Franklin County Brides

P - Q

PALMER, Martha Ann GIBSON, Richard 1866-Aug-19
PALMER, Susan WORLAND, Jno 1824-Jul-03
PARKER, Elizabeth B BYRD, Willis 1844-Dec-25
PARKER, Elizabeth E SMITH, R F 1895-Jan-16
PARKER, Florence CAUSEY, P F 1899-Mar-06
PARKER, Katy B SMITH, Madison 1893-Dec-30
PARKER, Letha WEATHERSBY, Walter M 1851-Apr-28
PARKER, Martha A MCNEAL, George A 1864-Jul-21
PARKER, Mary WITT, Wm 1818-Apr-13
PARKER, Susa NETTLES, W M 1899-Jun-07
PARSONS, Adaline HUNT, G P 1866-Jan-04
PARSONS, Ann E CAIN, Hardy H 1863-Feb-19
PARSONS, Frances R BYRD, H R 1867-Nov-25
PARSONS, Martha Ann LARD, Edward M 1876-Jan-20
PARSONS, Mary E EAST, P G 1875-Feb-09
PATE, Emma GERALD, D T 1778-Jan-01
PATRICK, Rebecca GIBSON, Charles W 1837-Oct-19
PATTERSON, Margaret WATT, James 1821-Aug-08
PATTERSON, Sharlotte STANBERRY, Wesley 1871-Nov-17
PAZARUS, Mary PARROTT, Joseph 1844-Jan-03
PEAKE, Mary WILLIAMS, Wm 1817-Apr-16
PEAVY, Vina MARSHALL, James C 1872-Dec-26
PECKERING, Miriam MCFARLAND, John D 1869-Dec-26
PEPPERS, Calpernia E SMITH, Stephen 1849-Sep-24
PEPPERS, Mary NETTLES, J F 1899-Sep-17
PERNELL, Alcina ALEXANDER, Sidney 1897-Dec-10
PERNELL, Alcina SIDNEY, Alexander 1897-Dec-10
PERRITT, Ione B RUSSEL, Jonthan 1825-Feb-02
PERRY, Harriet KIRKLAND, Zachariah T 1821-Jul-10
PETTY, Mary Ann WOODRUFF, Jno 1830-May-01
PHILLIPS, Eliza G WOOLFOLK, Jas 1826-Mar-21
PHIPPS, Letiltia LESSLEY, James G 1858-Apr-22
PICKERING, Dicey JONES, John I 1833-Dec-11
PICKERING, Lucinda HALEY, James 1832-Oct-11
PICKERING, Mary PORTER, J Walter 1895-Dec-16
PICKERING, Milinda GRAVES, John (Jr) 1825-Sep-14
PICKET, Harriet FLOWERS, G H 1874-Nov-17
PICKET, Matilda GUYSER, Charles 1883-Nov-04
PICKETT, Amy ANDERSON, Robert 1825-Feb-05
PICKETT, Cassander Nancy COTTON, Blewet 1825-Dec-22
PICKETT, Celia GODBOLD, Gabril P 1841-Sep-05
PICKETT, Elizabeth KING, John 1822-Dec-31
PICKETT, Lizzie MCGEHEE, J H 1899-Nov-29
PICKETT, Mary Ann CLOY, George A 1843-Jan-07
PICKETT, Susannah ANDERSON, William 1822-Dec-19
PIERCE, Margaret WALKER, John 1825-Mar-20
PIERCE, Martha GORDON, William 1872-Feb-19
PIERSE, Dora E GUICE, George W 1884-Nov-18
PILCHER, Sarah WEST, Wm W 1830-Feb-06
PITTMAN, Rose O BOWLIN, B H 1893-Dec-15
PITTMAN, Zella COTTEN, Haley 1898-Feb-15
PITTS, Lucy WOODS, John 1824-Nov-24
POOLE, Drucilla M TEMPLE, J M 1881-Sep-22
PORTER, Allice C J BETHCA, Richard 1873-Oct-04
PORTER, Amanda E TEMPLE, James M 1878-Dec-18
PORTER, Annie C LEA, Wilford C 1881-Dec-14
PORTER, Bertha WOOLEY, S J 1897-Dec-15
PORTER, Caroline GRISHAM, Elipn 1834-Oct-18
PORTER, Cora REYNOLDS, W A 1874-Sep-10
PORTER, Diannah WHITE, Thomas 1816-Aug-14
PORTER, Elena ONEAL, Carleton M 1838-Jan-06
