Franklin County Grooms


GADLEY, John M KENNEDY, Anna V 1868-Oct-07
GAINEY, James A MELTON, Kincey Ann 1858-Nov-29
GAINY, William REED, Arminda 1863-Nov-03
GALBREATH, Daniel BEDFORD, Malinda C 1856-Aug-28
GALBREATH, John A PRITCHARD, Elizabeth Ann 1841-Sep-07
GALLOWAY, Lamar NEVIN, Sarah 1822-Sep-18
GAMBLE, Charles H CAIN, Virginia 1866-Jan-04
GAMBLE, Edward ATKINS, Mary 1835-Mar-20
GAMMILL, C F MCMANUS, Moina 1893-Jan-18
GAMMILL, W W MCMANUS, Mary A 1895-Jan-16
GAOOMAN, Michel CUPIT, Jennette Ann 1844-Feb-10
GARETSON, William H LONG, Mary E 1867-May-08
GARRISON, Reubin GAULDING, Callie 1899-Dec-03
GASTER, J E BRUECK, Ollive 1899-Jun-11
GATES, Charles F SEALS, Sarah Jane 1847-Oct-27
GATES, Geo W ADAMS, Ella J 1878-Oct-24
GATES, Israel SIMPSON, Mary 1872-Aug-08
GATES, J P FREEMAN, Seybelle 1896-Mar-08
GATES, John S DAVIS, Cornelia A 1871-Mar-12
GATES, Soloman H WHARTON, Adaline N 1852-Nov-24
GATES, William COBB, Sallie 1896-Jul-10
GATLEN, J T NETTLES, Martha 1867-Dec-12
GATLIN, F E THORNTON, Wiley 1890-Jan-07
GEGHEGAN, A D DROMGOOLE, Loucretia 1873-Jan-06
GEOHEGAN, Charles C FARR, Alice 1884-Apr-29
GEOINER, Lee HAMMOCK, Alice J 1898-Feb-20
GERALD, D T PATE, Emma 1778-Jan-01
GERARD, William SHIPP, Elizabeth 1820-Jun-05
GERICE, L A COMPTON, A B 1878-Apr-03
GESSINS, Jesse KILL, Edny 1833-Feb-12
GEST, Lewis W VAUGHAN, Sarah R 1860-Nov-15
GIBSON, Andrew J WOODYER, Mary F 1870-Oct-27
GIBSON, Charles W PATRICK, Rebecca 1837-Oct-19
GIBSON, Reuben G BRIGGS, Harrett 1820-Jan-20
GIBSON, Richard PALMER, Martha Ann 1866-Aug-19
GILBERT, Andrew I FORD, Elizabeth A 1833-Dec-19
GILBERT, George W TORRY, Mary 1836-Dec-15
GILBERT, J G WILLIAMS, Lillie 1890-Nov-25
GILBERT, Samuel I SPARIS, Mary Elizabeth 1845-Dec-10
GILBERT, William B GRAVES, Mary E (Mrs) 1849-Dec-27
GILL, H H CARAWAY, Lizzie 1891-Dec-23
GILL, J B NETTLES, Violia M 1879-Dec-23
GILL, Jacob MULLENS, Louella 1892-Dec-21
GILL, John FREEMAN, Nancy 1856-Sep-17
GILL, Joseph H ALRED, Perlie 1898-Sep-15
GILLIS, D W NEWMAN, Margaret J 1879-Dec-23
GILMER, Horace M GODBOLD, Mary Ann 1853-Oct-20
GLICK, I M MCDANIEL, Dezzie 1895-Jul-11
GLOVER, Elbert LOPER, Betsey 1884-Dec-31
GLOVER, Warren KEEN, Alice 1888-Dec-27
GODBOLD, D L GODBOLD, Carrie 1885-Nov-25
GODBOLD, Gabril P PICKETT, Celia 1841-Sep-05
GODBOLD, George A CAIN, Emma C 1878-Jan-16
