Franklin County Grooms


RAINWATER, George H LINDER, Nancy 1889-Dec-22
RAINWATER, John R SUDDUTH, L J 1889-Aug-23
RAINWATER, W R ARNOLD, Mary 1891-Oct-14
RANER, John H HAVARD, L C 1895-Dec-17
RANER, John H WHITTINGTON, Missouri A 1875-Dec-30
RATCLIFF, A M LARD, Elvia Jane 1872-Jan-16
RATCLIFF, Adolphus P WILKINSON, Theony A 1883-Apr-12
RATCLIFF, Isaac A MCINTYRE, Emma A 1879-Nov-18
RATCLIFF, John NETTLES, Malissa A 1883-Jan-01
RATCLIFF, John B LOFTON, Abigail 1846-Nov-10
RATCLIFF, John B WESTBROOKS, Alma C 1892-Dec-21
RATCLIFF, N O MORGAN, Margaret 1897-Dec-29
RATCLIFF, Samuel SPRAWLS, Mary 1825-Feb-12
RATCLIFF, William E SMITH, Martha Jane 1868-Apr-29
RATCLIFF, William S LOFTON, Mary Jane 1849-Feb-04
RAULINS, C B MILLER, Flemmie B 1896-Dec-23
RAULS, Alexander GRAY, Ann 1818-Sep-17
RAVEN, James M BAKER, Christine 1838-May-19
RAWLINS, James N SUDDITH, Margaret 1869-Oct-21
RAWLS, Arthur BYRD, Orpha 1824-Jul-01
RAWLS, Hiram C BALDRIDGE, Olivia 1871-Jul-24
RAWLS, R A FARR, Detha 1876-Mar-16
RAWLS, Robert A BURKE, Delia 1867-Dec-18
RAY, John SMITH, Nancy 1835-Aug-29
READ, Claiborn LASSITER, Nancy 1826-Jan-04
READ, William W MCMANUS, Arminda Elizabe 1857-Jan-24
REAM, Charles R (Jr) SAMPLER, Frances C 1867-Jan-30
REARDON, W S ZUMBRO, Alice 1892-Jan-06
REDDELL, John T CARLOCK, Marth Aj 1864-Sep-08
REDELL, J S BLACK, Margret A 1875-Jul-15
REED, C H COTTEN, Jusilla M 1874-Dec-17
REED, Levi L TARVER, Elvira 1851-Oct-09
REED, Marshall CAVES, Elizabeth 1845-Dec-30
REED, William H LASSITER, Polly 1821-Jun-16
REEMS, John M WEATHERSBY, Nancy Ann E 1861-Mar-18
REEMS, Scott LEE, Ella 1899-Nov-06
REEVES, John DUNN, Elizabeth 1833-Nov-17
REYNOLDS, Fielding DUCKER, Eliza 1837-Dec-05
REYNOLDS, John W CUNNINGHAM, Sarah A 1878-Aug-09
REYNOLDS, Mason COOK, Sarah Ann 1837-Jan-05
REYNOLDS, Milnam B NOBLES, Susan 1834-Dec-08
REYNOLDS, R P ALDRIDGE, Lourena 1896-Dec-24
REYNOLDS, Thomas NICHOLS, Sarah 1818-Dec-10
REYNOLDS, W A PORTER, Cora 1874-Sep-10
REYNOLDS, W P PRATHER, Lemma 1898-Jan-20
RIALS, Powell COBB, Mary Amanda 1858-May-09
RIALS, William MORGAN, Milly 1824-Oct-11
RICHER, Isreal C ALEXANDER, Elena J 1865-Jan-05
RICHEY, Thomas KEENAN, Elizabeth A 1867-Jul-24
RICHMOND, William L EDWARDS, Fannie 1868-Jul-26
RIDELL, L WHITTINGTON, Sarah Jane 1875-May-10
RIGGS, R W LAMBERT, Elizabeth 1879-Dec-25
RIGHT, James UTKCER, Harriet P 1848-Nov-12
RIGHT, S L SMITH, A H 1870-Feb-02
RILEY, John S CALCOTE, Martha Ann 1848-Oct-03
RISHER, W B GUICE, Etta C 1881-Dec-06
ROACH, J M GUICE, Lena F 1895-Oct-29
ROACH, James M SCOTT, Louisa L 1870-Dec-01
ROBERSON, Clarence JOHNS, Cammie 1899-Dec-25
ROBERT, Franklin RUSHING, Rachel 1867-Mar-25
ROBERTS, Francis WESTBROOK, Melissa 1860-Jul-10
ROBERTS, Henry Joseph THORNHILL, Martha Ann Tele 1854-Mar-23
ROBERTS, John W DROMGOOLE, S G 1874-Nov-05
ROBERTS, Leightle EDWARDS, Mary E 1867-Nov-26
ROBERTS, Lightel FORD, Rebecca 1846-Dec-30
ROBERTS, Perry R KIZAR, Jermima Ann 1865-Jan-26
ROBERTS, Raymond DELAUGHTER, Elizabeth 1856-Aug-25
ROBERTS, Stephen L SEALS, Sallie 1886-Dec-22
ROBERTSON, Andrew J LEE, Sarah 1864-Mar-31
ROBERTSON, C E ROWLAND, Kate 1886-Mar-03
