Franklin County Brides


TABB, Fannie LACY, Frank 1889-Jul-04
TARVER, Amander M KEEN, Calvin L 1868-Dec-23
TARVER, Elizabeth LEWIS, John 1865-Nov-09
TARVER, Elizabeth SASSER, William 1864-Mar-29
TARVER, Elizabeth WACTOR, John 1846-Jul-24
TARVER, Elvira REED, Levi L 1851-Oct-09
TARVER, Frances MCCALL, James 1821-Apr-25
TARVER, Martha SMITH, William L 1860-Feb-09
TARVER, Mary A CUPIT, John R 1876-Jan-27
TARVER, Mary Ann BUTLER, Thomas H 1861-Jan-03
TARVER, Mary Ann LOFTON, Zachirah 1859-Feb-17
TARVER, Mary Ann TARVER, Thomas 1850-Mar-10
TARVER, Nancy Jane SMITH, Jasper 1860-May-06
TARVER, Sarah LEWIS, Elisha V 1865-Sep-06
TAYLOR, Elizabeth L FREEMAN, Francis M 1850-Nov-05
TAYLOR, Mary WARREN, Thomas 1816-Jan-09
TEMPLE, Amanda OGLESBY, F W 1895-Dec-10
TEMPLE, Clorinda E MURRY, Monroe 1870-Nov-16
TEMPLE, Ella WILKINSON, J W 1889-Jan-22
TEMPLE, Eula EDWARDS, Gommie 1887-Jan-10
TEMPLE, Hannah A SEALE, Henry C 1882-Jan-25
TEMPLE, Henrietta Jane JOHNIGAN, J S 1882-Dec-12
TEMPLE, Julia F SMITH, Robert S 1887-Feb-08
TEMPLE, Letha Ann MELTON, Henry 1843-Feb-16
TEMPLE, Louisia J MCMANUS, Ellison C 1865-Jan-19
TEMPLE, M A AARON, M V 1881-Dec-15
TEMPLE, Margaret E ALDRIDGE, William 1856-Dec-29
TEMPLE, Margaret E MERIDITH, John 1856-Dec-21
TEMPLE, Mary CAVES, John 1842-Apr-06
TEMPLE, Mary CHAMBERS, Theodore 1857-Jul-30
TEMPLE, Mary HALFORD, James S 1843-Apr-06
TEMPLE, Mary Della MULLINS, Elbert 1896-Nov-24
TEMPLE, Mary S MURRY, George H 1883-Dec-27
TEMPLE, Minerva A LASSITER, James Ervin 1874-Feb-10
TEMPLE, Minerva A STRONG, Charles H 1875-Feb-18
TEMPLE, Minierva HANCOCK, D H 1894-Feb-08
TEMPLE, Minnie FREEMAN, William M 1873-Apr-04
TEMPLE, Rebecca PORTER, Walter 1897-Nov-03
TEMPLE, Rebecca Ann HOLLAND, Paxton 1862-Dec-18
TEMPLE, Rosetta STRONG, John M 1883-Apr-10
TEMPLE, S E COTTEN, Thomas S 1874-Aug-20
TEMPLE, Sarah A LONG, John F 1886-Jul-22
TEMPLE, Sarah C BALLANCE, James T 1885-Jul-25
TEMPLE, Sarah C RUSH, D L 1889-Apr-18
TEMPLES, Lydia Ann MELTON, George N 1845-Dec-25
TEMPLES, Nancy RUSH, John R 1849-Oct-24
TERRALL, Amazon THOMPSON, John B 1867-Jan-22
TERRELL, Lenvina HARRIS, Edward 1824-Feb-07
TERRELL, Malissa GODBOLD, Zack 1885-Nov-29
TERRELL, Mary Ann BINGIN, John 1867-Oct-29
TERRELL, Mary E MAYERS, George 1885-Oct-24
TERRELL, Mollie CAMERON, Alex 1887-Feb-05
TERRELL, Nancy DAVIS, H W 1870-Dec-20
TERRELL, Sarah Jane MCFARLANE, John P 1850-Jun-24
TERRELL, Virginia DAVIS, James E 1873-Jan-16
TERRILL, Tasey GOODWIN, Jesse 1826-Jan-15
TERRY, Drusilla A STEWART, Thomas 1858-Dec-12