GODBOLD, H G LEE, Evy V Lee 1873-Oct-30
GODBOLD, J A LEE, Margaret J 1873-Oct-30
GODBOLD, J W CALIRT, Bettie C 1878-Sep-12
GODBOLD, James WRIGHT, Elizabeth 1821-May-28
GODBOLD, James Frances MCMILLAN, Margaret Maliss 1854-Mar-25
GODBOLD, James I BEAN, Maggie C 1889-Dec-10
GODBOLD, James R SPEARS, Virginia 1836-Jan-07
GODBOLD, John R CLOY, Carolina C 1839-Jan-03
GODBOLD, L L ENTRICU, Maggie 1899-Feb-19
GODBOLD, Levi R RAWLS, Sarah Jane 1846-Nov-19
GODBOLD, M H SAMPLE, Kate 1881-Sep-26
GODBOLD, Thos R JERRY, Mary S 1879-Jan-11
GODBOLD, Zacheriah MARTIN, Lisa Elizabeth 1855-Jan-07
GODBOLD, Zack TERRELL, Malissa 1885-Nov-29
GODBOLT, Kevin STROUD, Rebecca 1834-Dec-16
GODWIN, G W WROTEN, Lila 1897-Dec-16
GODWIN, R E BYRD, Rebecca 1894-Oct-09
GOLDMAN, James R DUNN, Frances 1886-Feb-10
GOLMAN, A G GODBALD, Brunetta 1878-Nov-28
GOODSON, Cameron MOORE, Dona (Mrs) 1893-Aug-06
GOODSON, David MULLINS, Ann E 1855-Nov-29
GOODSON, George FULLER, T A 1869-Dec-01
GOODSON, James COWART, Annie 1898-Apr-15
GOODSON, James ROLINS, Sarah 1818-Aug-13
GOODSON, W D HALL, Bonnie 1893-Jul-02
GOODSON, William CARLISLE, Mary 1867-Mar-15
GOODWIN, Jesse TERRILL, Tasey 1826-Jan-15
GORDEN, Charles T WORLEY, Minerva J 1874-Jun-27
GORDEN, Georgia DAVIS, J M 1894-Apr-24
GORDON, Thomas D HERRING, Lydia E 1855-Jun-28
GORDON, William PIERCE, Martha 1872-Feb-19
GORMAN, Thomas WILLIAMS, Armesia 1849-Feb-21
GRAG, George HILDERBRAND, Ann 1822-Dec-16
GRAHAM, D C MAY, Anna 1893-Dec-20
GRAHAM, Dewitte Clinton SMITH, Frances Melvina 1850-May-23
GRAHAM, Elihu LEE, Margaret 1836-Jan-14
GRANLIMAN, Auguste F HICKINBOTTOM, Elvira 1869-Nov-05
GRANT, James ZEAGLER, Eugenia 1896-Feb-14
GRANT, William WHTEHEAD, Mary 1822-Jun-13
GRAVES, James F MIDDLETON, Rhoda C 1866-Feb-01
GRAVES, John (Jr) PICKERING, Milinda 1825-Sep-14
GRAVES, John Q SEALE, Alice R 1885-Dec-22
GRAVES, John Q A DARSEY, Cicely M 1856-Jun-13
GRAVES, John Q Bsr) WILKINSON, Emma 1889-Jul-31
GRAVES, O B LONG, Catherine 1875-Mar-31
GRAVES, O M ALDRIDGE, Josephine 1890-Jun-18
GRAVES, O W COLLIER, Sophia 1897-Jan-14
GRAVES, Osborn B CORBAN, Eliza 1846-Feb-12
GRAVES, Thomas F MAY, Mary Jane 1849-Feb-21
GRAVES, Thos W WHITEHEAD, Ida E 1879-Sep-11
GRAVES, W H SEAH, Lena M 1881-Feb-17
GRAVES, W T WHITTINGTON, Phebia Ann 1875-Jan-31
GRAVES, Warren REED, Roxy 1883-Nov-01
GRAVES, William J CRATON, May E 1847-Jul-15
