Franklin County Brides


KARNEGA, Elizabeth LEWIS, H F 1883-Dec-07
KEEN, Alice GLOVER, Warren 1888-Dec-27
KEEN, Catharine P PORTER, Samuel D 1861-Jan-16
KEEN, Cyntha HOWARD, E D 1881-Jan-14
KEEN, Frances B MILEY, John K 1867-Sep-05
KEEN, Mary Elizabeth COWARD, Elijah 1861-Dec-18
KEENAN, Elizabeth A RICHEY, Thomas 1867-Jul-24
KELE, Senia EDWARDS, Ferdnand L C 1834-Dec-23
KELL, Cornelia HANDLEY, John S 1882-Aug-17
KELL, Frances BOATNER, Lawrence M 1838-Sep-13
KELL, Martha A R MCGEHEE, George 1847-Nov-20
KELL, Mary M MCMILLAN, K W 1876-Mar-08
KENADY, Susan MITCHELL, Hezikiah 1845-Jun-26
KENNDY, Katharine SERMONS, Lasiah 1833-Jun-08
KENNEBREW, Eliza C MCMILLAN, John A 1855-Feb-07
KENNEDY, Anna V GADLEY, John M 1868-Oct-07
KENNEDY, Clarrisa SMITH, G B 1894-Jan-11
KENNEDY, Emeline SMITH, Allen 1840-Jan-31
KENNEDY, Emma VAUGHAN, Prentice 1894-Dec-15
KENNEDY, Francis E OLIVER, John W 1891-Feb-18
KENNEDY, Jane KEMPLER, Nicholas 1843-Dec-06
KENNEDY, Martha FORD, Osborn 1824-Oct-18
KENNEDY, Martha Ann HALL, John 1861-Feb-13
KENNEDY, Mary MASSEY, George 1844-Apr-25
KENNEDY, Rebecca CASE, Green B 1871-Apr-08
KENNEDY, Sarah KENNEDY, Joseph V 1866-Dec-22
KENNISON, Lucy BLACK, Elisha W 1866-Dec-20
KENNISON, Sarah MAGEE, William R 1838-Dec-27
KENT, Julia M TEMPLE, August 1892-Aug-24
KEYS, Clara QUARLES, Alex 1892-Jul-14
KILL, Edny GESSINS, Jesse 1833-Feb-12
KINDRICK, Fanny WORLAND, Alfred 1820-Mar-01
KING, Eliza BROWN, James 1824-May-30
KING, Elizabeth SPEARS, Fredrick 1822-Jun-22
KING, Fannie LAMBUTH, Robert W 1889-Apr-10
KING, Jane STEWART, Robert 1819-Jul-14
KING, Luda PRITCHARD, R I 1899-Jan-10
KING, Mary BISLAND, James 1821-Feb-26
KING, Mary NOBLEY, Sarah 1836-May-01
KING, Matilda H BUIE, Richard 1824-Apr-04
KING, Messain C MARSHALL, Joniah 1843-Dec-14
KING, Rebecca SMITH, Andrew 1858-May-17
KING, Susan HARDY, James C 1825-Apr-07
KING, Susan ZUMBRO, Perry 1899-Mar-08
KING, Virginia MULKEY, Ellis 1879-Nov-09
KINNISON, Adaline I SULLIVAN, John 1865-Aug-13
KINNISON, Ader MCCAA, Samuel N 1884-Jan-20
KINNISON, Errena VOLLM, Christian 1895-Jan-31
KINNISON, Errena WILLIAM, Christian 1895-Jan-31
KINNISON, Frances S CULLUM, Elejah 1874-Jun-03
KINNISON, Harriet L STRINGER, Noah D 1849-Jan-18
KINNISON, Mary E FARRELL, William 1856-Dec-30
KINNISON, Mary T SMITH, D G 1882-Dec-07
KINNISON, Ola MCPHERSON, David 1891-Oct-08
KINNISON, Patsey BOVARD, Jacob 1824-Jul-01
KINNISON, Rebecca BROWN, Adolphus 1850-Apr-28
KINNISON, Rebecca GUICE, John A 1821-Dec-24
KINNISON, Sophia T HENDRIXSON, H A (Rev) 1875-Feb-17
KINNISON, Thirza L MAY, Nat F 1893-Nov-14
KIRTH, Frances ROWELS, Jacob 1834-Dec-24
KIZAR, Jermima Ann ROBERTS, Perry R 1865-Jan-26
KNIGHT, Nancy M MCCAA, James 1833-Jan-30
KNIGHT, Sarah MORGAN, Guss 1871-Nov-18
KNIGHTON, Sarah E LEE, Benoni 1853-Nov-24
KNIX, Jean GODBOLD, Laura 1874-Nov-18
KNOX, Abye THOMAS, Samuel 1841-Aug-11
KNOX, Allison CASTON, Mariah J 1871-Aug-10
KNOX, Eliza P PICKETT, Herman L 1824-Nov-05
KNOX, Elizabeth LITTLE, James 1819-Sep-17
KNOX, Mary A BOLING, William M 1853-Dec-14
KNOX, Sarah PICKETT, Nicajah 1820-Jul-25
KNOX, Sarah J NEWMAN, B G 1870-Aug-02
KNOX, Susannah C PICKETT, Hiram S 1822-Nov-15


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