Franklin County Grooms


TANNER THOMAS M, IKERD, Cenia Francis 1866-Sep-04
TARVER, Allen NETTLES, Caroline 1846-Oct-13
TARVER, Allen SMITH, Sarah Jane 1861-Aug-15
TARVER, James J DEEN, Elizabeth J 1859-Jan-26
TARVER, James J WACTOR, Delila 1843-Mar-23
TARVER, James R POWERS, Minerva E 1861-Jul-07
TARVER, John J GUNN, Agnes Jane 1848-Jan-11
TARVER, Nathaniel LOFTON, June 1835-Mar-31
TARVER, Rosin E ROBINSON, Lydia Ann 1856-Feb-21
TARVER, Thomas GUTHERIE, Charlottel 1820-Oct-21
TARVER, Thomas TARVER, Mary Ann 1850-Mar-10
TARVER, William DELAUGHTER, Lucinda 1861-Oct-14
TARVER, William HALL, Elizabeth 1854-Sep-28
TARVER, William B GREEN, Narcissa 1865-Mar-28
TATE, Jesse C GORDEN, Milissa Ann 1859-Nov-21
TATE, S S WRIGHT, R J 1861-Apr-30
TATE, W B WALKER, Birdie 1897-Dec-15
TAYLOR, Asa FREEMAN, Sarah 1851-Oct-09
TAYLOR, J C LEWIS, Lou 1899-Dec-06
TAYLOR, James CARLOCK, Celia 1826-May-08
TAYLOR, R S CASTON, Florence 1878-May-26
TEMPLE, A C SMITH, L H 1863-Feb-01
TEMPLE, Andrew J RUSH, Amy Catharine 1859-Nov-25
TEMPLE, August KENT, Julia M 1892-Aug-24
TEMPLE, B F ANDERS, Marinda 1868-Oct-01
TEMPLE, Benjamin F LANGHMAN, Martha V 1860-Jan-09
TEMPLE, Benjamin F YOUNG, Sarah E 1866-Feb-01
TEMPLE, C C JONES, Mary A 1865-May-24
TEMPLE, C H COWART, Della 1884-Sep-02
TEMPLE, C S SMILEY, Sallie 1887-Jan-27
TEMPLE, Calvin L MCMANUS, Sarah A B 1856-Mar-13
TEMPLE, Charley SEALE, Laura 1889-Dec-18
TEMPLE, D D ASWELL, Rachael 1879-May-13
TEMPLE, David D OGLESBY, Emiline 1867-Jan-13
TEMPLE, David D WACTOR, Cynthia H 1840-Mar-10
TEMPLE, G M AARONS, Dicy 1881-Dec-13
TEMPLE, Henson FREEMAN, Mary Ann 1885-Apr-20
TEMPLE, J M POOLE, Drucilla M 1881-Sep-22
TEMPLE, James M DICKSON, Margaret 1861-Dec-08
TEMPLE, James M PORTER, Amanda E 1878-Dec-18
TEMPLE, Janice CAMPBELL, Henry 1885-Jan-15
TEMPLE, John R FREEMAN, Thirza Ann 1873-Jan-15
TEMPLE, Loyd FREEMAN, Susanna 1844-Jun-09
TEMPLE, N R YOUNG, Felena Jane 1866-Jan-20
TEMPLE, Newton H GAINEY, Matilda A 1875-Jan-04
TEMPLE, Purley C CAMPBELL, Nancy E 1891-Feb-22
TEMPLE, Rowan MONTGOMERY, Mary 1858-Sep-09
TEMPLE, S W HUTTO, Dora 1895-Mar-07
TEMPLE, Simon P FREEMAN, Malissa Ann 1873-Apr-07
TEMPLE, Thomas R CORBAN, Catherine E 1878-May-30
TEMPLE, Thomas R FREEMAN, Sarah C 1873-Apr-07
TEMPLES, Austin M RUSH, Sarah A 1851-Mar-21
TERRELL, Haney SHIVERS, Jemima 1851-Sep-11
TERRELL, James A JONES, Caroline M 1856-Dec-17
TERRELL, Rankin SARAH, Elizabeth Rushing 1878-Dec-29
TERRELL, Solomon RUSHING, Catherine 1870-Jul-19
TERRELL, Zachery T SUDDUTH, Francis A 1872-Sep-11
TERREY, R S NETTLES, Lucy A 1879-Dec-24
