Franklin County Grooms

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PAINY, Ferdinan C LAUGHMAN, Frances 1860-Oct-13
PARKER, Daniel H SCOTT, Martha Ann 1855-Aug-30
PARKER, James H WHITTINGTON, Mary E 1870-Dec-20
PARKER, John R CARLOCK, Elizabeth 1835-Mar-19
PARKER, R L STAMPLEY, Ella 1891-Sep-22
PARKER, S V ROWLAND, Anna 1886-Jan-04
PARKER, William GUICE, Sally 1819-Jan-13
PARKHILL, Robert GOODSON, Martha 1838-May-17
PARMETER, J J GRIFFING, Fannie M 1887-Apr-05
PARR, George W PRICE, Geniva A 1887-Sep-13
PARR, W P HYDE, Ruth A 1887-Sep-13
PARROTT, Joseph PAZARUS, Mary 1844-Jan-03
PARSONS, Ira MAGEE, Frances Rebecca 1848-Feb-22
PARTRIDGE, E R REARDON, Mary T 1892-Jun-15
PATE, J L ROBERTSON, Mollie L 1897-Jul-07
PATE, John CHAMBERS, Mary 1866-Jan-23
PATE, Rankin ARNOLD, Pamela Elizabth 1848-Oct-12
PATE, Rankin WHITTINGTON, Sarah Jane 1857-Jul-14
PATRICK, J C MCINTYRE, Mary 1892-Jul-14
PATTERSON, William B CARLOCK, Margaret 1836-Sep-01
PEACOCK, James Monroe VANAMAN, Ann 1889-Sep-29
PENALVA, Graff WENTWORTH, Mary 1894-Jan-10
PERKINS, John F BOVARD, Sarah E 1846-Mar-01
PERKINS, Richard B JACKSON, Sarah A 1844-Sep-30
PERRY, Amos OWENS, Midda Ann 1840-Dec-24
PICKERING, Aver ALLEN, Kezziah 1841-Mar-07
PICKERING, C W LUIDER, Dora 1896-Dec-22
PICKERING, Gabriel MCFARLAND, Alice 1853-Aug-02
PICKERING, Gabriel MITCHELL, Margaret 1847-Jul-29
PICKERING, John COLEMAN, Courtney 1876-Mar-14
PICKERING, R O HALL, Lenie 1894-Oct-08
PICKETT, Herman L KNOX, Eliza P 1824-Nov-05
PICKETT, Hiram S KNOX, Susannah C 1822-Nov-15
PICKETT, Micajah K MIDDLETON, Cinthy 1819-Jan-14
PICKETT, Nicajah KNOX, Sarah 1820-Jul-25
PICKETT, Thomas M BENNETT, Harriet 1861-Jan-30
PICKETT, Thos M HUNT, H C 1880-Dec-21
PIER, HART, H F 1888-Mar-15
PIERCEFIELD, Prosper M HERRING, Amelia J 1867-May-29
PIERCY, J F WHITEHEAD, Minnie 1896-Jan-01
PITMAN, W H WILKINSON, Alice 1894-Jul-10
POOLE, C U WALKER, Mary C 1873-Nov-06
PORTER, Abedmgo BYRD, Helen 1834-May-01
PORTER, Albert Q BUCKELS, Cassandra 1854-Dec-21
PORTER, Albert Q HERRINGTON, Hennetta 1849-Nov-07
PORTER, B T LONG, Cecily 1873-Jan-15
PORTER, Duncan S MASON, Minivera 1864-Mar-09
PORTER, Horace W GATLIN, Julia R 1874-Mar-02
PORTER, J E COWART, P A 1894-Nov-28
PORTER, J H BOWLIN, H C 1890-Jan-16
PORTER, J Walter PICKERING, Mary 1895-Dec-16
PORTER, James L BYRD, Margarett J 1871-Aug-24
PORTER, Janel HOLLOWAY, George 1833-May-23
PORTER, John F RIALS, Mary 1861-Feb-07
PORTER, King D SMITH, Nancy 1836-Feb-25
PORTER, S B SMITH, E L 1895-Dec-26
PORTER, Samuel MIDDLETON, Mary 1825-May-17
PORTER, Samuel D KEEN, Catharine P 1861-Jan-16
PORTER, Tillett ALLISON, Ann 1822-Dec-07
PORTER, Tulet LAZARUS, Sarah 1835-Aug-25
PORTER, W H BYRD, Anna J 1894-Mar-19
PORTER, Walter TEMPLE, Rebecca 1897-Nov-03
PORTER, William LAWSON, Gracy 1826-Jan-29
PORTER, William M CLOY, Lucrecia 1849-Nov-28
PORTER, William M WEATHERSBY, Mary F 1848-Mar-12
PORTER, William N JONES, Sarah 1891-Dec-15
POSEY, Lorenzo D LOFTON, Lucinda M 1853-Jul-26
POWELL, Joniah CAIN, Anna 1846-Feb-17
POWERS, James W ALDRIDGE, Sarah 1838-Mar-03
PRATHER, J B EMFINGER, Emily 1879-Apr-03
PRATHER, J R SMITH, Gatsie 1879-Feb-19
PRATHER, James B CUPIT, Martha Jane 1858-Jul-15
PRATHER, James C MULLINS, Ada O 1888-Feb-12
PRATHER, Mathew J THORNHILL, Jane 1872-Dec-23
PRATHER, Matthew C CUPIT, Mary I 1847-Oct-21
PRATHER, Robert MCCAA, Nancy 1845-Dec-23
PRATHER, W O DELANY, Mattie 1894-Dec-21
PRATHER, William A CUPIT, Sousann 1878-Dec-04
PRATHER, William P WEATHERSBY, Elizabeth 1851-Aug-21
PRENDERGAST, Thomas FORD, Mary Ann 1840-Mar-27
PRICE, C O GILL, Mollie 1896-Dec-16
PRICE, Daniel R BOWLIN, Sarah H 1866-Jan-29
PRICE, Jacob DUNN, Savenia 1839-Sep-19
PRICE, John CLARKE, Callie N 1869-Oct-20
PRICE, Joseph E OWEN, Catharine 1825-Jul-17
PRICE, Julius E DUNN, L V 1873-Dec-30
PRICE, Moses GILL, Sarah Ann 1840-Aug-16
PRICE, Odom CARLISLE, India 1898-Dec-22
PRICE, Walter DAVIS, Keran 1899-Feb-09
PRICE, William S BURKE, Mary Jane 1856-Jul-24
PRICHARD, Charles A BYRD, Cornelia H 1867-Jan-29
PRICHARD, Henry SPIRES, Sarah 1825-Apr-21
PRICHARD, J M HALL, Ada M 1887-Dec-01
PRICHARD, John STRINGER, Ceiley Ann 1845-Feb-27
PRICHART, William BURKE, Antley 1818-Dec-19
PRIEST, D H EMFINGER, Belzora 1888-Nov-25
PRIEST, Franklin FOY, Allie 1888-Feb-19
PRIESTER, William A JONES, Charity 1886-Jan-03
PRITCHARD, Paul MONTGOMERY, Stella C 1898-Feb-08
PRITCHARD, R I KING, Luda 1899-Jan-10
PROBY, William J SCOTT, Minerva C 1851-Mar-27
QUARLES, Alex KEYS, Clara 1892-Jul-14


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