Franklin County Grooms


AARON, M V TEMPLE, M A 1881-Dec-15
AARONS, Thomas GRAY, S J 1879-Dec-16
ABEL, Obediah S RENFEW, Susan 1865-Jan-19
ABEL, William RENFEW, Ophelia J 1866-Dec-28
ABLER, James MCCAA, Elizabeth 1849-Apr-22
ADAIR, Frank MCDANIEL, Ida 1895-Dec-25
ADAMS, D H RUSH, Sarah R 1877-Jun-29
ADAMS, Devill H RAWLS, Caroline 1846-Jul-31
ADAMS, Eugene CORBAN, Frances 1862-Feb-25
ADAMS, Forrest S HICKINGBOTTOM, Alfred 1883-Mar-22
ADAMS, George C SMITH, Ella 1883-Jan-04
ADAMS, J B HILL, E J 1899-May-14
ADAMS, James B CLARK, Bettie 1899-Dec-25
ADAMS, John MURPHY, Catherine 1820-Mar-27
ADAMS, John Q CORBAN, Rowina E 1865-May-25
ADAMS, L C OGDEN, Jessie 1895-Feb-07
ADAMS, Leonadus C CRESINK, Sara Isabella 1880-Apr-02
ADAMS, Lovel G SMITH, Effie 1889-May-23
ADAMS, N B WHITTINGTON, Susan 1878-Dec-14
ADAMS, Pink EVERETTE, Florence 1892-Jan-27
ADAMS, R S HALL, Decora 1887-Dec-01
ADAMS, W Y ARNOLD, Frances L 1899-Jan-10
ADAMS, William H LEE, Leona Ann 1849-Dec-12
ADOMS, Geo W SMITH, Mary 1880-Apr-08
AHREEN, William BASS, Falby 1844-Sep-30
AHREND, Frederick OGDEN, Mattie 1889-Dec-26
AHUNE, James NALFONA, Sarah Jean 1869-Jan-21
AKIN, John GARLINGTON, Susan 1836-Oct-25
ALBRITTEN, B F JACKSON, Maggie 1889-Oct-31
ALDREDGE, Charles F CALCOTE, Etta M 1887-Dec-29
ALDRIDGE, David RATCLIFF, Minerva 1835-Jan-16
ALDRIDGE, David L DUCKER, Lou Isterteen 1864-Mar-17
ALDRIDGE, Franklin GRAVES, Sarah E 1865-Aug-05
ALDRIDGE, Henry K THOMPSON, Mary E L 1862-Jan-16
ALDRIDGE, J B BUFFKIN, Lucy 1899-Oct-18
ALDRIDGE, J G FREEMAN, Mattie 1898-Jul-20
ALDRIDGE, J W GUICE, Ruth 1887-Jun-12
ALDRIDGE, James CORBAN, C C 1888-May-02
ALDRIDGE, James JONES, Susan M 1835-Jan-11
ALDRIDGE, James T REYNOLDS, Frances R 1876-Dec-14
ALDRIDGE, John GRAVES, Eliza June 1853-Nov-24
ALDRIDGE, Joseph BLACK, Mary 1859-Jan-31
ALDRIDGE, Leo K CUSMAK, Catherine E 1876-Dec-28
ALDRIDGE, M E HILL, O O 1891-Sep-20
ALDRIDGE, M L (Jr) REYNOLDS, Rube 1898-Dec-22
ALDRIDGE, Mansford L CALIST, Catharine S 1864-Apr-12
ALDRIDGE, S M HILL, Minnie L 1892-Dec-04
ALDRIDGE, Samuel K HARRIGILL, Sarah Jane 1856-Dec-25
ALDRIDGE, T J GUICE, C M 1881-Nov-23
ALDRIDGE, Thomas J JONES, Mary J 1844-Feb-25
ALDRIDGE, William BLACK, Caroline J 1848-Apr-27
ALDRIDGE, William TEMPLE, Margaret E 1856-Dec-29
ALEXANDER, F V WHITEHEAD, Carrie Ethel 1898-Jul-06
ALEXANDER, Frederick GRIFFIN, Marthea 1874-Feb-25
ALEXANDER, Sidney PERNELL, Alcina 1897-Dec-10
ALFORD, James MERDITH, Nancy 1837-Oct-01
ALLEN, Elijah PUTNAM, Lizziah 1839-Mar-03
ALLEN, Felix L CUPIT, Ella L 1895-Mar-26
ALLEN, Matthew W CHISM, Demaras P 1872-May-20
ALLEN, Obert CALCOTE, Susannah 1823-Mar-13
ALLEN, Robert LEE, Ella 1885-Mar-29
ALLEN, W C DODDS, Ella 1895-Mar-20
ALLRED, C D DAVIS, Frances S 1894-Jan-04
ALLRED, Ezekiel WAINWRIGHT, Lauretta 1859-Nov-10
ALLRED, Ezra WACTOR, Ranah Elizabeth 1838-Jul-19
ALLRED, James E MILEY, Cora 1892-Jul-13
ALLRED, James H EAST, Sarah 1844-Apr-25
ALLRED, John S EAST, Priscilla 1844-Dec-17
ALRED, Samuel LEWIS, Cornelia 1890-Jun-18
AMBRUST, Margaret FARR, Robert F 1872-Mar-19
AMES, Adam CARNES, Mary 1821-Jul-04
ANDERS, A J ALDRIDGE, Ada B 1888-Dec-27
