Franklin County Brides

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NALFONA, Sarah Jean AHUNE, James 1869-Jan-21
NEALE, Susan S WOODYEAR, William F 1860-Dec-04
NELSON, Ellen BRUECK, Joseph 1877-Aug-26
NELSON, Lettie RUSH, Elyabee 1880-Feb-19
NELSON, Martha CARLOCK, Zachariah 1877-Mar-22
JELSKJ, Martha NORRIS, John 5830-   -26
NELSON, Nancy WHITTINGTON, George B 1884-Dec-05
NELSON, Nancy Almeda JACKSON, Thomas D 1885-Dec-03
NELSON, Polly ERVIN, Henry 1834-Nov-21
NELTON, Berthena A WHITE, F G 1867-Oct-31
NESMITH, Darcus B SOJOURNER, John 1866-Jul-20
NETTLES, Ada STEEL, P J 1891-Dec-24
NETTLES, Addie HANCOCK, Frank 1898-Jan-09
NETTLES, Addie HOLLOWAY, Thomas K 1886-Nov-11
NETTLES, Arzelia FERRILL, T S 1891-Dec-24
NETTLES, Caroline TARVER, Allen 1846-Oct-13
NETTLES, Dela HAYES, W H 1894-Jan-21
NETTLES, Elizabeth CHISHOLM, Daniel 1849-Jun-12
NETTLES, Ella N WESTBROOK, J E 1884-Nov-12
NETTLES, Emily Susana BOWLIN, Wiley H 1854-Apr-18
NETTLES, Etta CHISHOLM, Virgil 1890-Jan-15
NETTLES, Eva KORNEGA, Zack 1894-Jan-05
NETTLES, Fanny E KONEDIA, Zack 1886-Sep-08
NETTLES, Georgia LEWIS, William E 1889-Dec-11
NETTLES, Louetta MATHEWS, J M 1897-Sep-15
NETTLES, Lucy A TERREY, R S 1879-Dec-24
NETTLES, M L MILLER, W H 1895-Jun-16
NETTLES, Malissa A RATCLIFF, John 1883-Jan-01
NETTLES, Martha GATLEN, J T 1867-Dec-12
NETTLES, Mary Jane LEWIS, E M 1867-Dec-19
NETTLES, Minerva E LOFTEN, Jesse M 1878-Dec-29
NETTLES, Sarah SMITH, Charley 1844-Sep-26
NETTLES, Sarah Ann NETTLES, P 1897-Jul-16
NETTLES, Violia M GILL, J B 1879-Dec-23
NEVIN, Sarah GALLOWAY, Lamar 1822-Sep-18
NEWFRAW, Nancy JONES, Jordan 1825-Aug-30
NEWMAN, Aillony LEE, James 1825-Jan-24
NEWMAN, Anna M WARREN, Marquis D 1870-Feb-02
NEWMAN, Coreen CAMERON, F A 1876-Feb-10
NEWMAN, Effie N SHAW, Thomas A 1872-Nov-27
NEWMAN, Emma APPLEWHITE, S S 1890-Feb-26
NEWMAN, Eudora S KNOX, Calvin H 1872-Mar-28
NEWMAN, Eugenia CAMERON, John C 1882-Nov-16
NEWMAN, Frances A MIDDLETON, T J 1881-Jul-18
NEWMAN, Helen E COTTEN, J H 1867-Nov-13
NEWMAN, Iowne KNOX, F J 1872-Jan-25
NEWMAN, Lela A APPLEWHITE, Herbert 1898-Dec-26
NEWMAN, Lydia HARRIGILL, William Monroe 1897-Oct-17
NEWMAN, Maggie MCMILLAN, Landy 1899-Apr-22
NEWMAN, Margaret J GILLIS, D W 1879-Dec-23
NEWMAN, Martha C BRONAUGH, William J 1847-Sep-23
NEWMAN, Martha E CATO, John A 1861-Dec-24
NEWMAN, Mary LEE, James 1825-Jan-27
NEWMAN, Mary E MCDANIEL, John W 1863-Jul-16
NEWMAN, Ola E DUCKER, F F 1896-Dec-28
NEWMAN, Ollie HARRIGILL, Henry 1897-May-11
NEWMAN, Sallie E CAMERON, William A 1872-Nov-27
NEWSOM, Millissa E MORGAN, Levi 1866-Jun-22
NICHOLS, Sarah REYNOLDS, Thomas 1818-Dec-10
