Franklin County Grooms


FAIRMAN, G B SCOTT, Margaret 1846-Apr-14
FALLON, Olaham J HERRINGTON, Anna Jane 1844-Dec-22
FARNHAM, Daniel GREGG, Harritte 1823-Nov-13
FARR, Marquis D ARMBRUST, Mary W 1883-Jan-09
FARR, N W BEDFORD, Irene 1882-Feb-02
FARR, Nathaniel K LONG, Nancy K 1844-Feb-04
FARR, Nathanuel K GUICE, Emily R 1842-Jan-03
FARR, Q C GORDEN, Mary A 1871-Nov-04
FARR, Robert F AMBRUST, Margaret 1872-Mar-19
FARREL, Samuel R THOMPSON, Susan E 1871-Feb-22
FARRELL, George ALDRIDGE, Margaret M 1840-Jan-05
FARRELL, William KINNISON, Mary E 1856-Dec-30
FARRIS, Alexander WILDS, Sarah M 1824-Dec-26
FAULKNER, A W HIGDON, Lucy 1846-Nov-26
FAUST, Mitchell S SLOCUMB, Franses C 1876-Dec-28
FENN, O L GAMMILL, Tempie C 1886-Dec-09
FERGUSON, Aaron ROBINSON, Elizabeth -   -
FERGUSON, Oaly A COOK, Drewcilla 1820-Mar-25
FERRELL, George MCALISTER, Permelia A 1884-Jun-10
FERRILL, Alfred STRAIT, Martha 1880-Jan-06
FERRILL, T S NETTLES, Arzelia 1891-Dec-24
FIELD, Soleman GODBOLD, Martha 1840-Apr-21
FISHER, James HOLBROOKS, Catherine 1823-Mar-09
FITZPATRICK, James H ADAMS, Mary Etta 1896-Jul-30
FLEMAN, Patrick R GODBOLD, Louisa M 1864-May-19
FLEMING, Enos BENOIR, Hetta A 1888-Aug-02
FLEMING, James H WROTON, Mary Ann E 1863-Apr-08
FLEMING, M B ROBERTSON, Amelia (Mrs) 1898-Jan-30
FLETCHER, William ATKINS, Rebecca 1837-Dec-20
FLOWERS, Arthur BALLARD, Malissa 1898-Dec-14
FLOWERS, Beauler COBB, J E 1894-Feb-22
FLOWERS, C W BALLARD, Prudence E 1894-Feb-21
FLOWERS, Frank P SIMMONS, Lucy B 1877-Oct-10
FLOWERS, G H PICKET, Harriet 1874-Nov-17
FLOWERS, G H STROUD, Julia Ann 1882-Nov-01
FLOWERS, Graham H BYRD, Luisa 1849-Jan-25
FLOWERS, Graham N JOHNSON, Henrietta 1871-Sep-21
FLOWERS, Henry MAGEE, Maggie 1893-Feb-23
FLOWERS, J D SULLIVAN, Frances C 1883-Jan-25
FLOWERS, J P SULLIVAN, Lydia M 1873-Oct-29
FLOWERS, John H COBB, Laura Jane 1841-Oct-13
FLOWERS, John H STAMPLEY, Susan 1840-Jul-09
FLOWERS, Joseph SMILEY, Belinda 1836-Aug-12
FLOWERS, Joseph G BYRD, Cynthia 1890-Oct-09
FLOWERS, Milbern W MILLER, Rebecca A 1883-Dec-13
FLOWERS, Thomas W CRABTREE, Martha C (Mrs) 1852-Nov-14
FLOWERS, Walter P CORBAN, Lena C 1889-Dec-18
FLOWERS, William Wesley COBB, Georgiana 1884-Dec-31
FLOWERS, Willie B THORNHILL, Gena 1844-Jan-21
FLOYD, Laban GRIFFIN, Malinda L 1853-Sep-18
FORD, A B HERRALD, Mary 1873-Nov-17
FORD, Absalom HALLEWAY, Maria 1856-Jun-19
FORD, Absalom MOORE, Lucinda 1846-May-28
FORD, David CARRAWAY, Courtney 1822-Jan-30
FORD, F F GORDEN, Henrietta 1886-May-11
FORD, Gideon B JERNIGAN, Mary 1860-Jan-22
FORD, H H HIGDON, Ruby G 1898-Sep-07
FORD, Henry H VARDEMAN, Sarah E 1845-Jan-09
FORD, James F CLARK, Matilda 1846-Aug-13
FORD, Jesse E BUCKELS, Mary Ann 1838-May-21
FORD, Jesse E WACTOR, Ann Elizabeth 1855-Apr-11
FORD, John D ONEAL, Mahala O 1833-Jan-30
FORD, John H SULLIVAN, Amelia P 1860-Aug-01
FORD, John R VARDIMAN, Lucinda 1836-Jan-18
FORD, Laminda L SEALE, Raschal H 1858-Mar-16
FORD, Lyman P MUNCER, Mary 1850-Feb-17
FORD, Osborn KENNEDY, Martha 1824-Oct-18