ROBERTSON, George W COLE, Sarah Jane 1851-May-08
ROBERTSON, J C COLLIER, Mattie 1894-Jul-20
ROBERTSON, J J (Dr) GUICE, Sue T 1882-Nov-22
ROBERTSON, James VENIGHTEN, Martha 1824-Apr-01
ROBERTSON, James W LINTON, Mary T 1856-Mar-09
ROBINSON, Charles WRIGHT, Lonisa 1848-Jul-24
ROBINSON, H E JOHNS, Emma 1897-Jul-27
ROBINSON, James ONEAL, Charlotte 1837-Jan-24
ROBINSON, James W GRIGG, Clarissa 1851-Jul-17
ROBINSON, Michael ROCKHOLD, Elizabeth Heste 1853-Nov-02
ROBINSON, W D LONG, Mollie L 1886-May-13
ROBINSON, William S CLAUGHTON, Lucy J 1867-Mar-21
RODES, James CAIN, Rebecca F 1840-Feb-26
RODRIGUEZ, F U WILSON, Franses M 1877-Jan-14
RODRIGUEZ, Francisa LINDER, Cornelia 1886-Nov-27
RODRIGUEZ, John J MEYERS, Mary 1886-Aug-08
ROGERS, Timothy M MACK, Rhoda 1825-Jun-20
ROLLINS, David D GAMVILLE, Margaret L 1871-Oct-04
ROLLINS, David D GRIFFING, Cordelia E 1897-Jul-21
ROLLINS, David D WELLS, Sarah 1846-Nov-26
ROLLINS, J Elisha WHITE, Rosa L 1897-Jan-04
ROLLINS, William D CARRAWAY, Adaline 1882-Sep-27
ROLLINS, William F LEE, Luretta R 1870-Nov-02
ROLLS, Arthur MCCAULEY, Nancey 1820-Oct-30
RONER, Jesse BUCKLEY, Cynthia 1872-Mar-04
ROPER, Robert S HUGHES, Caroline A 1850-Oct-19
ROSBURR, John RICHEY, Florence 1884-May-21
ROTH, Henry MAYHALL, Margaret 1898-Jan-06
ROUMSAVALL, Isaac ANDINGS, Harris 1834-Oct-28
ROUNDABAL, Arba ALLEN, Susannah 1822-Jan-24
ROUSAVALL, Cyrus ANDING, Elizabeth R 1822-Aug-15
ROUSE, B J STUGNEY, Margaret 1869-Oct-12
ROWELS, Jacob KIRTH, Frances 1834-Dec-24
ROWLAND, Cyrus S GUICE, May 1883-Jan-23
ROWLAND, D F WOODYEAR, Hattie 1891-Nov-04
ROWLAND, J Z CALVIT, Mollie 1881-Nov-24
ROWLAND, Otis F CORBAN, Nannie E 1884-Dec-03
ROWLAND, S C ARMBURST, Josephine 1876-Jan-11
RUCH, Daniel RUCH, Elyna 1848-Sep-13
RUPLE, Jacob CRIDER, Rachel 1821-Mar-15
RUPLE, Jacob R MCMANUS, Letha Ann 1855-Mar-13
RUSH, D L TEMPLE, Sarah C 1889-Apr-18
RUSH, Elyabee NELSON, Lettie 1880-Feb-19
RUSH, James F FOSTER, Pernecia 1860-Jun-28
RUSH, John D YOUNG, Addie 1883-Feb-15
RUSH, John R TEMPLES, Nancy 1849-Oct-24
RUSH, R W OGLESBY, Sarah 1885-Jul-12
RUSH, William D GAINRY, Sarah R 1850-Oct-25
RUSHING, Edmond BUNCH, Anna 1826-Aug-18
RUSHING, Henry RUSHING, Mary Ann 1867-May-06
RUSHING, J E WILKINSON, Emma 1886-Dec-13
RUSHING, Jackson J RUSHING, Mahala 1866-Oct-17
RUSHING, Jacob WACTOR, Cassandra P 1851-Feb-04
RUSHING, Jacob YOUNG, Catharine 1856-Aug-10
RUSHING, James DELAUGHTER, Mary Ann 1859-Sep-15
RUSHING, James PRICE, Margaret 1839-Nov-28
RUSHING, John BOWLING, Mary S 1856-Aug-12
RUSHING, John GILL, Laura Aderline 1859-Feb-15
RUSHING, Joseph FREEMAN, Mary 1857-Oct-28
RUSHING, Nathan COBB, Rubie 1896-Oct-08
RUSHING, Phraim ONEAL, Nancy Jane 1860-Sep-03
RUSHING, Rankin BAILEY, Epsey 1895-Oct-09
RUSHING, Reuben WEATHERSBY, Meranda 1855-Sep-23
RUSHING, T C LEWIS, Sarah A 1893-Jan-26
RUSHING, Thomas EMFINGER, Eliza J 1867-Dec-19
RUSHING, Wiley LOFTON, Sarah 1867-Jul-14
RUSHING, Williams YOUNG, Martha E 1857-Oct-31
RUSSEL, Jonthan PERRITT, Ione B 1825-Feb-02
RUTLEDGE, R E WRIGHT, Alice 1894-Feb-14
RYAN, Thomas CAIN, Eliza A 1866-Apr-10


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