TERRY, David ANDERS, E C 1876-Oct-02
TERRY, David CLAUGHTON, Elizabeth Ann 1874-Oct-08
TERRY, Jesse FORCE, Elizabeth Ann 1869-Dec-09
THOMAS, John E GILLIS, Lena 1888-Nov-20
THOMAS, Robert ASHLEY, Lula 1889-Oct-03
THOMAS, Samuel GRIFFING, Bovenia 1839-Nov-06
THOMAS, Samuel KNOX, Abye 1841-Aug-11
THOMBURG, Thomas B LEE, Louminda 1883-Dec-01
THOMPSON, Barlett C MILLER, Lucretia N 1863-Dec-03
THOMPSON, David SOJOURNER, Nancy 1821-Feb-08
THOMPSON, George M EWELL, Penneva 1844-Mar-07
THOMPSON, John B TERRALL, Amazon 1867-Jan-22
THOMPSON, John H CARTER, Elizabeth 1836-Sep-21
THOMPSON, P C MARSHALL, Mary S 1887-Dec-25
THOMPSON, R A COLEMAN, Fulvia 1889-Feb-12
THOMPSON, S J CLANTON, Suleta 1897-Jan-25
THOMPSON, T M SMITH, Letha 1897-Sep-22
THOMPSON, Thomas J BANKSTON, Martha W 1868-Feb-05
THOMPSON, W P MULLINS, Olive 1890-Jan-28
THOMPSON, William D MULLINS, Letha Ann 1863-Oct-29
THORNHILL, Robert EMFINGER, Mary 1883-Jan-02
THORNHILL, William COFFEY, Mary Ellenore 1882-Nov-22
THORNHILL, William FREEMAN, Lydia Lou 1892-Jun-09
THORNHILL, Willis DUNSELL, Mary 1874-Jul-26
THORNTON, B F MCALESTER, Melissa 1880-Aug-27
THORNTON, J H MATHEWS, Clara 1894-Jan-14
THORNTON, J M CLOY, A C 1897-Aug-04
THORNTON, N W ZEAGLER, Jane 1894-Jan-24
THORNTON, W J ROUNDTREE, Starline 1881-Jan-25
THORNTON, Wiley GATLIN, F E 1890-Jan-07
TIDWELL, Gladden HAMILTON, Amanda F 1837-Dec-20
TIDWELL, Samuel R DARSEY, Elizabeth F 1849-Jan-25
TILER, James WILLIAMS, Charlotte 1821-Aug-30
TILLOTSON, Henry WALKER, M A 1897-Jun-04
TILLOTSON, O S STRAIGHT, Roberta 1893-Nov-29
TILLOTSON, T W MAGEE, Alice 1878-Dec-03
TOERY, J C WARREN, Leona 1879-Dec-17
TOLBERT, Sylvester GRENNINO, Lucy 1884-May-30
TOOLEY, Henry (Jr) LANGLEY, Damavin 1834-Mar-26
TORREY, George GILBERT, Alsamina 1824-Feb-19
TORREY, George TILLARY, Mary 1822-May-13
TORRY, Clenton ALGOOD, Catharine 1848-Aug-24
TORRY, Daniel HAMMOND, Mary 1833-Sep-28
TORRY, George D MILLER, Julia Ann 1837-Jul-18
TORRY, James F DAVIS, Fannie E 1864-Oct-25
TORRY, N B EWING, Mary Ann G 1846-Nov-27
TOWNSEND, Joseph MCMILLAN, Amanda Gertrude 1856-Jul-24
TRIMBLE, Absolem L GUICE, Martha M 1865-Nov-08
TRIMBLE, Adriam J MATTINGLY, Martha J 1859-Mar-17
TRIMBLE, Joseph GUICE, Prisilla D 1821-Mar-15
TRIMBLE, Luther A COLE, Ines 1898-Mar-16
TUCKER, H W ERWIN, Mary Emma 1874-Sep-20
TUCKER, James N WESTBROOK, Dealtha 1879-May-14
TUCKER, William B COLE, Lucinda Sophia 1855-Sep-06
TURNER, Wilson CASTON, Sarah Jane 1873-Jul-21
TURNIP, Thomas J STEWART, Sarah J 1853-Dec-01
TWINER, Lee MONTGOMERY, Allice 1890-Nov-13



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