FORD, Percival F HAVARD, Lavinia J 1866-Oct-18
FORD, Rufus R BLEECKER, Byrnie 1899-Apr-05
FORD, Rufus R BLUCKER, Birnie 1899-Apr-07
FORD, T F MACKEY, Elizabeth V 1881-Mar-24
FORD, T F WHITTINGTON, Althea Ann 1873-Aug-10
FORD, Thomas C VARDEMAN, Mineva 1834-Nov-17
FORD, William ROUAVALL, Elizabeth 1823-Jul-03
FORD, William A J LONG, Lamanda L 1851-Aug-10
FORD, William B FARR, Bettie A 1876-Mar-04
FORD, William D FALLON, Anna Jane 1849-Oct-21
FORD, William H AUSTIN, Ierusha C 1865-Oct-03
FORMAN, G W H J MELTON, Eliza Virginia 1866-Aug-09
FORMAN, N L WHITEHEAD, Angeline 1893-May-25
FOSTER, D W EADY, Lelia M 1885-Jun-24
FOSTER, W H HOLLAN, Lottie 1890-Jun-19
FOWLER, Herman SESSIONS, Eding 1844-Feb-01
FOX, Charles PORTER, Laura 1876-Jan-03
FOX, Otto PORTER, Lillian O 1880-Feb-28
FOY, Andrew MCDANIEL, Betsey M 1889-Apr-29
FOY, Lewis S ENFINGER, Pemmel 1869-Jul-06
FOY, P F EMFINGER, Elizabeth 1868-Jan-25
FOY, P N CLANTON, Della 1892-Aug-30
FOY, P N FOY, Pennie 1883-May-03
FOY, Samuel EMFINGER, Lenora 1888-Jan-04
FOY, Steve WEATHERSBY, Dessie 1894-Jul-19
FREEMAN, A B DAVIS, Atha Ann 1896-Sep-20
FREEMAN, A E CANNON, T J 1894-Oct-16
FREEMAN, David REYNOLDS, O J 1885-Dec-17
FREEMAN, Francis M TAYLOR, Elizabeth L 1850-Nov-05
FREEMAN, H J FREEMAN, Isee 1880-Oct-21
FREEMAN, Isaac MELTON, Eugenia 1894-May-12
FREEMAN, Isaiah COLEMAN, Louisa (Mrs) 1897-Mar-18
FREEMAN, Isaiah MCMANUS, Adaline Elizabe 1852-Sep-16
FREEMAN, J T BEDFORD, Edna 1885-Dec-24
FREEMAN, James FREEMAN, Mary Adaline 1869-Mar-27
FREEMAN, Jeptha JONES, Margaret Ann 1866-Dec-26
FREEMAN, Jeptha MONTGOMERY, Rebecca Ann 1847-Dec-28
FREEMAN, Joe HALEY, Linnie 1897-Jul-04
FREEMAN, Joel L FREEMAN, Mary Ann 1844-Sep-18
FREEMAN, John CLAY, M A N 1878-Dec-27
FREEMAN, John S FREEMAN, Elizabeth 1871-Apr-06
FREEMAN, John W WELCH, C F 1860-Jun-21
FREEMAN, Levi WILKINSON, Malissa Ann 1887-Jun-29
FREEMAN, Livi L HOGANS, Sallie 1890-Sep-18
FREEMAN, Partick R RIALS, Mary A 1861-Jun-18
FREEMAN, R P FREEMAN, Ida A 1890-Feb-16
FREEMAN, Richard BYRD, Ellen 1870-Feb-06
FREEMAN, Robert FREEMAN, Missouri 1895-Jan-15
FREEMAN, Rowan C FREEMAN, Martha Ann 1879-Nov-20
FREEMAN, Samuel SMART, Sarah S 1871-Feb-19
FREEMAN, Tyson FREEMAN, Arie 1899-Nov-28
FREEMAN, Tyson MELTON, Mattie 1895-Apr-03
FREEMAN, William GUICE, Laura Ann 1836-Oct-24
FREEMAN, William SERMAN, Martha L S 1866-May-24
FREEMAN, William A GRAVES, Olivia 1882-Jul-15
FREEMAN, William M TEMPLE, Minnie 1873-Apr-04
FRENCH, H B GRANT, Sarah Ellen 1872-Jul-22
FRENCH, John D S BOND, Mary 1884-Jun-05
FRENCH, John L BUCKELS, Elizabeth Mahal 1851-Nov-27
FRENCH, Portan D S MACKEY, Martha A (Mrs) 1851-Nov-27
FROST, J L MAGEE, Louisa A 1875-Aug-11
FULLER, John MAY, Elizabeth 1824-Sep-15
FULLER, T A GOODSON, George 1869-Dec-01
FULTON, Nathaniel A TORRY, Eliza Jane 1847-Feb-18
FULTON, R A LEE, Sarah L 1866-Jul-20
FURNISS, John FARNHAM, Harriett 1832-Nov-15
FURNISS, Thomas J SMITH, Amelia 1871-Dec-09
FURR, Isaac THEFORT, Nancy M 1860-Feb-16


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