Franklin County Brides


FAIRCHILD, Margaret Laura JONES, William L 1860-Feb-02
FAIRMAN, Margaret MIDDLETON, Stephen N 1862-Nov-26
FALLEN, Pauline COFFEE, Isaac N 1868-Jan-23
FALLON, Anna Jane FORD, William D 1849-Oct-21
FARLEY, Nora E SADLER, C W 1895-May-07
FARNHAM, Harriett FURNISS, John 1832-Nov-15
FARR, Alice GEOHEGAN, Charles C 1884-Apr-29
FARR, Bettie A FORD, William B 1876-Mar-04
FARR, Detha RAWLS, R A 1876-Mar-16
FARR, Dora SEALE, T J 1893-Feb-08
FARR, Mary Ann HERRING, Benjamin F 1849-Aug-26
FARR, Mary J BEDFORD, David M 1863-Aug-30
FARR, Nannie SEALE, S F 1897-Dec-08
FARR, Nannie C HICKINGBOTTOM, William 1884-Feb-27
FARR, Rowena E MAY, William L 1867-Nov-07
FERRELL, Allean M JONES, Charles C 1884-Jun-07
FERRELL, Catherine KINNISON, A M 1874-Dec-24
FERRELL, Elizabeth HARRIGILL, Clarence F 1877-Mar-28
FERRELL, Elizabeth June KEIGAN, J H 1874-Oct-29
FERRELL, Kate JONES, Leroy 1897-May-20
FERRELL, Mary F MAGEE, J L 1877-Dec-25
FERRELL, Zilphia Ann MATLOCK, William 1875-Apr-27
FINLEY, Isabella COOK, William W 1838-Feb-01
FINNEY, Jane WILLIAMS, Andrew 1827-Aug-29
FLEMING, Abafail Rebecca HOUSE, Samuel Nelson 1824-Feb-19
FLEMING, Euginia F LARD, David V 1863-Aug-31
FLINN, Polly WHITE, William 1827-Mar-26
FLOODNAL, Julia HARRIS, James 1887-Jul-04
FLOWERS, Amilia MOORE, William 1840-Dec-06
FLOWERS, Anna EMFINGER, Willis M 1879-Jan-09
FLOWERS, Anna L SULLIVAN, James H 1873-Nov-19
FLOWERS, Elizabeth KNIGHT, William M 1839-Oct-20
FLOWERS, Fanny HESTER, David 1899-Jul-28
FLOWERS, Georgiana BYRD, A V 1895-Dec-05
FLOWERS, Letha Ann SMITH, William D 1869-Mar-09
FLOWERS, Mary SULLIVAN, John 1840-Feb-06
FLOWERS, Mary Ann MCCOY, John W 1871-Aug-14
FLOWERS, Mary S CERVIN, Charles C 1876-Dec-08
FLOWERS, Rosella GRIFFING, James M 1876-Dec-27
FLOWERS, Susan MEYERS, H G 1878-Dec-25
FORCE, Elizabeth Ann TERRY, Jesse 1869-Dec-09
FORD, Allee WHITEHEAD, Richard 1897-Feb-10
FORD, Allice C MCGEHEE, John H 1872-Dec-06
FORD, Amelia E SMITH, W G 1888-Feb-09
FORD, Anna BUCKLES, William D 1821-Feb-14
FORD, Anna J SEALE, Mathew 1862-Oct-07
FORD, Anna Jane WALLACE, James J 1868-Nov-30
FORD, Catharine Carol CORBAN, Thoma H 1846-May-06
FORD, Countney A DAUGHARTY, George 1834-Dec-30
FORD, Elizabeth A GILBERT, Andrew I 1833-Dec-19
FORD, Elizabeth Ann GRESHAM, John 1838-Oct-28
FORD, Elizabeth C KING, Washington 1853-Jun-02
FORD, Eva WHITEHEAD, J W 1888-Jan-03
FORD, Jane LARD, Joseph 1841-Dec-02
FORD, Letha C KING, Jesse 1853-Oct-20
FORD, Mahala SELMAN, William F 1842-Jan-30
FORD, Mary SMITH, John P 1825-Apr-07
FORD, Mary VINSON, Clarkin 1833-Jun-11
FORD, Mary Ann PRENDERGAST, Thomas 1840-Mar-27
FORD, Mary E EDWARDS, Thomas 1888-Nov-04
FORD, Mary F LEE, James A 1858-Dec-23
FORD, Mary Jane BUTLER, George P 1858-Dec-14
FORD, Matilda JONES, Robert H 1873-Feb-11
FORD, Nancy HIGDON, Jeptha 1833-Mar-22
