Lincoln County Brides


AARON, Callie SMITH, Abel 1906-Sep-16
AARONS, Helen SHURLEY, E M 1907-Dec-30
ABRAMS, Bertha SCHWARTZ, Morris 1900-Mar-01
ABRAMS, Minnie KEMP, Simon 1895-Mar-06
ADAMS, Lucy Leroy TOLER, Thomas Ardry 1905-Sep-26
ADAMS, Mary MASON, Robert E 1907-Mar-07
ADAMS, Mary J HARVESTON, Ike 1913-Jun-14
ADAMS, Rosa HUNT, Hongan 1907-Oct-09
ADAMS, Sarah CHANDLER, Joe G 1906-Dec-19
ADAMS, Susie MASON, Frank Edward 1903-Nov-04
ADCOCK, Gussie WOMACK, Robert 1902-Jan-07
AHREND, Katie SEBE, David 1906-Feb-13
AINSWORTH, Louella EPPS, Joe D 1913-Oct-27
ALBRITTON, Alice HODGES, Monroe 1913-Jan-30
ALBRITTON, Anna JORDAN, Monroe 1899-Dec-22
ALBRITTON, Ara MOAK, George H 1896-Dec-11
ALBRITTON, Bertha J MOAK, Jacob Sampson 1902-Feb-22
ALBRITTON, Della BROWN, Frank 1897-Apr-27
ALBRITTON, Ella TERRELL, J W 1894-Dec-17
ALBRITTON, Lula GREER, C N 1903-Mar-02
ALBRITTON, Maggie MOAK, Matthew H 1903-Jan-08
ALBRITTON, Mary BRISTER, Jessie 1905-Mar-25
ALBRITTON, Mattie HART, J L 1912-May-08
ALBRITTON, Minerva HALL, Ira 1906-May-23
ALBRITTON, Willie MOAK, Van 1912-Dec-14
ALDERMAN, Lizzie NETTLES, E J 1911-Jan-31
ALDERMAN, Martha KEEN, Ernest 1909-Nov-26
ALDERMAN, Sarah Nettie LARD, W J 1903-Oct-01
ALEXANDER, Hazel Ethel COUGHLIN, James W F 1911-Apr-15
ALFORD, Vetha COLE, W E 1909-Oct-06
ALLBRITTON, Eliza SHIVER, J H 1906-Jan-27
ALLEN, Addie SMITH, Thomas B 1897-Jan-04
ALLEN, Annie LEA, Ph 1903-Oct-23
ALLEN, Kate SCOTT, Robert 1905-Apr-25
ALLEN, Laura ALLEN, T A 1902-Jun-17
ALLEN, Lelia PENN, Gordon 1901-Feb-14
ALLEN, Lena CHANDLER, Emanuel 1898-Dec-28
ALLEN, Lola JULIER, Joseph 1903-May-06
ALLEN, Lonnie SMITH, Zade 1902-Sep-18
ALLEN, Mamie HICKMAN, James M 1897-Feb-27
ALLEN, Pauline SMITH, Alious 1908-Dec-19
ALLEN, Rutha Ardella ENTERKIN, I J 1902-Oct-04
ALLEN, Sallie Bonnie MARTIN, Robert L 1897-Feb-27
ALLGOOD, Daisy BRITT, J B 1907-May-30
ALLGOOD, Dollie SMITH, Crawford 1904-Dec-27
ALLGOOD, Dora WALLACE, Richard 1904-Dec-15
ALLGOOD, Ruth NEWTON, Elias 1910-Jul-02
ALLRED, Alice SMITH, Ben P 1907-Jan-22
ALLRED, Elva BOOKER, H P 1902-Dec-03
ALLRED, Leckie RUSHING, L C 1908-Dec-23
ALLRED, Susie F DAVIS, Winston W 1899-Apr-04
ANDERSON, Betty ANDERSON, T W 1902-Jan-16
ANDERSON, Nannie E BARRY, Willie J 1898-Dec-26
ANDING, Anna CASE, Melton 1913-Sep-20
ANDING, Bettie SEGREST, T D 1905-Feb-22
ANDING, Edna E FLOOD, Martin T 1899-May-19
ANDING, Mary N NEVELS, M M 1893-Nov-28
ANDING, Matilda CAGLE, Bennie 1905-Nov-18
ANDREWS, Alice REEVES, T W 1900-May-04
ANDREWS, Dora CRAWFORD, William 1898-Dec-31
ANDREWS, Hazel E THORSON, Oscar H 1907-Dec-07
ANGLIN, Ola Belle AINSWORTH, Monroe 1911-Jan-04
ANGLIN, Pearlie AINSWORTH, Dock 1910-Dec-19
APPLEWHITE, Blanche FURLOW, A Marvin 1913-Jul-22
APPLEWHITE, Luela MCGEE, Jasper 1903-Nov-20
APPLEWHITE, Roby HICKMAN, Tom W 1913-Apr-08
ARD, Idola BOYD, C M 1904-Nov-07
ARD, Sarah W BREWER, M J 1893-Dec-12
ARNOLD, Carrie FRANKLIN, Oscar 1904-Aug-27
ARNOLD, Clara FERGUSON, Manson 1904-Mar-19
ARNOLD, Maggie SMITH, Jeffie 1913-Oct-21
ARNOLD, Mary RAINWATER, W R 1904-Feb-17
ARNOLD, Mary RUSHING, E F 1906-Mar-06
ATKINS, Florence ELDRED, John T 1904-Jun-23
ATWOOD, Belle COKES, T E 1911-Nov-11
ATWOOD, Florence CURTIS, Luther 1904-Dec-23
AUBURN, Lorena PRESTRIDGE, Charlie 1913-Jan-08
AVARA, Maddie WALLACE, Ed 1904-Feb-06



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