Franklin County Brides

I - J

IKERD, A M (Mrs) BURMAN, D L 1899-Dec-13
IKERD, Alma E DAVIS, Thomas O 1898-Feb-10
IKERD, Cenia Francis TANNER THOMAS M, 1866-Sep-04
IKERD, Drewcilla Mabel EDWARDS, Ferdinand L C 1855-Aug-22
IKERD, Emma D HYNUM, Charley A 1890-Nov-23
IKERD, Julia CARTER, F F 1896-Feb-20
IKERD, Maggie E DAVIS, S W 1897-Dec-29
IKERD, Mary A SLATON, R C 1888-Jun-06
IKERD, Minnie CALCOTE, W S 1890-Jan-07
IKERD, Sena A DUNN, R S 1893-Nov-09
IMES, L J STORMENT, M E 1886-Dec-09
IMES, Mary HUNT, William 1865-Feb-22
IMFINGER, Cytha NORDEN, R D 1898-Jun-06
IMPSON, Ellen SULLIVAN, A B 1888-Dec-27
IRWIN, Agnes MCMANUS, Henry O 1898-Mar-09
JACKSON, Bessie MCMANUS, Kirby 1885-Dec-15
JACKSON, Bettie E HOMES, C O 1898-Aug-09
JACKSON, Celia A BENFROM, Mark 1864-Dec-20
JACKSON, Florence NOBLE, John W 1892-Feb-28
JACKSON, Jessie HOLMES, Eler 1890-Oct-26
JACKSON, Maggie ALBRITTEN, B F 1889-Oct-31
JACKSON, Margaret E HESTER, Josiah 1886-Nov-11
JACKSON, Martha Ann COTTEN, William A 1848-Oct-27
JACKSON, Mary HALEY, R H 1893-Jun-15
JACKSON, Nannie DOVE, John 1891-Sep-20
JACKSON, Rachel CAMERON, Hiram 1872-Sep-12
JACKSON, Sarah A PERKINS, Richard B 1844-Sep-30
JAMESON, Cathanne GUICE, Jesse A 1836-Dec-02
JARNIGIN, Calvin M WALLACE, Martha Ann 1856-Oct-03
JEFFERS, Pamela ONEAL, Allen W 1833-Dec-07
JEFFS, Sarah Mrs WALLER, Stephen 1824-Feb-09
JENKINS, Margret LINDER, S 1894-Jul-01
JENKINS, Samantha WILSON, T J 1882-Nov-22
JERNIGAN, Martha OGLESBY, James J 1858-Mar-29
JERNIGAN, Mary FORD, Gideon B 1860-Jan-22
JERRELL, Elizabeth ERWIN, John 1824-Mar-13
JERRY, Mary S GODBOLD, Thos R 1879-Jan-11
JETER, Mary E OSTEEN, John J 1865-Aug-25
JETERS, Sarah MULKEY, Levi F 1852-Apr-06
JOHNS, Cammie ROBERSON, Clarence 1899-Dec-25
JOHNS, Emma ROBINSON, H E 1897-Jul-27
JOHNS, Mary A O'NEAL, John P 1873-Mar-20
JOHNS, Sarah J ZUMBRO, John A 1865-Aug-06
JOHNSON, Caroline M BLEECKER, Ebenezer 1852-Nov-25
JOHNSON, Cyrene ARNOLD, Joeph G 1865-Jan-26
JOHNSON, Fanny SMITH, Harbard 1846-May-21
JOHNSON, Henrietta FLOWERS, Graham N 1871-Sep-21
JOHNSON, Henrietta M WHITE, David Jr 1821-Jul-07
JOHNSON, Mary C SCOTT, Samuel 1863-Apr-16
JOHNSON, N E DAVIS, N M 1896-Dec-17
JOHNSON, Racel M GUICE, Nathanul 1835-Nov-26
JOHNSON, Sarah A HIGDON, Wiley F 1856-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Sophia (Mrs) DRAKE, Frederick L 1894-Nov-07
JONE, Catharine WELMUTH, Ralph 1829-Jan-15
JONES, Amanda MCGEHEE, J M 1883-Feb-08
JONES, Anna Jane EZELL, Joseph 1876-Jun-18
JONES, Beatrice BEACH, George W 1872-Feb-29
JONES, Caroline M TERRELL, James A 1856-Dec-17
JONES, Cassenda DUNN, Jeremiah P 1851-Sep-24
JONES, Catharene N WILKINSON, William L 1865-Oct-12
JONES, Catharine DICKSON, John A 1862-Nov-22
JONES, Charity PRIESTER, William A 1886-Jan-03
JONES, Delelah Jane BECK, Hardy 1852-Jan-22
JONES, Dora BEATY, G L 1894-Oct-13
JONES, Dora E WELLS, O J 1899-Jul-02
JONES, Elizabeth Jane LEE, Goshen 1853-Jul-28
JONES, Frances KENZIE, T C 1896-Dec-23
JONES, Frances P NELSON, James D 1867-Sep-17
JONES, Lydia SIRMAN, John 1836-Jan-05
JONES, Margaret Ann FREEMAN, Jeptha 1866-Dec-26
JONES, Maria C LONG, Thomas W A 1842-Feb-15
JONES, Martha J COBB, Wm C 1877-Feb-04
JONES, Mary A TEMPLE, C C 1865-May-24
JONES, Mary J ALDRIDGE, Thomas J 1844-Feb-25
JONES, Mary J E COMPTON, Alexander B 1857-Jan-15
JONES, Mary Rebecca ARNOLD, A H 1876-Sep-20
JONES, Mary T MCCAA, David M 1868-Dec-17
JONES, Sarah COTTEN, H A 1874-Dec-24
JONES, Sarah PORTER, William N 1891-Dec-15
JONES, Sarah J BOWLIN, William H 1869-Jan-07
JONES, Susan M ALDRIDGE, James 1835-Jan-11
JONES, Tamar WILLIAMS, Alexander 1818-Dec-09
JONES, Thursey MORAN, Michael 1862-Nov-14
JORDAN, Anna NETTLES, Joe F 1897-Aug-27
JORDAN, Julia BARRON, H M 1889-Dec-25
JORDAN, Rebecca Frances VICKERS, Elmon 1852-Aug-03
JORDEN, Mollie SULLIVAN, Monroe 1875-Jul-21
JULIAN, Helen Mcdonald WOOD, Wm H 1818-Aug-25



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