FORD, Nannie L CAMPBELL, J P 1893-Dec-20
FORD, Rebecca OGLESBY, William 1868-Aug-13
FORD, Rebecca ROBERTS, Lightel 1846-Dec-30
FORD, Rebecca Ann SEALE, Paschal H 1859-Mar-16
FORD, Susannah SMILEY, James F 1848-Oct-06
FOREMAN, Catherine STERLING, V P 1875-Aug-06
FORMAN, Jane BLACKMAN, Sideon 1820-Jul-18
FOSTER, Fanny MORGAN, Monroe 1899-Jan-24
FOSTER, Mary C ANDERS, T J 1885-Jun-24
FOSTER, Pernecia RUSH, James F 1860-Jun-28
FOX, Sarah A STAMPLEY, Soloman B 1866-Jun-06
FOY, Allie PRIEST, Franklin 1888-Feb-19
FOY, Betsey NEWELL, T J 1890-Aug-28
FOY, Catherine EMFINGER, H G 1879-Feb-13
FOY, Eliza WASTOR, Isaac J 1877-Jan-10
FOY, Pennie FOY, P N 1883-May-03
FRAIZER, Frances F MARTINDALE, John W 1865-Dec-27
FRANKLIN, Eliz YOUNG, Leonard 1816-Dec-24
FREEMAN, Amanda A MCALISTER, Marion 1868-Jun-18
FREEMAN, Amry Ann SMITH, David C 1858-Mar-03
FREEMAN, Angeline HANCOCK, Ellison 1854-Apr-24
FREEMAN, Arie FREEMAN, Tyson 1899-Nov-28
FREEMAN, Berthena LMCDANIEL, John 1863-Mar-09
FREEMAN, Bettie CARSON, Ben 1885-Dec-24
FREEMAN, C E ARNOLD, R S 1898-May-14
FREEMAN, Charlotte C MAYER, S K 1895-Nov-28
FREEMAN, Claudia A HAYS, William J 1860-Sep-11
FREEMAN, Dora V STEVENS, O R 1886-Dec-29
FREEMAN, Elizabeth FREEMAN, John S 1871-Apr-06
FREEMAN, Elizabeth WHITTINGTON, Jackson 1847-Feb-17
FREEMAN, Francis J MIDDLETON, Levi E 1860-Apr-07
FREEMAN, Ida A FREEMAN, R P 1890-Feb-16
FREEMAN, Isee FREEMAN, H J 1880-Oct-21
FREEMAN, Lizzie MURRY, Andy 1889-Oct-03
FREEMAN, Louisa BRADSHAW, Isom 1874-Dec-17
FREEMAN, Louisa A (Mrs) GUICE, George A B 1851-Dec-24
FREEMAN, Lydia Lou THORNHILL, William 1892-Jun-09
FREEMAN, Malissa Ann TEMPLE, Simon P 1873-Apr-07
FREEMAN, Margaret OWENS, Stephen 1819-Nov-29
FREEMAN, Maria LARD, John 1839-Sep-16
FREEMAN, Martha Ann FREEMAN, Rowan C 1879-Nov-20
FREEMAN, Mary RUSHING, Joseph 1857-Oct-28
FREEMAN, Mary Adaline FREEMAN, James 1869-Mar-27
FREEMAN, Mary Ann FREEMAN, Joel L 1844-Sep-18
FREEMAN, Mary Ann MCMANUS, Andrew J 1876-Jul-13
FREEMAN, Mary Ann TEMPLE, Henson 1885-Apr-20
FREEMAN, Mary E MONTGOMERY, Jessee 1881-Nov-30
FREEMAN, Mattie ALDRIDGE, J G 1898-Jul-20
FREEMAN, Missouri FREEMAN, Robert 1895-Jan-15
FREEMAN, Nancy GILL, John 1856-Sep-17
FREEMAN, Nancy (Mrs) HESTER, J J 1890-Mar-23
FREEMAN, Sarah TAYLOR, Asa 1851-Oct-09
FREEMAN, Sarah C TEMPLE, Thomas R 1873-Apr-07
FREEMAN, Seybelle GATES, J P 1896-Mar-08
FREEMAN, Susanna TEMPLE, Loyd 1844-Jun-09
FREEMAN, Susie Ann DAVIS, T R 1895-Oct-22
FREEMAN, Thirza Ann TEMPLE, John R 1873-Jan-15
FRENCH, Alzeneth Elizab DAVIS, Samuel C 1844-Jul-04
FRENCH, Calista Ann SPEARS, Henry A 1835-Mar-28
FULTON, Charlotte STILL, R F 1875-Sep-07
FULTON, Edny JONES, E B 1875-Oct-21
FULTON, Jane KENISON, Abyah L 1826-Aug-02
FULTON, Nancy S HARRIGILL, Samuel M 1848-Sep-05
FURGERSON, Mary SCOTT, Thomas M 1887-Jul-21


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