Franklin County Grooms

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NEAL, James A SEAB, Lillian 1897-Mar-10
NEALE, Thomas R GRAVES, Mary A 1867-Feb-07
NEILL, Arthur HAVIS, Mary E 1867-Sep-16
NEILSON, Charles SMITH, Martha 1886-Dec-24
NELSON, Andrew MITCHELL, Martha 1871-Jun-01
NELSON, Daniel J MONTGOMERY, Nancy 1852-Dec-13
NELSON, James D JONES, Frances P 1867-Sep-17
NELSON, Martin MARTIN, Catharine Rebec 1866-Jun-21
NELSON, Nelson CAMPBELL, Henry C 1885-Jul-09
NETTLES, David C COWARD, Jane Lucretia 1847-Aug-23
NETTLES, Elijah W ARNOLD, Lucretia Adalin 1845-Mar-13
NETTLES, Fredric D BROWN, Nancy 1850-Sep-14
NETTLES, J F PEPPERS, Mary 1899-Sep-17
NETTLES, J M LOFTIN, Sarah Ann 1876-Oct-20
NETTLES, Joe F JORDAN, Anna 1897-Aug-27
NETTLES, John W WACTOR, Susey 1849-May-15
NETTLES, M P SMITH, Lizzie 1898-Mar-13
NETTLES, P NETTLES, Sarah Ann 1897-Jul-16
NETTLES, Theodore MCCALISTER, M E 1873-Dec-01
NETTLES, Thomas W STEEL, Mary L 1892-May-25
NETTLES, W M PARKER, Susa 1899-Jun-07
NETTLES, William R COWART, Sally 1893-Jan-03
NEVELS, Memphis W HAVIS, Sarah A 1861-Nov-06
NEWELL, Albert WALLIS, Sallie 1892-Dec-22
NEWELL, Christian CASE, William 1858-Jan-21
NEWELL, Organ WALLACE, Ada 1887-Nov-10
NEWELL, T J FOY, Betsey 1890-Aug-28
NEWMAN, A M SCOTT, Sarah T 1874-Nov-18
NEWMAN, B G KNOX, Sarah J 1870-Aug-02
NEWMAN, Benjamin PRICE, Catharine 1835-Jan-29
NEWMAN, D B MCNEILL, M A 1890-Dec-17
NEWMAN, E S SMITH, Zilpha 1894-Dec-17
NEWMAN, H H A BLACK, Frances A 1877-Jan-24
NEWMAN, John M HIGDON, Mary Iam 1853-May-26
NEWMAN, John M SESSIONS, Cootney Ann 1842-Sep-22
NEWMAN, John M WITHERSPOON, Sarah J 1836-Dec-08
NEWMAN, Jonathan P HERRING, Eliza Ann 1839-Dec-17
NEWMAN, Jonathan P LEGGETT, Lucretia R 1868-Mar-26
NEWMAN, Luter SCOTT, Willie W 1890-Mar-05
NEWMAN, Mastin M WALLACE, Mary Jane 1878-Jan-21
NEWMAN, Maston M WALLACE, Caroline S 1879-Aug-24
NEWMAN, Patrick S HIGDON, Anna M 1862-Mar-20
NEWMAN, Robert J MCMILLAN, Martha 1841-Dec-22
NEWMAN, Samuel M HERRING, Margaret Ann 1840-Dec-03
NEWMAN, W S PROLEY, Sarah A 1873-Nov-26
NEWMAN, William R MCLAWRIN, Eliza C 1854-Jan-04
NEWPORT, Albert G WELLS, Sarah C C 1840-Jun-27
NEWSOM, Augustus R MARTIN, Rebecca J 1853-Feb-08
NICHOLS, Amariah BORMAN, Balinda 1818-Sep-25
NIGHT, Levi HUTCHINS, Eliza 1832-Oct-22
NOBLE, Felix R CORE, Maggie 1889-Dec-19
