nov-17
DAVIS, Mary DAVIS, James 1904-Jul-13
DAVIS, Mary SMITH, Bluford 1911-Sep-30
DAVIS, Minnie MILES, Ed 1902-Oct-17
DAVIS, Nellie GRIFFIN, Bennie 1913-Mar-31
DAVIS, Nora WHITE, Winston 1905-Sep-22
DAVIS, Pearlie MERCIER, Harvey 1910-Mar-02
DAVIS, Rosa DUMONT, Ed 1913-Nov-21
DAY, Mayme FELDER, Oliver 1913-Jan-16
DECELL, Carrie SPENCER, J W W 1911-Jan-21
DEER, Doran SMITH, William T 1899-Dec-25
DEES, Hazel TUCKER, Claude 1913-Jan-17
DEES, Mary SUTTON, W J 1901-Aug-03
DEES, Winnie ROBERTS, Williams 1911-Feb-02
DELAUGHTER, Annie NEAL, L M 1894-Jul-11
DELAUGHTER, Dona LAMBERT, James Luther 1902-Oct-04
DELAUGHTER, Isabelle FAIRCHILD, M L 1902-Jul-15
DELAUGHTER, Lizzie NETHERLAND, John 1909-Dec-30
DELAUGHTER, Lizzie WILLIAMSON, Fayette 1904-Jul-21
DELAUGHTER, Mandy BRISTER, Jacob W 1904-Feb-01
DELAUGHTER, Susie RIALS, Lee 1910-Sep-17
DENNETT, Carrie Belle TATE, Homer 1910-May-26
DENNETT, Fannie MCCORMICK, Mack 1906-Apr-26
DIAMOND, Ada COKER, J W 1907-Jun-12
DIAMOND, Hattie ARNOLD, W C 1905-Feb-10
DIAMOND, Nora COKER, H A 1907-Feb-13
DICKENS, Viola DAVIS, Charlie 1904-Jan-06
DICKERSON, Dinah BEAVERS, Mannor 1896-Sep-07
DICKERSON, Leona ANDERSON, J W 1904-Apr-16
DICKERSON, Lillian ROBERTS, G W 1904-Feb-12
DICKERSON, Maggie REEVES, Luther 1907-Mar-16
DICKERSON, Mary M REEVES, W B 1897-Jan-05
DICKERSON, May BARKDELL, Guy 1905-Sep-14
DICKERSON, Minnie Lee BRUCE, John 1903-Aug-21
DICKERSON, Mollie SAMPSON, C E 1904-Jan-16
DICKEY, Catherine SMITH, Pearlie 1903-Nov-17
DICKINSON, Cordelia SMITH, Lewis 1908-Dec-18
DINK, Pennington KING, George 1913-Feb-20
DIXON, Cora L RUSHING, T J 1901-Feb-19
DIXON, Daisy FONTAIN, James 1900-Nov-17
DIXON, Mary HOLLENBECK, Charles 1896-May-09
DIXON, Ruby KIMBLE, R L 1915-Jul-04
DIXON, Rutha RED, Ira 1898-Dec-22
DIXON, Willie HERRING, Tolbert 1902-May-29
DOMICO, Sarafino WOMINO, Mariano 1897-Jan-05
DOUGLAS, Etta PIERCE, A J 1904-Feb-23
DOUGLASS, Addie Belle WHITE, R R 1900-Oct-13
DOUGLASS, Ida WHITE, Albert 1905-May-09
DOUGLASS, Katie THURMAN, Allen 1912-Jan-17
DOUGLASS, Lee WHITE, Katie 1907-Dec-21
DOUGLASS, Loretta WILLIAMS, W G 1900-Oct-19
DOUGLASS, Maude SMITH, Lutha 1910-Nov-16
DOVER, Neoma INGRAM, L G 1902-Feb-15
DRUMMOND, Emma E CANADA, Erwin Enos 1906-May-25
DRUMMONDS, Anna N COLLINS, Robert A 1897-Aug-04
DRURY, Pearl HODGE, Thomas B 1902-Mar-29
DUKEY, Clemmie SMITH, Oscar 1909-Nov-12
DULANEY, Mattie FURR, W L 1913-Oct-15
DUMMONS, Carrie E COHN, B C 1912-Jan-10
DUMONT, Ada FOSTER, Lee 1903-Oct-19
DUMONT, Jennie JONES, Lonnie 1906-Jan-04
DUMONT, Lena COVINGTON, O C 1902-Dec-24
DUNAWAY, Carrie Mrs COON, Etz 1907-Sep-23
DUNCAN, Emma RATCLIFF, Albert G 1913-Nov-01
DUNLAP, Ida May CARLISLE, Wm Elisha 1909-May-08
DUNN, Ada DIXON, Beauch T 1900-Sep-29
DUNN, Ada LINTON, P O 1905-Jan-19
