Franklin County Grooms

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YANCEY, Chas HANCOCK, Jane 1830-Jan-23
YANCEY, Robert CARTER, Sarah Ann 1838-Jan-24
YANCEY, Robert H ANDERSON, Mildred 1821-Apr-11
YANCY, Wm COMBS, Susan 1820-Jan-08
YATES, Enoch COLLINS, Mary Ann Mrs 1835-Dec-26
YOST, James REED, Elizabeth 1822-Mar-20
YOUNG, Bryan R SNEED, Louisa 1824-Aug-11
YOUNG, Enoch. T SMITH, Rebecca A F 1865-Sep-12
YOUNG, F P MIRES, B V 1888-Jun-24
YOUNG, George BERRY, Betsey 1819-Feb-20
YOUNG, John G BYRD, Mary Elizabeth 1843-Aug-02
YOUNG, Leonard FRANKLIN, Eliz 1816-Dec-24
YOUNG, Robert S MCGEHEE, Mary Luretta 1893-Nov-04
YOUNG, Stephen CLIFFORD, Catharine 1816-Dec-24
YOUNG, W E EVERETT, Mattie 1891-Sep-19
YOUNG, W E MCGEHEE, Fannie 1881-Dec-15
YOUNG, William WOODS, Adalaide 1869-Oct-04
YOUNG, Wm J LONG, Celia J 1873-Dec-31
YOUNT, George COOK, Sarah 1830-Oct-05
YUNT, Geo Jr BRIGHT, Sarah 1823-Feb-24
YUNT, Nicholas EATON, Martha 1822-Nov-16
ZEAGLER, Francis M WHITTINGTON, Jane D 1882-Dec-28
ZEAGLER, Isaiah D LATTIMORE, Mary E 1842-Dec-15
ZEAGLER, Jackson T CAMPBELL, Lambert 1855-Dec-09
ZEAGLER, Leathean CRUMM, S W 1892-Oct-04
ZEAGLER, Philip ZEAGLER, Catharine 1834-Jan-06
ZEAGLER, Prosper K OGLESBY, Martha Ann 1856-Jun-05
ZIMMERMAN, Thomas M STEIN, Lauretta O 1847-Mar-28
ZUMBOR, Benjamine F CARAWAY, Mary 1839-Dec-27
ZUMBRO, A J OLES, Judian 1880-Apr-04
ZUMBRO, John A JOHNS, Sarah J 1865-Aug-06
ZUMBRO, John A WASTOR, Susan 1877-Jan-10
ZUMBRO, Perry KING, Susan 1899-Mar-08
ZUMBRO, Wm C CHISHOLM, Elizabeth 1874-Nov-05


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