ANDERS, E C TERRY, David 1876-Oct-02
ANDERS, E R DAVIS, Viola 1899-Feb-21
ANDERS, E R MORGAN, Eliza 1890-Dec-10
ANDERS, John LOVE, Mary 1823-Mar-18
ANDERS, John H ALDRIDGE, India 1886-Dec-22
ANDERS, T J FOSTER, Mary C 1885-Jun-24
ANDERSON, David L ALDRIDGE, Mary M 1891-Mar-22
ANDERSON, David L WHARTON, Sarah 1862-Apr-17
ANDERSON, Edward T CORBAN, Lucinda J 1859-Feb-17
ANDERSON, H A LEWIS, Lela A 1888-Jun-11
ANDERSON, H A RUTLEDGE, Rebecca 1877-Dec-20
ANDERSON, J F DAIRS, C A 1878-Feb-16
ANDERSON, J R HOLLINGER, Rosetta 1882-Dec-20
ANDERSON, L U PRICHARD, Viola C 1873-Nov-27
ANDERSON, Lenny HOLMAN, Olivian 1837-Nov-09
ANDERSON, Lindsey W REEVES, Victory 1889-Jan-27
ANDERSON, Robert PICKETT, Amy 1825-Feb-05
ANDERSON, W C HUFF, Malissa 1880-Jan-19
ANDERSON, William PICKETT, Susannah 1822-Dec-19
ANDING, George T HARRIGILL, Sallie 1884-Dec-02
ANDING, J E SMITH, Nancy 1889-Oct-24
ANDING, John R MCCALL, Rebecca 1864-Nov-30
ANDING, W G HALL, Covdelia Ann 1867-Mar-13
ANDINGS, Harris ROUMSAVALL, Isaac 1834-Oct-28
ANDREWS, Green W HEMBY, Minerva J 1859-Sep-29
ANDREWS, Micajah SMITH, Sarah 1854-Oct-05
APPLEWHITE, Herbert NEWMAN, Lela A 1898-Dec-26
APPLEWHITE, S S NEWMAN, Emma 1890-Feb-26
ARIE, John MAGEE, Eunice 1888-Oct-11
ARMSTRONG, Dennis J COLVIT, Ida E 1874-Dec-10
ARMSTRONG, George T CALVIT, Sarah C 1865-Dec-07
ARMSTRONG, John GARLINGTON, Martha H 1842-Jan-19
ARNALD, Filmore CHATMAN, Sarah Alice 1876-Dec-17
ARNETTE, A M BROWN, Sarah J 1870-Sep-15
ARNOLD, A B BALLARD, Eliza 1887-Nov-17
ARNOLD, A B DILLON, H R 1890-Jan-07
ARNOLD, A H JONES, Mary Rebecca 1876-Sep-20
ARNOLD, Aaron H RUPLES, Mary Rebecca 1850-Dec-21
ARNOLD, Alsey OLIVER, Adline 1880-Dec-15
ARNOLD, Alsey A GALAVIN, Mary 1887-Sep-15
ARNOLD, Arron A DIXON, Adealine 1884-Feb-21
ARNOLD, B V WILSON, Ellen 1879-Mar-23
ARNOLD, Charles J Z MELTON, Millissa 1862-Nov-25
ARNOLD, Daniel H STROUD, Susan F 1884-Dec-11
ARNOLD, Davidson MILTON, Elizabeth 1869-Sep-08
ARNOLD, E B CLOY, Bessie 1899-Dec-21
ARNOLD, George L ROBINSON, Lizzie 1890-May-25
ARNOLD, I N WILSON, George L 1890-Dec-24
ARNOLD, J S WOOLEY, Minerva T 1870-Jun-25
ARNOLD, James CUPIT, Lucinda 1867-Mar-27
ARNOLD, James SERMAN, Mary E 1866-Feb-15
ARNOLD, James H DAVIS, Mary Arizona 1881-Apr-12
ARNOLD, James K COLEMAN, Isabella A 1881-Jan-08
ARNOLD, James M HANCOCK, Frances Ann 1860-Jan-03
ARNOLD, James S OLIVER, Mary E 1874-Jul-09
ARNOLD, John J MILEY, Elen 1858-Dec-30
ARNOLD, John R YARBROUGH, Sophia 1832-Dec-31
ARNOLD, Jsoeph G JOHNSON, Cyrene 1865-Jan-26
ARNOLD, Lorenzo D CHAPMAN, Sarah Ann 1846-Feb-26
ARNOLD, R R HOLLAND, Mary Eliza 1882-Jan-19
ARNOLD, R S FREEMAN, C E 1898-May-14
ARNOLD, S A MCMANUS, S A 1878-Feb-06
ARNOLD, W Jer MATHUS, Ella 1896-Nov-11
ARNOLD, Walsey COTTON, Pamelia E 1825-Dec-29
ARNOLD, William DOWDEN, Sarah Jane 1863-Jul-29
ARNOLD, William ERWIN, Nannie 1877-Dec-26
ASHLEY, George BOLING, Elizabeth A 1854-Jan-16
ASHLEY, George B SEALE, Idora 1873-Nov-08
ASHLEY, W S CARRUTH, Almedia 1877-Aug-23
ASWELL, John H STROUD, Delila 1886-Jul-18
AVERY, A H SCOTT, M C 1863-Jun-17


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