PORTER, Elizabeth CAMRON, Gabril 1819-Jan-03
PORTER, Elvira HICKINGBOTTOM, William 1842-Jan-18
PORTER, Florance HOLDEN, John R 1877-Jan-26
PORTER, Hariet C WACTOR, Jesse R 1854-Oct-12
PORTER, Hattie MCDONALD, Wilson R 1891-Feb-23
PORTER, Larissa HOLLAND, George 1884-Dec-03
PORTER, Laura FOX, Charles 1876-Jan-03
PORTER, Lauretta MCINTYRE, J D 1872-Aug-27
PORTER, Letibia BECK, James 1822-Mar-05
PORTER, Lillian O FOX, Otto 1880-Feb-28
PORTER, Lucinda OWENS, James 1824-Jul-23
PORTER, Mabel BUTLER, N Duglass 1896-Feb-24
PORTER, Mary Ann MCINTYRE, Duncan 1856-Dec-28
PORTER, Mary Jane HALFORD, James M 1871-Sep-07
PORTER, Mazrena MCKNIGHT, Jefferson 1881-Apr-09
PORTER, Nancy A CUPIT, Cyrus 1872-Apr-18
PORTER, Orlow GRICE, Claude V 1892-Feb-17
PORTER, Polly HARRIS, James M 1846-Nov-21
PORTER, Sarah HOLLAWAY, Robert 1835-Dec-13
PORTER, Sarah LAZARUS, Edward P 1858-Mar-21
PORTER, Sarah D WILCOX, George B 1820-Feb-15
POSEY, Mary Lena WACTOR, D D 1894-Jan-03
POUNDS, Eliza HARRIS, William H 1850-May-12
POWERS, Minerva E TARVER, James R 1861-Jul-07
PRATHER, Elizabeth SERMAN, John 1858-Dec-12
PRATHER, Ella MCPHATE, John W 1884-Jan-16
PRATHER, Kerdelia CUPIT, Thomas J 1878-Nov-04
PRATHER, Lemma REYNOLDS, W P 1898-Jan-20
PRATHER, Nancy MCMAHAN, Oliver 1881-Jul-19
PRATHER, Rebecca OWENS, Henry 1822-May-24
PRATHER, Revilla STROUD, Luther 1887-Nov-23
PRATHER, Saleta CUPIT, William R 1850-Dec-27
PRATHER, Sina A MULLINS, Harmon B 1875-Dec-08
PRENDERGAST, Mary Ann BUNCKLEY, Rowan 1843-Jan-14
PRICE, Catharine NEWMAN, Benjamin 1835-Jan-29
PRICE, Corene STEPHENS, J L 1891-Apr-30
PRICE, Emily C MCLEMORE, John O 1885-Dec-31
PRICE, Geniva A PARR, George W 1887-Sep-13
PRICE, Lela BLACK, S N 1886-Mar-25
PRICE, Malessa E HOWARD, Leonard W 1862-Feb-04
PRICE, Margaret OWENS, John 1825-Apr-17
PRICE, Margaret RUSHING, James 1839-Nov-28
PRICE, Martha J SEALE, Thomas J 1864-May-19
PRICE, Mary Jane WEEKS, Levi. H 1851-Dec-03
PRICE, Polly HUNT, Joseph 1823-Jan-19
PRICE, Susan Mary WILSON, Wm H 1834-Feb-26
PRICHARD, Amanda MCKINNEY, James B 1872-Dec-12
PRICHARD, Maria WENTWORTH, Rowan F S 1846-Feb-19
PRICHARD, Viola C ANDERSON, L U 1873-Nov-27
PRIESTER, Josie JONES, John W 1885-May-31
PRITCHARD, Dollie V HEWLETT, J R G 1899-Jan-10
PRITCHARD, Elizabeth Ann GALBREATH, John A 1841-Sep-07
PRITCHARD, Elizabeth Ann WOODARD, John 1833-Jan-01
PROBY, Mary CASSIDY, Hiram 1843-Feb-16
PROBY, Minerva C MAGEE, Hardy H 1867-Feb-13
PROLEY, Sarah A NEWMAN, W S 1873-Nov-26
PULLIAM, Patsey WILSON, Daniel 1823-Nov-25
PUTNAM, Elizabeth SMITH, Stephen 1841-May-18
PUTNAM, Lizziah ALLEN, Elijah 1839-Mar-03
PUTNAM, Miriam SMITH, Nathan 1847-Sep-07


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