DUNN, Annie F VAUGHN, Thomas W 1897-Nov-17
DUNN, Belle SMITH, Anderson 1904-May-13
DUNN, Carrie Ella CRUGE, Cassius D 1896-Jul-27
DUNN, Fannie D DICKEY, James J 1909-Sep-26
DUNN, Kate THOMPSON, Houston 1902-Oct-04
DUNN, Lina ELLINGTON, L F 1907-Mar-28
DUNN, Lizzie ALLEN, J D 1896-Oct-09
DUNN, Mary STAMPS, James P 1900-Sep-08
DUNN, Stella CHISHOLM, T W 1900-Aug-29
DUNNAWAY, Vella BOONE, J D 1906-Nov-28
DURR, Addie SMITH, Henry 1898-Aug-20
DURR, Barbara CASE, Thomas R 1895-Dec-30
DURR, Emma CALCOTE, Bartlett 1893-Dec-19
DYESS, Nettie DUNN, William H 1897-Aug-07
DYKES, Estelle DAVIS, Allen 1910-Jan-18
DYKES, Nora MITCHELL, W T 1907-Sep-14
EARL, Talitha DANIELS, Jasper 1913-Jan-04
EARLS, Ida BOUTWELL, Arwed 1905-Jan-28
EASLEY, Bessie DICKERSON, W T 1904-Feb-13
EASLEY, Corene HAYES, Edward 1897-Oct-14
EASLEY, Fannie WAINWRIGHT, Robert Melton 1911-Mar-06
EAST, Anna TURNER, Graves 1908-Nov-02
EAST, Clemmie CHANDLER, J G 1910-Nov-19
EAST, Ellen MCNINCH, S S 1907-Jul-31
EAST, Emma ADAMS, Jance 1899-Jan-03
EAST, Laura WILKINSON, Bennie 1896-Nov-11
EAST, Mamie Lee FRAISE, C A 1902-Oct-20
EAST, Tommie SULLIVAN, Pearcy 1911-Apr-14
EASTERLING, Anna MCCORMIC, James G 1898-Dec-21
EASTERLING, Maudie WEATHERSBY, Walter 1895-Jun-01
EASTERLING, Stella WATSON, Daniel 1908-Jul-20
EDDINS, Ida BULLOCK, T E 1901-Feb-25
EDDINS, Omelia REED, H H 1901-Aug-30
EDWARDS, Ada DAVIS, W C 1910-Jul-06
EDWARDS, Alice DUNN, B F Jr 1909-Mar-03
EDWARDS, Carrie FURLOW, Wince 1909-Dec-05
EITEL, Annie L SMITH, Baker 1898-Oct-03
EITEL, Jean A GILLAM, E J 1909-Oct-31
EITEL, Leona DAKIN, M E 1905-Apr-18
EITOL, Lillie FRION, A J 1893-Dec-14
ELAM, Gladys GILL, Grady 1912-Jun-08
ELLIS, Vernon Mrs BERNARY, John 1908-Nov-03
ELLZEY, Alice STANLEY, Willie 1901-Sep-26
ELLZEY, Mamie STRINGER, Charles D 1908-Jun-25
ELLZEZ, Berta STANLEY, George 1910-Jan-12
ELLZY, Bessie CASE, Hampton 1906-Jan-02
EMBRY, Allie Mary BOWMAN, Wailey N 1912-Jan-22
ENLOW, Rachel BOGGARD, Benj 1800-Jul-24
ENNIS, Mattie DUNN, Louis 1896-Jun-10
ENNIS, Mattie MCCARROLL, John 1896-Feb-29
ENTRICAN, Ada CASE, G H 1912-Apr-24
ENTRICAN, Anna CHANDLER, J A 1902-Oct-25
ENTRICAN, Rosa L BRITT, Jeptha 1896-Jan-22
ERWIN, Nannie CLEARY, W W 1906-Jun-11
EVANS, Bell OWENS, Andy 1895-Sep-20
EVANS, Blance MOAK, J W 1902-Aug-30
EVANS, Hattie JACKSON, Jessie 1913-May-07
EVANS, Janie BACOT, Eurie Marnton 1909-Dec-18
EVANS, Lena GARDNER, E R 1903-Apr-11
EVANS, Lizzie MARTIN, Albert 1903-Feb-14
EVANS, Mary REED, James 1900-Jul-14
EVANS, Sallie HERRING, J W 1899-Jan-19
EVANS, Sarah THORNHILL, Willie 1905-   -
EVANS, Vickie LOFTON, John 1911-Feb-24
EWING, Hattie GROUT, E E 1897-Jan-14
EWING, Mary CASSEDY, Hiram 1907-Sep-05
EZZELL, Leona JOHNSON, Willis 1912-Dec-28



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