NOBLE, Franklin W BUCKLEY, Nancy 1855-Nov-04
NOBLE, John C BUCKLEY, Mary E 1856-Dec-25
NOBLE, John W JACKSON, Florence 1892-Feb-28
NOBLIN, Edward F SMITH, Nacy 1836-Feb-04
NOLEN, Aaron DOWNEY, Permelia 1856-Nov-28
NORDEN, R D IMFINGER, Cytha 1898-Jun-06
NORMAN, Mastin M WALLACE, Mary Jane 1878-Jan-21
NORRIS, John NELSON, Martha 1834-Mar-26
NORRIS, John N CARLOCK, Dicey E 1890-May-05
NORRIS, Uriah ONEAL, Abi 1844-Jan-30
NORRIS, William CARLOCK, Cynthia A 1860-Jul-30
NORWOOD, George T CURRIE, Estelle C 1887-Dec-13
NOVLE, Joseph CALCOTE, Martha 1846-Dec-21
O'NEAL, J H HAVIS, Cattie 1872-Feb-08
O'NEAL, John P JOHNS, Mary A 1873-Mar-20
OATIS, Henry C CAIN, Rebecca 1819-Dec-30
OGDEN, John A COCKRAN, Sarah Josephine 1889-Aug-05
OGDEN, John A LASTER, Rissie 1895-Dec-19
OGLESBY, F M YOUNG, Judah V 1873-Sep-24
OGLESBY, F W MURRAY, Emma 1897-Dec-02
OGLESBY, F W TEMPLE, Amanda 1895-Dec-10
OGLESBY, G W (Jr) CLOY, Ella 1898-Dec-24
OGLESBY, George W ADAMS, Eliza E 1875-Dec-23
OGLESBY, J H GRAVES, Lizzie 1896-Dec-24
OGLESBY, James J JERNIGAN, Martha 1858-Mar-29
OGLESBY, Robert ROACH, Rebecca 1872-Dec-05
OGLESBY, Stephen V CLOY, Almedia E 1873-Mar-20
OGLESBY, Thomas J MERRIDITH, Mary E 1871-Jan-03
OGLESBY, Thos J GOLDMAN, Malinda 1880-Jan-22
OGLESBY, William FORD, Rebecca 1868-Aug-13
OKELLY, James E MIDDLETON, Elizabeth A 1849-Jun-07
OLIVER, Cyrus L RIGHT, Adaline M 1853-Jul-24
OLIVER, John W KENNEDY, Francis E 1891-Feb-18
OLIVER, John W LAMBRIGHT, Elizabeth F 1839-Jan-06
OLIVER, Leir SHAVERS, Julia F 1879-Dec-30
OLIVER, Thomas D COTTEN, Isabella 1847-Sep-07
ONEAL, Allen W JEFFERS, Pamela 1833-Dec-07
ONEAL, Carleton M PORTER, Elena 1838-Jan-06
ONEAL, Jonathan SMITH, Sally 1819-Feb-11
ONEAL, William A ONEAL, Nancy 1845-Dec-25
OSTEEN, John J JETER, Mary E 1865-Aug-25
OSTEIN, Milton WILSON, Leah 1836-Oct-13
OVERTON, Walter CALCOTE, Mahala B 1843-Apr-20
OWEN, Henry M BAGGETT, Jane 1826-Jan-14
OWENS, Benjamin AUSTIN, Adelia 1859-Jan-13
OWENS, George G BLACK, Emily 1864-Jan-06
OWENS, Henry OGLESBY, Delelah 1819-Sep-20
OWENS, Henry PRATHER, Rebecca 1822-May-24
OWENS, James PORTER, Lucinda 1824-Jul-23
OWENS, John PRICE, Margaret 1825-Apr-17
OWENS, Joseph H WORTHEY, Sarah 1868-Nov-19
OWENS, Stephen FREEMAN, Margaret 1819-Nov-29
OWENS, Stephen OWENS, Joanna Barsheba 1821-Mar-01


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