NIX, Elizabeth S SMYLY, Andrew 1835-May-20
NIX, Martha Ann COBB, James 1840-Oct-27
NIX, Mary Caroline CUPIT, James 1842-Dec-21
NOBLE, Cattie L MCDANIEL, Quitman 1887-Dec-27
NOBLE, Julia D WATSON, Ralph 1898-Sep-29
NOBLE, Mary Jane ERWIN, Cyrus 1860-Nov-14
NOBLE, Missouri Ann SMITH, Martin 1852-Feb-25
NOBLE, Willie A MCMILLAN, Benjamin 1884-Nov-06
NOBLES, Julia A ERWIN, Francis R 1855-Jul-05
NOBLES, Mary WAINWRIGHT, Dickson 1835-Jan-29
NOBLES, Susan REYNOLDS, Milnam B 1834-Dec-08
NOBLEY, Sarah KING, Mary 1836-May-01
NORRIS, Mary E SIMPSON, Samuel 1862-Mar-03
NORRIS, Precilla DAIRS, Hiram 1880-May-10
NORTON, Lary E SOJOURNER, Samuel 1824-Nov-06
NUNNERY, Mary E SCHOONMAKER, Arthur 1883-Jul-28
O'GLEASBY, Mary C LEASE, Henry Allen 1883-May-24
O'NEAL, Louisa BOLIN, W N 1894-Jan-01
OGDEN, Addie SEALE, William 1891-Dec-30
OGDEN, Jessie ADAMS, L C 1895-Feb-07
OGDEN, Mattie AHREND, Frederick 1889-Dec-26
OGLESBY, Burnease CORBAN, D A 1899-Jan-01
OGLESBY, Cynthia BLACK, Robt L 1872-Dec-25
OGLESBY, Delelah OWENS, Henry 1819-Sep-20
OGLESBY, Emiline TEMPLE, David D 1867-Jan-13
OGLESBY, Josephine HUNT, D W 1893-Jul-13
OGLESBY, Low J DUNBAR, J O 1891-Nov-11
OGLESBY, Martha Ann ZEAGLER, Prosper K 1856-Jun-05
OGLESBY, Roxie KENT, W F 1895-Aug-04
OGLESBY, Sarah BYRD, Jonah 1836-Jan-11
OGLESBY, Sarah RUSH, R W 1885-Jul-12
OGLESBY, Susan WORTHY, David 1871-Mar-05
OLES, Judian ZUMBRO, A J 1880-Apr-04
OLIVER, Adline ARNOLD, Alsey 1880-Dec-15
OLIVER, Eliza Jane MCLAVITT, James D 1873-Apr-10
OLIVER, Isabel L SHORT, George P 1864-Apr-30
OLIVER, Mary E ARNOLD, James S 1874-Jul-09
ONEAL, Abi NORRIS, Uriah 1844-Jan-30
ONEAL, Charlotte ROBINSON, James 1837-Jan-24
ONEAL, Elizabeth JENKINS, Thomas 1821-Feb-08
ONEAL, Ellen WILEY, John 1840-Apr-21
ONEAL, Laura BARLOW, W J 1899-Dec-13
ONEAL, Mahala O FORD, John D 1833-Jan-30
ONEAL, Martha MCMANUS, Melvin 1855-Jul-05
ONEAL, Nancy ONEAL, William A 1845-Dec-25
ONEAL, Nancy Jane RUSHING, Phraim 1860-Sep-03
OSTEEN, Ann HALL, Joel H 1857-Jan-15
OSTEEN, Emily C HUMPHRIES, James M 1862-Jan-30
OSTEEN, Julia A JONES, George N 1864-May-18
OSTEEN, Phebe LUTCLIFF, William 1860-Jul-24
OWEN, Catharine PRICE, Joseph E 1825-Jul-17
OWEN, Sarah Ann WICKERSHAM, John 1828-Jun-09
OWENS, Frances WELCH, William 1872-Mar-11
OWENS, Joanna Barsheba OWENS, Stephen 1821-Mar-01
OWENS, Kitsey JERNINGAN, Robert H 1824-May-16
OWENS, Margarett MILLER, Collins M 1825-Mar-03
OWENS, Mary Jane CAMMUL, Stephen M 1861-Dec-19
OWENS, Midda Ann PERRY, Amos 1840-Dec-24
OWENS, Rachel BUCKLES, Martin 1820-Nov-20


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