TEW, Ella MCDANIEL, Ransom 1896-Dec-03
TEW, Rachel MATHUS, R M 1895-Mar-15
THEFORT, Nancy M FURR, Isaac 1860-Feb-16
THETFORD, Lydia Jane SMITH, Commodore P 1859-Jul-13
THOMAS, Amander STANFORD, Lycengus 1856-Jul-01
THOMAS, Catharine Franc MAYHALL, John 1843-Apr-06
THOMAS, Clara J SHELL, Thomas H 1862-Jan-30
THOMAS, Dora COWART, John 1890-Apr-06
THOMAS, Mary Jane SMITH, James 1852-Apr-12
THOMAS, Mollie SHELL, C P 1886-Feb-18
THOMAS, Nancy BROWN, James 1824-Oct-23
THOMPSON, Amanda F MCMILLAN, Calvin N 1832-Dec-28
THOMPSON, Eliza Ann MCMILLAN, Daniel C 1842-Dec-22
THOMPSON, Elizabeth HEWETT, Richard 1836-Jan-21
THOMPSON, Laura A MCCRAINE, N W 1862-Jan-08
THOMPSON, Mary E L ALDRIDGE, Henry K 1862-Jan-16
THOMPSON, Mary P MOORE, John P 1868-Sep-24
THOMPSON, Susan E FARREL, Samuel R 1871-Feb-22
THOMSBURG, Sarah Jane STEWART, Thomas R 1883-Jul-05
THORNHILL, Amanda JONES, R J 1878-Apr-21
THORNHILL, Eliza EMFINGER, E M 1870-Nov-09
THORNHILL, Gena FLOWERS, Willie B 1844-Jan-21
THORNHILL, Ines MCVEY, John 1899-Jan-11
THORNHILL, Jane PRATHER, Mathew J 1872-Dec-23
THORNHILL, Martha Ann MCFARLAND, Elias 1849-Apr-25
THORNHILL, Martha Ann Tele ROBERTS, Henry Joseph 1854-Mar-23
THORNHILL, Rhoda CAIN, D D 1881-Jan-26
THORNTON, Emma F CLAY, John 1887-Jan-30
THORNTON, Mary Eliz HAYMAN, Henry C 1877-May-10
THORNTON, Milley WITHERSPOON, Robert 1818-Jun-18
THORNTON, Sarah Ann HAYMAN, John T 1878-Jan-30
TIDWELL, Zelphia KING, David 1835-Mar-19
TILLARY, Mary TORREY, George 1822-May-13
TINSLEY, Ann WILLIAMS, Carey C 1827-Sep-25
TINSLEY, Peache WRIGHT, Henry T 1832-Apr-09
TINSLEY, Rebecca WRIGHT, Henry T 1822-Mar-13
TORREY, Kate GUICE, Karl D 1894-Dec-12
TORRY, Eliza Jane FULTON, Nathaniel A 1847-Feb-18
TORRY, Julia Ann JONE, Jesse 1842-Aug-31
TORRY, Margarett Ann HAVIS, Thomas 1847-Dec-16
TORRY, Mary GILBERT, George W 1836-Dec-15
TORRY, Nancy A HAWLEY, Joseph A 1846-Jan-01
TOURNALL, Dicy Ann LINDER, Samuel 1837-Dec-11
TRUSHELL, Deette R JENNINGS, Thomas K 1891-Mar-16
TUBBS, Mary E BALDWIN, Charles A 1863-Jan-04
TUCKER, Catherine E ERWIN, C C 1874-Sep-20
TUCKER, Emma WILLIAMS, W R 1879-Dec-28
TUMBLE, Hannah E GUICE, Isaac J 1854-Dec-24
TURNER, Elizabeth F CENNA, Samuel P 1848-Jan-06
TURNER, Elizabeth Franc CONNER, Samuel P 1848-Jan-06
TURNER, Lucincia SLATEN, Isaac 1858-Apr-25
TURNIP, Ann HARKNIPS, William 1849-Jan-07
TURNIP, Harriet MERIDETH, Henry G 1839-Nov-28
TURNIP, Mary LOWRY, Joseph S M 1835-Apr-23
TUTTLE, Carrie J SEXTON, T Y 1885-Sep-22



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