GRAY, Thomas BROWN, Rachel 1818-Oct-16
GRAY, William CAIN, Nancy 1818-May-28
GREEN, James WALLACE, Mahala 1870-Dec-06
GREGG, David GRIFFIN, Cynthia 1832-Sep-11
GRESHAM, Columbus H BUTLER, Mary E 1858-May-16
GRESHAM, Columbus K DICKSON, Mary 1860-Jan-31
GRESHAM, John FORD, Elizabeth Ann 1838-Oct-28
GRICE, Claude V PORTER, Orlow 1892-Feb-17
GRICE, D F LONG, Mollie L 1874-Nov-03
GRIFFIN, Branson R MAY, Adaline 1837-Nov-02
GRIFFIN, E J WORLEY, Margret 1892-Jan-21
GRIFFIN, Feliz Huston BUCKELS, Mary Jane 1855-Aug-01
GRIFFING, Edgar J BURKE, Cynthia A 1886-Jan-20
GRIFFING, J E MCCARTNEY, Ollie B 1892-Apr-05
GRIFFING, James M FLOWERS, Rosella 1876-Dec-27
GRIFFING, John M STRINGER, Elizabeth 1852-Oct-28
GRISHAM, Elipn PORTER, Caroline 1834-Oct-18
GROOM, B S COBB, Martha (Mrs) 1889-Aug-01
GROOM, Benjamin S MCCAA, Rebecca J 1866-Nov-17
GRUBBS, Benjamin WELLS, Susan 1818-Sep-19
GUICE, Albert SEALE, Alma 1896-Feb-11
GUICE, Albert E CORBAN, Sarah A 1851-Feb-09
GUICE, Amanda C SHAIFER, Abram K 1865-Nov-23
GUICE, Asa J CLAUGHTON, Sarah 1858-Feb-16
GUICE, Basil C MCLACHERN, Elizabeth 1832-Dec-04
GUICE, C G MULLINS, Lillie 1896-Dec-21
GUICE, Daniel GUICE, Sarah 1843-Nov-12
GUICE, Daniel H CLAUGHTON, Elizabeth A 1866-Dec-04
GUICE, David W RITHCEY, Martha C 1858-Sep-22
GUICE, Elbert LEHMANN, Lula 1895-Apr-08
GUICE, Ephrim BURKE, Ann Armelia 1825-Aug-27
GUICE, George A B FREEMAN, Louisa A (Mrs) 1851-Dec-24
GUICE, George W PIERSE, Dora E 1884-Nov-18
GUICE, Isaac J TUMBLE, Hannah E 1854-Dec-24
GUICE, Isaac K STRINGER, Catharine E 1858-May-04
GUICE, James A COSTLEY, Emiline V 1860-Dec-27
GUICE, James Madison GRIFFING, Sarah Jane 1846-Jan-07
GUICE, Jesse A JAMESON, Cathanne 1836-Dec-02
GUICE, John A KINNISON, Rebecca 1821-Dec-24
GUICE, Karl D TORREY, Kate 1894-Dec-12
GUICE, Moses ALDRIDGE, Martha J 1877-Feb-28
GUICE, Nathaniel MAY, Catherine 1825-Sep-02
GUICE, Nathanul JOHNSON, Racel M 1835-Nov-26
GUICE, Octavia A CLARK, J M 1869-Dec-02
GUICE, Rundolph M RAWLS, Angiline A 1859-Feb-10
GUICE, S L HARRIGILL, Lizzie 1896-Oct-07
GUICE, Solomon Y CORBAN, Susan C 1849-Sep-13
GUICE, Walter D WOODYEAR, Sarah F 1868-Nov-26
GUNTER, Willie E MINOR, M A 1889-Nov-06
GUYSER, Charles PICKET, Matilda 1883-Nov-04
GWINN, John H DOWDNEY, Margaret M 1869-Aug-22


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